November 25, 2006


It’s over folks. Thanksgiving 2006 has finally come to an end. My in-laws are on their way back to Kansas. My parents and sister are off doing their own thing with a resounding, “I have plans today and tomorrow”. I tried my damnedest to be civil the whole time; unfortunately Ktreva did bear some of the frustration last night after everyone had gone back to their hotels.

I opted to not take the Jack Daniel’s route as I thought that with everything else going on, it might just cause me to explode in an angry fit of honesty. Where that would have been much blog fodder, it also probably would have caused much strife in the Contagion household. At one point yesterday I was ready to take some of that new ammo and redecorate the interior of my living room brain matter grey… and not necessarily my in-laws. It was just a passing thought with no seriousness to it, but still.

This morning before everyone went their separate ways we all had breakfast, that was fun. Especially since overnight Ktreva came down with the flu and I had to deal with all the boys, my parents, my sister, and my in-laws all by myself with no support. I think at this time I really should explain something to everyone. When I have family functions, I tend to not stay for more then 2-3 hours before leaving. Especially if there is extended family involved. I really hate some of my aunt’s, uncles and cousins. Many of my readers may not understand that, as I know you are close with your families. I’m not. I’ve always been the black sheep, the different one, and the one that doesn’t think, act or behave like everyone else. After three hours of dealing with these people, I’m ready to get the fark out of Dodge. On Thursday I spent 9.5 hours with them, yesterday I spent 8.5 hours with them, and this morning I spent 2 hours with them. I’ve spent more time with my family and in-laws in the last three days then I have in the last 12 months.

But at least there was some humor out of the whole situation. This morning on the TV I saw a commercial for Lowe’s. They where talking about some sale, I wasn’t paying attention, but I did catch one piece from it. “…That way you can have you house all finished before your in-laws say, this room will look nice once you finish it.” That spoke volumes to me. Ktreva has been working on the woodwork in our living room for 7 years. She is nowhere done with it. She was the one that wanted to do it, and took the job on; she doesn’t want me touching it. Yesterday her grandmother said to me, “This room will look nice once you finish the woodwork you started 7 years ago.” When she is speaking about Ktreva and I, it’s y’all… so she meant me.

The kicker is that this morning at breakfast my mother, Ktreva's mom, and Ktreva's Grandmother decided this is going to be an annual tradition. They are going to do this every Thanksgiving. I think next year I'm going to find a part time job working security at the mall.

Ahh… such is life. Anyway, you’ll have to excuse me; I need to go check to see if Ktreva’s chunder bucket needs emptying.

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Don't feel bad, I haven't even spoken to the extended paternal side of my family since November of 1999.

Not going to either. Not with the way the goddamn vultures picked at and fought over the almost nothing my Grandmother had before she even passed fully away.

As far as I'm concerned, I belong to a separate, unrelated family with the same last name.

They've never even seen Youngerspawn.

Screw them.

Posted by: Graumagus at November 25, 2006 12:32 PM

Tough luck with the family. I hope the rest of your holidays go better.

Posted by: Dr. Phat Tony at November 25, 2006 03:28 PM

My In-Laws reside in Western New York.

I reside in Ark-souri.

The chances of them driving 32 hours for one lousy dinner is about zero.

Thank Gawd. I feel your pain

Posted by: BloodSpite at November 26, 2006 10:37 PM

I so feel your pain ... the dictionary has a picture of my family beside the word dysfunctional.

This year we used the excuse that the dogs were sick and we had to stay home ... to enjoy the already planned quite dinner at home with just the two of us and the dogs.

Gotta love those dogs, they are the best excuse we have now.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at November 27, 2006 10:58 AM

I feel for ya, dude.

Some of my in-laws (friggin' bitches and hypocrates, the lot of 'em) wanted all of us to get together every year for Christmas. My blurted, "Oh God!" sort of nixed that for us.

Not anywhere near as bad as your situation, but still...

Thank God for family.... and for the distance between us!

Posted by: Wes at November 29, 2006 08:26 PM