November 30, 2006

No Snow Day

Oh Glorious Day! The local news channels started declaring Gloom and Doom yesterday and by this morning it was full blown, ďworst storm in the last 12 months.Ē Sadly enough people actually believe it. After living in Northern Illinois for 30 plus years, I know that whenever the local weather service calls for severe weather there is only about a 25% chance that itís going to be close to what they call for. IE, originally it was supposed to hit at noon today, as of right now itís not going to hit until after midnight. They are calling for 3-12 inches of snow. More like 2-3 with their record.

I already had employees ask me if they are going to close the office tomorrow. My standard answer was a resounding no. I even told my people that if they call and say they canít make it in, Iíd drive over and pick them up in the morning. However, I will charge them for gas. I have never missed a day of work in my life due to bad weather. Even when we did get a couple of feet of snow in one storm and I had a 45-mile commute, I didnít miss work. There has not been a situation that good safe driving canít get you where you are going.

Of course all the people are at the store buying bread and milk. I canít remember which blogger did a post on it, but every time they call for bad weather everyone runs to the store to buy bread and milk. Iím not sure why, but they do. This means the roads are packed with panicked drivers trying to race and beat one another to the store. Right now the real threat isnít the possible snow covered roads, itís the idiots out rushing around. I saw three accidents on my ride home tonight. The snow hasnít even started yet!

Personally, I would like to see 2-3 feet, yes feet, of snow. We havenít had a good snowy winter in years. It could drop a foot of snow a week between now and New Years and Iíd be a happy man.

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November 29, 2006

Maple Nut Brown Ale

Iím getting around to trying one of the beers in the sample case I thought I would hate, the Tommy knocker Maple Nut Brown Ale.

Maple Nut Brown Ale 001.jpg

The same brown bottle with front and back labels. On the front we have a Tommyknocker pouring maple syrup into an ale barrel. We have the standard back label with a short story about what a Tommyknocker is and a description of the beer. It also tells me that I should drink this beer before December 11 or it will taste bad. I guess Iím cutting this one close.

When poured into a glass, it has a dark cola-like coloring to it. Light passes through, but you really canít see whatís on the other side of the glass. There is very little head that quickly dissipates. Even with trying to make as large of a head as possible, it just wouldnít form. The only thing I accomplished was large bubbles.

The smell is very sweet. You have a scent of chocolate malts with maple syrup. In fact it almost smelled like I was drinking some kind of flavored pop. The taste was nutty with just a hint of maple syrup. Surprisingly it wasnít very sweet. It had a mild sweetness to it; there is no bitterness at all.

This ale is very smooth with a light body. There isnít much to the weight, and it has a velvety texture on the tongue. It drinks too easily. I finished off this drink in less than ten minutes, and that was with typing this review.

Itís an okay beer. This would be a good beer to give to someone that isnít much of a beer fan. My wife liked the taste, and she isnít a beer drinker. Itís a little on the wimpy side for me, so Iím going to give it a 5 out of 10.

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November 28, 2006

Relevant speed.

Og of Neanderpundit is regaling us with tales of drivers on his way to work. More specifically about the ďBlue HairsĒ as he calls them, and the idiots that drive fancy cars that believe it gives them a right to hot rod through traffic. His little tale reminded me of an ongoing annoyance Iíve had for the last couple of months.

As some of you may remember, I tend to have a lead foot. Typically I drive about 10 mph over the posted limit. Iím generally not the fastest car on the road, but Iím definitely not the slowest. I donít care if people pass me and I donít mind passing people. Although I do hate it when they whip around me just to slow down. Especially if they are making a turn and come to an almost complete stop. But that is not what I want to talk about.

There is a stretch of road that I travel down every day to work. Itís only about four miles long, but in that stretch the speed limit goes from 30 to 35 to 40 to 45 miles per hour. When I start out on it Iím doing 40 miles an hour and just about everyone is passing me like Iím standing still. Every time the speed limit increases by 5 MPH, so do I. Again Iím generally being passed rather easily. Finally, when I get to the stretch of road that is 45 MPH, Iím doing 55 MPH. However, now all these cars that have been passing me are now being passed by me.

Can anyone explain this to me? I mean Iím still doing 10 over the speed limit. Speeding tickets in the state of Illinois increase in severity based on how fast over the speed limit you are going, not on how fast in total you are going. Thus doing 40 in a 30 has the same fine as 55 in a 45. However, doing 50 in a 30 has a larger fine then 55 in a 45. Why the hell do all these morons not accelerate past 50? I donít know, but I get annoyed when they start boxing me in and I want to go.

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It's almost like stalking.

Eric, the Straight White Guy, is creeping me out. He has some kind of camera system hooked up to his computer. Itís kind of unnerving to watch him, watching me read his blog. Itís almost like having someone reading over your shoulder. Excuse me; Iím going to go unplug my camera to make sure he really canít see me.

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November 27, 2006

It's amazing I'm married.

For dinner tonight we had left over Chinese food. Clone loves him some fried rice. The problem is that he loves it so much it gets everywhere. As anyone with children knows, you canít just pick up rice off the floor. You need to vacuum it up. Of course, even though itís messier, it is easier if the rice dries before you attempt to vacuum it. Ktreva just wanted to clean up the mess so she pulled out the vacuum and started cleaning.

Guys, this is why I donít hire a housekeeper. Why pay for one, when the wife will do it on her own?

Anyway, she was vacuuming away when all of a sudden the power brush started making a funny nose and started to smell funny. Ktreva turns off the power to the brush, (but not the vacuum) and is looking at the brush. When I ask her whatís going on, she tells me she thinks there is something wrapped around the brush roller. It took me three times of telling her to turn off the vacuum before she actually listened and did it. I try to get it from her to check it out, and she insists she can fix it. She is telling me this as she is yanking on the some hair wrapped around the brush roller.

Finally I convince her to let me take a look at it. Not that it wasnít amusing to watch her try to unroll hair from it one strand at a time, I just didnít want her to hurt herself or the vacuum. I open up the power brush and remove the brush roller. There is a lot of long, fine; blonde hair wrapped around one of the ends where the bearings are. After looking at the brush, it appears that her hair had wrapped in between bearings and the attachment bracket. The friction had caused it to melt into a clumpy mess. I also noticed that the roller brush is not rotating like it should on the bearings. As I free it from the case the whole bearing assembly explodes sending tiny ball bearings all over the place. (Thankfully I was in my workshop).

I come upstairs and I say, ďItís broken, I canít fix it.Ē Mostly I was talking to myself out loud. Ktreva hears me and yells from the living room, ďGreat, we have to buy a new vacuum.Ē To which I respond, ďWhat? No, I can repair it.Ē She snipes back with, ďYou just said it was broken and you canít fix it.Ē Me, ďWell yea, the roller brush is broke, I canít fix it. I can repair the vacuum. Iíll just need to order a new roller brush.Ē She comes back with, ďIf you can repair it, then you can fix it.Ē Me, ďYes, I can fix the vacuum, but the brush roller is FUBAR. I canít do squat with it.Ē Her, ďThen it canít be fixed?Ē Me, ďWhat? No! I can fix the vacuum; Iíll have to order a new roller brush to do it. Dammit woman, listen to me when I speak. The vacuum can be fixed; the roller brush is broken beyond my ability to fix it. Itís just a part. I can buy a replacement one. Damn women not knowing a thing about fixing stuff.Ē

Iím just hoping the swelling from where she hit me with a pan goes down before tomorrow.

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November 26, 2006

Contagion's Revenge

Ahh, the olí chunder bucket has had a workout this week. First Clone started getting sick around 2:00AM Wednesday morning. He seemed to recover by Noon on Thanksgiving. Friday my mother has come down with the same bug. Apparently she was blowing chunks most of the day. Saturday morning Ktreva and her Grandfather both have a case of Technicolor yawns. By Saturday afternoon my sister was tossing cookies and Boopie was starting to feel like he was going to spew.

At this point Iím the only person in my immediate family that hasnít gotten sick yet. Today all the parties seem to be recovering. At this time Iím going to call this illness Contagionís Revenge. Itís payback for me not being able to have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday.

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November 25, 2006

It's a nice day for a white Christmas.

When I think of all the great Christmas songs, I think of certain singers. Bing Crosby, Burl Ives, Bob Rivers, ETC. Occasionally you get someone else that decides they want to make a Christmas Album. Ie Mariah ďDog WhistleĒ Carey.

But guess who wants to have the next great Christmas Album? Thatís right, no other then Billy Idol! Go Listen to his rendition of Oh Christmas Tree on his My Space site.

Billy Christmas.jpg

Yea, itís a special album.

Update: Here's a video! I may just have to buy this album.

White Christmas

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Jingle Bell Rock

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Itís over folks. Thanksgiving 2006 has finally come to an end. My in-laws are on their way back to Kansas. My parents and sister are off doing their own thing with a resounding, ďI have plans today and tomorrowĒ. I tried my damnedest to be civil the whole time; unfortunately Ktreva did bear some of the frustration last night after everyone had gone back to their hotels.

I opted to not take the Jack Danielís route as I thought that with everything else going on, it might just cause me to explode in an angry fit of honesty. Where that would have been much blog fodder, it also probably would have caused much strife in the Contagion household. At one point yesterday I was ready to take some of that new ammo and redecorate the interior of my living room brain matter greyÖ and not necessarily my in-laws. It was just a passing thought with no seriousness to it, but still.

This morning before everyone went their separate ways we all had breakfast, that was fun. Especially since overnight Ktreva came down with the flu and I had to deal with all the boys, my parents, my sister, and my in-laws all by myself with no support. I think at this time I really should explain something to everyone. When I have family functions, I tend to not stay for more then 2-3 hours before leaving. Especially if there is extended family involved. I really hate some of my auntís, uncles and cousins. Many of my readers may not understand that, as I know you are close with your families. Iím not. Iíve always been the black sheep, the different one, and the one that doesnít think, act or behave like everyone else. After three hours of dealing with these people, Iím ready to get the fark out of Dodge. On Thursday I spent 9.5 hours with them, yesterday I spent 8.5 hours with them, and this morning I spent 2 hours with them. Iíve spent more time with my family and in-laws in the last three days then I have in the last 12 months.

But at least there was some humor out of the whole situation. This morning on the TV I saw a commercial for Loweís. They where talking about some sale, I wasnít paying attention, but I did catch one piece from it. ďÖThat way you can have you house all finished before your in-laws say, this room will look nice once you finish it.Ē That spoke volumes to me. Ktreva has been working on the woodwork in our living room for 7 years. She is nowhere done with it. She was the one that wanted to do it, and took the job on; she doesnít want me touching it. Yesterday her grandmother said to me, ďThis room will look nice once you finish the woodwork you started 7 years ago.Ē When she is speaking about Ktreva and I, itís yíallÖ so she meant me.

The kicker is that this morning at breakfast my mother, Ktreva's mom, and Ktreva's Grandmother decided this is going to be an annual tradition. They are going to do this every Thanksgiving. I think next year I'm going to find a part time job working security at the mall.

AhhÖ such is life. Anyway, youíll have to excuse me; I need to go check to see if Ktrevaís chunder bucket needs emptying.

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November 24, 2006

I went shopping on Black Friday?

Itís black Friday, and as Iíve stated in the past there is nothing that would make me want to go out shopping today. Well that was until yesterday. Between the Thanksgiving feedings the lady folks got together to look at adds for today. Ktreva found an add from Dickís Sporting goods that stated ammo was 50% off today only from 5:30 AM to 2:00 PM, maximum 6 boxes. This morning I woke up around 6:30 AM and headed into the madness that is Black Friday. I didnít think ammo was that big of a Christmas commodity, so I didnít wake up too early.

Dickís wasnít that busy when I arrived, and they did have their ammo on sale. I picked up 4 boxes of .357 and 2 boxes of .45 ACP. After I made my purchases, I called my friends J-man and Graumagus to advise them to get off their butts and head down there while the sale is still going on. Then I had a moment of genius. I have a friend that works at Gander Mountain and is working today. Maybe I could get Gander Mountain to honor the competitorís sale, thus getting another 6 boxes of ammo at 50% off.

Gander Mountain was also not busy upon arrival. I was able to find my friend and I asked if they would honor their competitorís sale. He advised me that normally they donít, especially on Black Friday, just because of the nature of the sales. Then he added that since I had the ad with me AND because Iíve purchased a lot from them over the last year they would match the deal. Unfortunately their ammo selection had been picked over. They had the same Remington .357, but they didnít have the .45 ACP. But they did have it in the Blazer Brass. I decided I needed another 100 rounds of .45, and picked up the Blazer Brass.

Then my friend looked at the coupon, much closer then I did. The actual sale is buy one, get one at 50% off. Dickís (Whom the ad is for) gave me all the ammo at 50% off. Heck, the guy working the counter even told me that all the ammo was 50% off. I may not have gotten as good of a deal from Gander Mountain, but it was still good enough. Between the two sporting good stores, I ended up with 600 rounds of Ammo for just over $110.00.
One canít argue with that. I normally spend that amount buying half of what I bought.

Ammo 002.jpg

Isnít that a pretty sight?

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November 23, 2006

Big Holiday Fun.

Happy Thanksgiving. Itís that time of year when all Americanís get together to give thanks for everything theyíve received over the last year. As some of you may recall I had a horrible experience with my family at Thanksgiving last year and vowed that I was going to do my own thing this year. Around September my in-laws advise my wife they want to come to town to spend Thanksgiving with us. We, meaning me as I do 95% of the cooking for special occasions, are not prepared to cook for that many people. Fortunately my mother says she wants us to come over to her house, none of my aunts, uncles or cousins are coming. We told my mother that Ktrevaís Mom and Grandparents are coming to town, so my mother told us we could all go over to her house.

This sounds like itís a good deal right? Nope, my in-laws donít like me. Comments that have been made to me are along the lines of Iím controlling Ktreva, holding her back, keeping her from seeing her family, not providing well for the family, etc. My favorite was five years ago when one of them told me, ďWe just donít like youĒ. Ktreva doesnít believe any of this, because they are all nice to me when sheís with in earshot, but not when sheís not around. They also make comments to her that leads her to believe that they like me.

So far this Thanksgiving is going to be dealing with my Mother, who thinks sheís the boyís mother and that Iím still 16. My sister who thinks Iím too hard on the boys. My in-laws that hate me and my father, who will be my only ally that may help me out.

So this Thanksgiving Iím thankful for Jack Danielís. It calms my stomach, my nerves and in the right moderation will keep my brain just soaked enough to not care.

On a lighter note, I have Thanksgiving presents for every one in the extended entry.

For the Gals

Sexy Thanksgiving.jpg
For the Guys

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November 21, 2006


The in-laws are coming to town for Thanksgiving. That means itís time to clean the house from top to bottomÖ They are going to be here tomorrow and we havenít started yet.

Itís going to be a long night.

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November 20, 2006

My dreams are dashed.

Iím still alive. Yesterday did not go as planned. After grabbing all the gear I loaded up the family into the truck and headed to the MetroCentre. Ktreva kept telling me the whole time that I was being foolish and I was going to get hurt. Finally as I approached the sign-in table she stepped in front of me, crossed her arms, hitched her hips and stuck out a leg. She said, and I quote, ďIf you sign that piece of paper to try out, you are going to be in more trouble then you can imagine. Trust me, you donít want that kind of trouble. Oh, and you know that thing I occasionally do that you really like, that you say I'm really good at and want me to do more ofÖ keep it up and never again.Ē

Thus I ended up watching the tryouts from the sidelines. There were some guys down on the field that made me look svelte and others that made me look like I was a professional athlete. I donít know how many of them actually made the team. After a couple of hours I left and met up with Graumagus at Hooters for beer, hot wings and the afternoon game. Yea, it tore up my stomach, but it tasted real good.

So my dreams of being a UIF football player have been dashed. On a lighter note, when we left the building I realized that I had forgotten Cloneís backpack at our seats. While running in to get it, I stepped wrong and gave myself a leg cramp. Maybe it was a good idea that I didnít try out.

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November 19, 2006

Buying Bullets

Hey, I didnít know this. Itís National Ammo Day. After try-outs Iím going to have to guy buy 100 rounds.


Thanks to the Conservative UAW Guy for keeping me updated.

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Time to bulk up.

Right now Ktreva isnít speaking to me. Sheís very upset at a decision Iíve made. Today the Rock River Raptors are having open try-outs, and after much deliberation Iíve decided to try out. For those of you that donít remember, the Raptors are the local United Indoor Football league team that I support.

Every time I watch a football game I see guys on the field and I think to myself, I can block better then that. Now I know the NFL players would kill me, but this is the UIF. These are the guys that werenít good enough to make the NFL, CFL or even the AFL. I actually stand a chance against these guys. So Iím going to try to get a position on the line, offensive or defensive.

Sure I havenít played football in 17 years, Iím out of shape and have some medical problems, but next year I will be too old to try out. If Iím going to do it, this is the year. In about two hours Iím going to head down to the MetroCentre and try to walk onto the team. Right now Ktreva is giving me a laundry list of reasons for why I shouldnít do it. Mainly because Iím out of shape, have some medical problems, will probably create some new medical problems and Iím just too old for this type of nonsense. She mentioned how I canít bounce back from injuries like I used to do. Bah! What does she know anyway?

On a slightly related note, Iíve heard from numerous people that the Raptors have a commercial with me in it. From what Iíve been told they focus on me at one point when Iím cheering the team during a game. I have yet to see this commercial, so Iím not sure how big of a dork I actually look like.

Well, Iím going to go get ready and argue with Ktreva some more. Wish me luck! And I promise to give you an update later on how I did.

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I made the b-list!

Harvey of Bad Example was unhappy with his rating in the blogosphere over at the The Blogebrity Widget. I headed over to see how I ranked.

B-List Blogger

Hey, I'll take the B-list. I thought I was going to end up on the D-List.

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November 17, 2006

So much for the alarm.

I donít even know how to start this post. Something happened tonight that I just didnít expect tonight and it scared the living daylights out of me. I was in the kitchen getting Clone something to drink when there was a knocking at the front door. Before I had a chance to answer it, Clone ran to the door. He unlocked the deadbolt and let a guy into the house.

The guy was trying to deliver a pizza. We hadnít ordered a pizza. It didnít take long to figure out he had the wrong house; he meant to go to the neighbors. After he was on his way I scolded Clone for answering the door and explained that he is NEVER to answer the door, he is to get either Ktreva or myself.

Fortunately this turned out to be nothing, but the thought of him letting some stranger into the house scared the ever-loving shite out of me. I know he has seen Ktreva or I answer the door a thousand times, and was just doing what he thought was right. Even after explaining it to him, I donít think he understood the gravity of the situation. Iíve been raking my brain thinking of things I could do to prevent this from happening again and Iím coming up with a blank. We have a chain on the door that is high enough he canít reach it, but that isnít always the solution. Like tonight, Ktreva was on her way home, and chaining the door would have locked her out of the house. Itís just not practical to use the chain every time we shut the door.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate them. Until then, Iím thinking weíll just have to suck it up and use the chain. The next time he might let in the local homeless guy that comes around every couple of weeks looking for a hand out. The last thing I want to do is to try and wrestle him out of the house.

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November 15, 2006

At least it's not grumpy.

We work on to the next of the TommyKnocker beer from the sample pack. Tonightís choice is the Ornery Amber Lager.

Ornery Amber 001.jpg

Again we have the brown bottle with front and back labels. The front label has the TommyKnockers playing pranks on a human. They are tying his shoelaces together, lighting matches in his boot and putting a mouse in his lunchbox. We have a standard back label, again with a dating system and a little story about the beer.

The Ornery Amber has a clear amber color to it. There isnít a hint of cloudiness or sediment to it. When poured into the glass there is a filmy white head that dissipates quickly leaving a ring and some lacing on the side of the glass.

You can smell the fruity yeasts with a very mild hint of malts when it is brought to the note. The scent is very faint and after the first couple of sips is almost indiscernible. On the first sip you could taste a slight caramel malt flavor with a hint of nuttiness. There is a tangy aftertaste with a mild, but pleasant bitterness to it.

Ornery Amber is light bodied ale with a good carbonation mix. Itís easy in the mouth and goes down smoothly. This is one of those beers you would empty the bottle before you realized it leaving you wanting more.

This is a decent beer. Itís nothing to brag about, but I could see myself drinking a six-pack of this in a night, or maybe during a football game on Sunday. This beer ranks a 6 out of 10.

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November 14, 2006


I have been conducting interviews for a week and a half now. If Iím lucky I will be finished by Thursday. At one point today I was ready to start hitting my head against the desk in the middle of an interview. The person being interviewed didnít even have a clue as to the position they applied for. I almost yelled at the individual to get out of the room, fortunately I had momentary control over my mouth and just smiled.

No, this person is not getting the job. Sadly enough, they weren't the worst one either. Even worse, they scored in the top 20 percent of candidates interviewed.

If Iím lucky I will be done by Thursday. If it goes any longer I think I might lobotomize myself mid-interview with my pencil.

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They allow that on ESPN?

ďWhen he hit his butt, the ball came squirting outĒ

As heard last night during the Tampa Bay Vs. Carolina game. For a split second I wondered if I was watching gay pr0n.

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November 13, 2006

What's next, construction?

Dark times have graced the political front in my little city. According to local news sources the City of Rockford and Winnebago County have decided to get into the professional sports business by purchasing a minor league hockey team.

The public agency that owns the MetroCentre wants to buy the Rockford IceHogs and reinvent the popular hockey team as a minor league franchise for the Chicago Blackhawks. The transformation would be part of a long-discussed $20 million renovation of the aging ďbig orange boxĒ in downtown Rockford.

~Rockford Register Star

The ďbig orange boxĒ they are referring to is the Rockford MetroCentre. Itís an arena that was opened in 1981. Itís currently where the Rockford IceHogs and the Rock River Raptors play. Unfortunately in the last couple of years it has started falling into a state of disrepair and really does need a renovation. The seats need repair, and the plumbing in some of the bathrooms doesnít work. The last time I was there, the restrooms by the main entrance had no working sinks. It would be nice to see them actually fix up and redesign it. Itís pretty ugly right now, and is pretty much an eyesore.


Personally I would have rather they closed it down and built a new one closer to the interstate. The MetroCentre is currently located in downtown Rockford and is hard to get to. The traffic is pretty thick going to and leaving any event. According to a local radio station 1330 AM WNTA (Yes, I was listening to talk radio) it would cost substantially more money. I canít remember exactly the figure they gave; I believe it was in the 9-figure range. Since they would probably end up having to increase taxes to pay for that, Iíll take the renovations. According to the press conference the money that the City of Rockford and the County are investing into the new MetroCentre is not going to raise local taxes any, I like it even more. Then again in March they may try to raise the taxes saying that in order to cover the costs, they need extra money. I did hear they are going to try to get a referendum passed to do an overhaul on one of the main roads that leads to the MetroCentre. So I guess I will end up having my taxes raised either way. Yea, the voters might say no, but they wonít. There isnít a tax this city doesnít like.

So what does this have to do with politics in the city? It seems the Mayor, the MetroCentre Authority, the city council and county board are adopting Chicago style politics to get this done. First they spent a year working out the details with the Chicago Blackhawks behind closed doors. The only reason we know about it now is because the local media caught wind of the story and broke it to the public. That in itself is not so bad.

Hereís the problem. Currently two local businessmen that bought and brought them to Rockford own the Ice Hogs. They have been playing at the MetroCentre for 8 years and have a decent sized fan base. The problem is that they are part of the United Hockey League. The MetroCentre wants an American Hockey League Franchise and Chicago Blackhawks affiliate. If they finalize a deal with the Blackhawks, they are going to kick out the Ice Hogs and bring in this new team that they will own.

Wait, didnít the article say they want to buy the Ice Hogs? The way that is worded is kind of misleading. They want to buy the name and logo from Dr Kris Tumilowicz ďDr. TĒ and Craig Drecktrah, the current owners of the Ice Hogs. They donít want the team

Centre Events officials said more than $500,000 a year would be saved by combining hockey and MetroCentre operations. The front office staff of the IceHogs would be retained, but players and coaches would not.
Emphasis mine

Basically the local government is squeezing these businessmen out of their own team. If they donít sell, what are they going to do? They have been leasing the MetroCentre each year for their games. If the MetroCentre kicks them out, they will have no place to play that can hold an average audience of 4,400. If they sell, they are only being offered $540,000.00. Which according to the UHL and owners is far less then what the team is worth. Plus, he will no longer have anything to do with the team. Heíd go from owner to spectator. Those are some pretty strong arm tactics. Iím afraid this may just be the beginning this kind of politics in Rockford.

Iím just glad Rockford doesnít have Home Rule. Iíd hate to see what these local politicians would do with that kind of power.

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November 11, 2006

Ash, Housewares and a tenor.

Many of you know Iím a huge Evil Dead fan. This may be going too far. Evil Dead the musical.

I just want to know what person thought this was a good idea. Then I want to know who actually funded this. Finally, I want to know when it is coming to my area so I can get tickets.

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A new ending.

Just a little fun for this Saturday, some people didnít like the way the original Superman movie ended, so they came up with an alternative ending.

It may not be done with the best quality, but itís still pretty funny. That and you have a cameo from Batman.

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Celeb mates

Ever wonder what celebrity would be a perfect match for you? No, well neither did I, but I found this Celebrity match finder. You set the criteria and it finds someone that is supposed to be a perfect match for you.

Elizabeth Hurley.jpg

I nailed Elizabeth HurleyÖ er I mean I scored Elizabeth Hurley, uh I came.. Okay Iím just not going that far.

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November 10, 2006

Oh Randy!

ďOh Randy, now that youíre here in Oakland, your tankin'. Wish we would send you away. Oh Randy! When I think of the coin that youíre bankiní, really need you to play.Ē

A tribute song to Randy Moss from a very disgruntled Oakland Raider fan to the tune of Barry Manilowís Mandy. Itís just a matter of time before the fans revolt and shank the guy.

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November 09, 2006

It's not a euphemism

I am a bad, bad man. It has been a month since my last beer review. Since Iím pretty sure none of you want to hear my lame excuse, Iím going to spare you the horrible lie. After Tommyknocker Butthead beer I reviewed last time, I picked up a sample back of all their brews. Sure, maybe thatís cheating, but hey Iím the one drinking it! Tonight I had the Jack Whacker Wheat Ale by the Tommyknocker brewery and pub.

Jack Whacker 001.jpg

The bottle is your standard brown bottle with a front and back label. The front label has a miner getting kicked in the arse by a mule. On the back label there is a description of what a Jack Whacker is, ďThe Jack Whackerís role was to whip the last mule to keep the supply train moving along.Ē Gee, and this whole time I always thought it was the teenager that locks himself in the bathroom. Again we have a date system that tells me that this beer was bottled August 28, 2006. I have just until after Christmas to drink the beer in the recommended time frame.

Jack Whacker has a cloudy straw color to it. You can see sediment in it that after a while settles to the bottom of the beer. Fortunately even after sitting for a while, the sediment doesnít alter the flavor any. There is a thin filmy head, if you can call it that. There was no lacing and only a slight ring around the glass after a couple of minutes.

The smell is of wheat, citrus and lemon grass. Itís actually a pleasant scent that is different from what Iím used to. The taste is a combined mix of wheat, spices and lemon grass. It is a bit of sweetness to it, but not too sweet. There is a slightly tart aftertaste that fades quickly in the mouth.

This is light bodied ale with a medium carbonation and a crispness that excites the tongue. Itís easy to drink and is satisfying. Itís a perfect beer for this unseasonably warm (54 Degree) November night. It embodies the sensations associated with good Autumnal ale.

Surprisingly to me I actually liked this beer. Iíve found most wheat beers to be hit or miss. Iím giving this ale a rating of 5.5 out of ten.

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Counting votes.

Iíve never believed in the electronic voting machines being hacked theory that is floating around. Itís just way too big of a conspiracy theory for me to buy. They may be flawed, but I donít believe they are rigged or hacked. Then again living in Illinois I canít think of any voting method that isnít flawed. Hell I live in the same state as Chicago; we all know what they can do with ballots and a large body of water.

Tuesday night I did start to wonder how flawed our polling system is. The polls here closed at 7:00 PM, we didnít start getting election news/results until around 8:00. By 8:30 you still couldnít get an accurate picture of how the election was going. Depending on what news source you where looking at, they all give different figures. Three local channels, the local newspaper and two radio stations couldnít agree on any results. At a little past 9:00 PM one station declared Blagojevich the winner while another station showed Topinka in the lead. The newspaper had a state representative loosing as well as a US congressman, but two of the stations had them both winning. Some races showed really close in one place and on opponent to have a wide lead at others. No two had numbers that even resembled the other sources. It went on this way all night. I finally gave up watching and checking the results because it was frustrating and annoying.

Iím trying to figure out how all of these ďreliableĒ news sources could have widely varying results. I know Iím not that savvy in the ways of how votes are counted and election results reported, but one would think they would have a least a uniform or single point of media release. Iím also wondering how accurate any of the election results actually where.

Yea, thatís another rung in my ladder of lost faith in our government.

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November 08, 2006

leaky willy

For two weeks now Iíve had an issue at work. There is one bathroom there that use when I need to empty my bowels. Itís the largest bathroom in the building, and the least used. It has four stalls and three urinals. For five years Iíve been using the same bathroom and the same stall with out a problem. That is until two weeks ago.

I walked into the bathroom getting ready for my mid-morning constitutional. Heading into my stall to do my deed I stop dead in my tracks. All over the floor, the toilet and the seat is urine. GAH! Okay, I go to the next stall and itís fine. For one day I can use a different stall. The next day I return. Again someone has pissed all over the toilet and the seat. When I say pissed all over, it doesnít look like they intended to give the exterior of the toilet a golden shower. It looked like they had no control over the beginning and end of the stream. I head into the next stall and again it is covered in urine.

This has been going on for two weeks. What the hell?!?!?! First I want to know what guy would use a stall when there are perfectly good urinals available? I donít want to hear about two guys shouldnít pee in urinals next to each other. Bullshit, thatís what they are for, there are separators and at many places Iíve seen guys lined up waiting to find any open urinal, mainly at football games. Now that isnít the case here. There is never enough traffic in this bathroom for all three urinals to be taken. There are not a lot of guys in the entire office, let alone in that part of the building. Whoever is doing this has some kind of issue with using a urinal.

Secondly I understand guys miss and at times there are drops on the floor. It happens, peeing standing up has its drawbacks. Itís either the floor or our pants. This was no one or two drops on the floor or the occasional post sex miss-spray. This guy has serious control issues. He gets it everywhere. Itís almost like heís afraid to touch his own unit in order to aim the damn thing. You can get away with that at a urinal, but when aiming for a toilet bowl you need to use some control. They donít aim themselves.

Thirdly, and most importantlyÖ WHY THE HELL IS HE NOT CLEANING UP AFTER HIMSELF?!?!?! For the love of all that is good and holy if your going to piss on the seat and the toilet, take some farking toilet paper and wipe it up. If youíre not going to do that, at least use the same toilet so that those of us that have to shite can use the other stalls. One day all four stalls were covered in urine drops! The cleaning crew only hits the bathrooms twice a day. Once around noon and again at night after everyone has left. Personally, I donít want to walk around with turd fighting against my sphincter for 2-3 hours until the cleaning crew comes in and makes the toilets useable again. I also shouldnít have to walk across the building looking at the busier bathrooms for an open stall.

The perpetrator is an evil vile person. They have to be doing this intentionally with malice in their heart. I think they are trying to mark the bathroom as their territory and discourage others from using it. I donít know why, but they must be trying to keep people from laying the big stinky while at work. Let me just say that nothing, NOTHING is going to stop the shite spewing forth from me!

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November 07, 2006

Contagion for Governor

Tonight after work I went out and did my civic duty and voted. Of course we had a dogís dinner choice for some of the positions. Now I know many people scoff at me for this, but being an Independent, I didnít feel the need to vote for either party in certain races. Thus I did the only other thing I could, I wrote in people I felt would do a better job.

For Governor of Illinois: Myself. Hell, whatís the worst I could do? Looking at the choices, I figured I couldnít screw things up much worse then either of them can or have.

For Congress: I wrote in General John Borling. I donít agree with all of his platforms, but I agree with him on more then the other two. Plus I agree with his stance that both the Republicans and Democrats are out for themselves. In this race Iíd just love to see him actually place high enough to send a loud message to both parties in this state. According to a radio interview I heard a Republican or Democrat needs 600 signatures to get on the ballot, other parties need 900, however an Independent needs 16,000. Instead of wasting money and time he decided to run a write in-campaign. I may be off on the number of votes as it was two weeks ago I heard the interview, but it was some ridiculous larger number of signatures he would need.

For Illinois General Assembly: I wrote in Ktreva. The incumbent, Chuck Jefferson, ran unopposed and I donít agree with the man on nearly every point of his politics. Thus it was either write someone in or donít vote for that race at all.

For the School Superintendent: I wrote in my buddy Wes. Iíd like to see him in charge of the schools. It could get interesting. Again there was only one name on the ballot, and I didnít like the choice.

So there you have it people. If you donít like the candidates you can write people in. Is it throwing your vote away? Yea, it probably is. However, if enough people do it, maybe it will send up a red warning flag that we want real candidates and not the idiots that are being put forth in their place.

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November 05, 2006

A Farley Towne special.

My Buddy Shadoglare told me I needed to check out Its Jihad Charlie Brown. Since I found much amusement in it, I figured it was my duty to share it with all of you. It's from the Dennis Leary Christmas Special. Which would be appropriate since I think he has no qualms about pissing everyone off. Still, funniest thing I've seen in a while.

Thanks Shadoglare, it made my morning!

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