April 17, 2007

It just doesn't help.

After the tragedy at Virginia Tech, Iím sure many of you are expecting me to say something about guns and gun control. To be honest, itís just too soon. Right now everyone is upset and out of respect for those that have just lost their lives, Iím not going to use this tragedy to promote my pro-firearm stance. However, I will say that Laughing Wolf posted a link to Penn & Tellerís video regarding Gun Control that he posted on Friday the 13. Itís a long video, about 30 minutes, but it does talk about the flaws of gun control.

Yes, they are comedians and the language is a little rough, but it is very well thought out. Itís not exactly NSFW, but the language is harsh so if you are work and are killing 30 minutes, use headphones listening to this.

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Penn may be a loudmouth but I will say that this show does bring a smile even to my grim crimefighting face.

Posted by: Bruce Wayne at April 17, 2007 09:46 PM