May 24, 2006

Now I really need to hit the range.

There’s an old saying in my family, “It’s easier to ask forgiveness, then permission.” Sure, it’s not unique to my family, but it’s heard often. This evening I walk into the house, “Ktreva, I want to buy a handgun. How much trouble will I be in if I do?”

Ktreva hollers back, “A lot.”

Contagion, “But on a scale of 1 to 10, how much trouble would a be in.”

Ktreva, “At least a 6.” (1 means she’s mad, 10 means there are lawyers on the phone. A 6 means no sex for a while and possibly sleeping on the couch. When I hit 8, I need to find a place to stay and she will have the locks changed on the house.)

Contagion, “Whew… I can live with that. Look what I bought!” (Pulls out pistol he just picked up after paying for it last Friday.)

Ktreva, “Why did you buy that, don’t you have enough guns?” (Like a guy can own too many guns!)

Contagion, “Because I didn’t own one like this… and I wanted it!”


Needless to say, I owe her more jewelry. However, I couldn’t pass up the deal I got on this lovely baby. (Way under sticker price.) It’s a beautiful Colt 1991a1 series 80 Government .45 ACP. 5” barrel, 8 ½” overall length with double diamond rosewood grips. Now Grau doesn’t have to worry about me stealing his when we go shooting. Of course I’m not overly fond of the grips, so I’m thinking if purchasing some laser grips for it. The kind that has the laser site built into it. I figure it’s make it scarier looking when I chase the neighbor kids out of my yard at night. At a gun show I was able to handle the same colt with these on it, and I loved the feel.

Ever since the first time Grau let me fire his, I've been in love with this hand gun. I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. Every gun shop I went to, every gun show I visited, I was searching for one of these that was decently priced. A friend of mine that works at a local gun shop specially ordered some in, even though their store isn't an authorized Colt dealer, just so I would stop bugging him. Then when it arrived he discovered one was "damaged" and was "missing parts". Fortunately for me it was the one I liked so he knocked a hell of a lot off of the price for me.

Well if you excuse me, I’m going to go sleep on the couch. I like sleeping on the couch, it’s like camping, only with out having to set up a tent!

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Hooboy, what would you have done if she'd said 10? *grin*

Nice gun though. Have fun at the range.

Posted by: Teresa at May 24, 2006 06:56 PM

OOoooo I like it!

Posted by: Shadoglare at May 24, 2006 07:21 PM


Posted by: oddybobo at May 24, 2006 09:29 PM

I was wondering when you'd be picking one of those up :)

The rosewood grips look great but they just don't feel right.

He wouldn't happen to have any "Damaged" Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 mags with the 9 1/2" barrel would he? :)

Posted by: Graumagus at May 25, 2006 02:18 AM

Next time bring home a gift certificate for her at her favorite clothes store for the same value as you paid for the gun -- I bet it drops the anger meter in half...

Posted by: Ogre at May 25, 2006 06:02 AM

See I cheat a little bit when it comes to neighborhood kids, and knowing at least one item in your inventory I think you can appreciate this.

I was reading U.S> Grants Autobiography and read where he and his men took Iron bands and bored out tree's to make Mortars

So I Did!

Now I sit on the porch with grapeshot (aka Marbles wrapped in burlap) and solid shot (I got some rocks out of the yard.

They know it works as I fire it off in the back yard once in a while

They don't come round much these days......

Posted by: BloodSpite at May 26, 2006 04:07 PM