November 09, 2006

Counting votes.

Iíve never believed in the electronic voting machines being hacked theory that is floating around. Itís just way too big of a conspiracy theory for me to buy. They may be flawed, but I donít believe they are rigged or hacked. Then again living in Illinois I canít think of any voting method that isnít flawed. Hell I live in the same state as Chicago; we all know what they can do with ballots and a large body of water.

Tuesday night I did start to wonder how flawed our polling system is. The polls here closed at 7:00 PM, we didnít start getting election news/results until around 8:00. By 8:30 you still couldnít get an accurate picture of how the election was going. Depending on what news source you where looking at, they all give different figures. Three local channels, the local newspaper and two radio stations couldnít agree on any results. At a little past 9:00 PM one station declared Blagojevich the winner while another station showed Topinka in the lead. The newspaper had a state representative loosing as well as a US congressman, but two of the stations had them both winning. Some races showed really close in one place and on opponent to have a wide lead at others. No two had numbers that even resembled the other sources. It went on this way all night. I finally gave up watching and checking the results because it was frustrating and annoying.

Iím trying to figure out how all of these ďreliableĒ news sources could have widely varying results. I know Iím not that savvy in the ways of how votes are counted and election results reported, but one would think they would have a least a uniform or single point of media release. Iím also wondering how accurate any of the election results actually where.

Yea, thatís another rung in my ladder of lost faith in our government.

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All you need to know about election results in Illinois... or Massachusetts for that matter... the Dems are winning. If it's anything else, the election was rigged.

I never watch those post election coverage shows - they're all crap. They pull numbers out of their nether regions because getting the actual numbers from the official web sites would be too much like "work" - the dreaded 4 letter word.

Posted by: Teresa at November 10, 2006 11:16 AM

You can bank on it that, if the count was as close as it was but in favor of Reps, there'd be Dem screams of voter fraud.
But there's only fraud when they lose..

Uh huh...

Posted by: Wes at November 11, 2006 03:19 PM