March 21, 2007

Where's the beer?

Iím sorry but tonightís beer review is being postponed. Not because I donít have any beer, quite to the contrary I definitely I have a beer to review. Itís the fact that I have a tremendous head cold. Mixing Nyquil and beer doesnít bother me, hell my home remedy for a head cold is 1 part Jack Daniels, one part Nyquil and a Tavist-D. Itís a time tested concoction that makes the pressure in your head disappear.

So why am I not doing a beer review? Simply it is because of snot. Thatís right snot. The review would be:

Aroma: This beer has the strong heady scent of snot with a mix of hops, barley malts and boogers.

Taste: The absolutely wonderful scent is only enhanced by the flavor of snot with a nice roasted malt background. Unfortunately the taste of snot over runs everything else.

Mouth feel: Tonightís beer is a medium bodied lager that drinks easily. It leaves an interesting coating in the mouth and throat that is very mucus like. This helps the snot aftertaste linger.

Sadly enough, I actually drank one of the beers in order to try to review it. The above is pretty much what I got out of it. Since Iím pretty sure that the beer does NOT have a snot like taste of scent, Iím going to wait until this head cold clears up before doing this weeks review.

Now if youíll excuse me Iím going to go get a Snot-Coke to help wash the Snot-beer taste out of my mouth.

Posted by Contagion in Stories about me. at March 21, 2007 07:21 PM | TrackBack

At least you didn't describe the bottle as covered in snot after sneezing on it.

Posted by: SmokePoles at March 21, 2007 07:50 PM

I feel your pain, brother. Three weeks of this crap, I have snot leaking from every orifice.

Posted by: Raging Mom at March 22, 2007 05:50 AM

Does the mucous leave a nice lacing on the glass?

Posted by: Harvey at March 26, 2007 09:51 AM