October 03, 2006

buh-bye now.

The Packers finally got around to releasing Ahmad Carroll. He was our first round draft pick in 2004. It seems that for every play he made, he either blew another or caused a penalty that was costly.

I haven’t liked his performance since he’s been on the team, and he always seemed to be able to drag our team down faster then a cinder block tied to a bag full of kittens thrown into a river. Which is why I’m not sad to see him leave.

Posted by Contagion in Football at October 3, 2006 06:04 PM | TrackBack

What's so bad about a cinderblock tied to a bag full of kittens thrown into a river? Heheheh...

I've hated watching the guy play, too. Except for when he was covering a Chicago receiver.

I couldn't get over how much he held. It's not like it's a major rule change he was dealing with...

Posted by: That 1 Guy at October 4, 2006 12:47 AM