June 17, 2005

Supervising minions

I am having a rather interesting day. First off, some jerk is calling for overtime tomorrow and making people come in. Oh, wait… that was me. At least I’m being a nice guy and pulling duty as the OT supervisor for the day. I’m not making one of the others come in to do it. That would just be rude, especially since it was just my unit that was coming in. Well after I volunteered to be the OT supervisor for the day, other areas have now decided they want to do overtime as well. They are asking me to supervise their people as well. I’m going to be here anyway, I figured what the hell. Well this is now kind of exploding out of control. What was originally just my unit, expanded to cover one person from another unit. Then it was another two more people. Now I’m up to an additional eight people on top of the 12 from my unit coming in.

Fortunately, all I have to do for those additional eight is to verify what time they come in and go. They have to check in with me when they come in and leave or I won’t sign either overtime slip. I’m strict that way, but I’ve noticed on other Saturday’s when I’ve come in that people would arrive late and claim they have been there the whole time. I, being a hard case, make everyone check in with me so that I know what time they arrive. If on their slip the start time doesn’t match the time they came in, then I won’t sign it. My unit knows and understands that. I’m making sure all the people from other units understand as well. Apparently, the other unit doesn’t like the idea of this. *I* don’t care.

Due to my irritation at the exploitation of my willingness to act as OT supervisor for my unit, I had to blow off some steam. It just happened that one of my minions provided the perfect outlet.

Minion, “Hey Mr. Contagion, Where is Minion T? Did she call of sick?” (Minion T and her are good friends)

Contagion: “Minion T no longer works here. We had to let her go last night.”

Minion: “Really? (pause) I wonder why she didn’t tell me.” (Starting to look upset over the firing of her friend)

Contagion: “She was probably embarrassed by the fact she was let go and didn’t want to tell you. You guys where having that production issue, and she just couldn’t keep up.” (Minion T is the same minion from the Monitor Incident; she is one of the best producing minions I have. Her and this minion are both doing very well, I have been trying to get them to keep their quality up with out letting their production drop off…Neither is even close to even a verbal reprimand for either)

Minion: “Really?”

Contagion, “No. She is going to be late today.” (Smiling)

Minion, “Why do you do that? That’s not something to joke about! I was sitting here getting worried. After we finished talking, I was going to call her. Don’t do that to me! IT’S NOT FUNNY!”

Contagion, “Yes it is. And you’re talking to the guy that joked about his father being dead. Nothing is taboo to me.”

Minion, “It’s still not funny.” (Contagion is laughing his butt off) “You need help. I’m going back to work.”

Ahh, the look on her face was priceless. I only wish I could have taken a picture of it to share with all of you. That really helped improve my mood, a good laugh always does. I’m also preparing for tomorrows workday. Since I am working on Saturday, it is a Kilt and work boots kind of day! Every Saturday I work, I wear a kilt and my work boots. It throws the people off. I have them convinced that I dress like that every Saturday.

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Umm. You mean you DON'T dress like that every Saturday?

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