March 07, 2006

Of Ice and Language.

This morning I left the house to go to work. Ktreva had to drive down state, so it was just the boys and I. Not having driven my truck in the last 3 days there was quite a bit of snow on my windshield. At least I thought it was snow. When I went to brush it off it didn’t move. There was no snow there, just a three inch thick chunk of ice that covered my entire windshield.

The truck was running, so the defrost could help me clear the windshield. Both boys where secured in their seats watching in fascination as Dad started an educational journey of new vocabulary and dress shoes on ice. For twenty minutes I battled the ice. It would not give way to the scraper. The height of my truck didn’t help either. I’m not a tall man. With great difficulty could I effectively reach the center of my windshield to scrape off the ice.

Meanwhile my boys are sitting inside of the now warm cab laughing and snickering at me. Clone learned a new word (I guess my voice carries over the sound of the engine and through closed doors). Since I am in polite company I will not repeat such vulgarities. Unfortunately, I forgot that courtesy when the children were present. Needless to say on the way to the sitters I was regaled with a chorus of chanted vulgarities that is only mildly amusing when coming from the mouth of a soon to be three year old. No matter how many times I told me not to say, “Those naughty words” he would just keep chanting them.

Of course Boopie was of no help. He was too busy laughing at me. Where Clone missed what happened to bring on such colorful language, Boopie was able to see the performance. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me just say now that I have lived in Northern Illinois for the vast majority of my life. I know how to handle the snow and icy conditions. Unfortunately, in my anger frustration, I forgot that leather soled dress shoes do not provide for the best of winter weather traction. While throwing my entire body into cleaning the windshield, my feet slipped on the ice. What must have appeared to be something out of a movie, I flew into the air landing on my back in the ice encrusted snow along the driveway. From there it must have looked like a business man in an overcoat was trying to make snow angels.

No worries, I’m not injured. Other then a slight bruising of my pride, all is well. It’s just not how I wanted to start a day.

Posted by Contagion in Stories about me. at March 7, 2006 04:02 PM | TrackBack

take heart, I'm not really sitting here laughing at you, honest! ;-)

Posted by: oddybobo at March 7, 2006 02:47 PM

You have pride??? :-)

Posted by: Harvey at March 7, 2006 03:26 PM

brrr.....cold, ice, ick, blech, icky, thank you for reminding me of scooping, scraping, and letting a car run forever.

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at March 7, 2006 03:49 PM

I don't want to laugh. Really - I don't...

But I seem to recall someone making fun of me, on ice and leather soles.

Well - that and I just spent the afternoon at Fritz's so I guess we can just blame the beer if I'm laughing!!!


Posted by: Tammi at March 7, 2006 04:48 PM

I'm not laughing at you.
Really, I'm laughing WITH you, yeah that's it.

Posted by: phin at March 7, 2006 05:10 PM

Who, me laugh? No, that's Renki rolling on the ground howling in a way that just happens to sound like laughter... *G*

Posted by: Laughing Wolf at March 7, 2006 05:10 PM

I'm glad I could be of entertainment to all of you.

Posted by: Contagion at March 7, 2006 05:48 PM

At least you didn't break the windshield. My DH got impatient once and started hacking at the snow/ice brick on the window. Broke the window before he broke the iceberg....

Posted by: caltechgirl at March 7, 2006 06:07 PM

"business man in an overcoat was trying to make snow angels" *snickering*

Posted by: MathCog Idiocy at March 7, 2006 07:55 PM

See, now you have a story about falling.

It's must have been a premanition you had the other day.

Posted by: Machelle at March 8, 2006 07:42 AM

I heard they're trying to cast you in the next "I've fallen and I can't get up commercial." Is that true?

Posted by: Ogre at March 8, 2006 09:11 AM

Dude, there's a better way to deal with an iced up windshield. Take a bucket of cold water (NOT hot or warm) and pour along the top of the windshield and allow to trickle down. It loosens up the ice enough to get it off without killing yourself or breaking the window.

Posted by: Omnibus Driver at March 8, 2006 09:28 AM

Glad you didn't hurt yourself... ::snicker::

Posted by: Richmond at March 8, 2006 02:10 PM