March 17, 2007

Killing more creeps.

Harvey thinks Iím going to hate him for finding another Tower Defense game.

Nah, because while he was finding a desk top version, I found a Flash Circle TD. Itís yet another Tower Defense game, except this time you have two lines of creeps that march in a circle and you can not have more then 100 on the board at a time. Yea, it gets harder then it sounds after about 20 rounds.

I donít know why they keep making these games other then to get me to ignore my family.

Posted by Contagion in Games at March 17, 2007 07:57 AM | TrackBack

I tried the circle one.

I didn't like it... probably because it doesn't give you that sense of accomplishment from finishing a level.

Posted by: Harvey at March 20, 2007 08:23 AM