August 06, 2007

It was better than work.

Yea, well Iím back. After spending the week with my in-laws I was ready to get home. We really didnít do too much. We went to Wichita. While there we had the van break down and I got to spend a day waiting at the dealership. We went to an Indian museum were they had some neat artifacts, but they also had some crappy horribly inaccurate reproduction costuming that they where trying to pass as authentic dress. I know many a native re-enactor that would have flipped out seeing nylon ribbon dresses and shirts being passed off as authentic Plains Indian clothing. It seriously was circa 1970.

We went to the Sedgwick County Zoo, we were there a couple of years ago and it was pretty good. This time it was kind of crappy. Not only was it ungodly hot, but also by 4:00PM half the animals were put inside where you couldnít see them. Although watching Clone interact with a gorilla was amusing.

We did go to see Transformers the movie. The movie was enjoyable, but seriously lacked in many departments. Luckily it wasnít just the movie we went for. The theater it was showing at was a full functioning pub/theater. You would sit in your seats, push a button on the armrest and a waiter would come out and take your order. You could get Pasta, burgers, steaks, salads as well as junior mints and popcorn brought to your seat for no additional charge. Plus they served beer!

On the way home we missed being in a horrible accident by seconds. We were about 30 minutes out from our hotel when Boopie said he had to go to the bathroom. Since Iím the type that wants to get to the destination ASAP I asked if he could hold it for 30 minutes and he said he could. Ktreva said she also had to use the bathroom but could hold it until we arrived. As we were driving down the highway I saw a rest stop coming up and decided we that Iíd just stop so the family could go to the bathroom. We all went and were back on the road in 5 to 10 minutes. We werenít on the road for more then a minute when the vehicles ahead of us were slamming on the brakes and traffic was backed up. A Semi was flipped upside down alongside the road. There were no emergency vehicles on the road. Ktreva called 911 and they advised they were aware and had help in route.

From what we could see it looks like the semi was traveling westbound on 80. The tractor blew a tire, jumped across the median into oncoming traffic and flipped over into the cornfield. From the looks of the traffic and everything it looked like that if we hadnít stopped we very well could have been involved in the accident. It was kind of scary.

The boys fought and got on Ktrevaís and my nerves for most of the week. I finally snapped 30 minutes from home. I told both of the boys that if they made one more sound I was going to make it so neither could sit for a week. It was the only time when they werenít sleeping that they both were quit for more then 3 minutes.

I also felt like a bootlegger. Iím not exactly what the law is about carrying alcohol across state lines, but Iím sure I broke them. Between the cases of wine, multiple six packs and liters of beer, and bottles of whisky, I think I would have made some of my ancestors proud. Hell, once we got home Ktreva pointed out that I didnít buy anything on vacation that wasnít alcoholic for a souvenir.

Anyways, Iím home. Oh, and BTWÖ whereís the comment party? Jebus, I left black powder, firearms, artillery, whisky, beer, whiskey and the contents of the night stand out for you all to play with. Iím disappointed.

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Well, you just got back from sensitivity class, so I didn't want to corrupt you with illicit goings on :-)

Posted by: Harvey at August 6, 2007 08:16 PM

Sorry Darlin' - but you are invited to the party when we break in my new digs! I just have to find my way out of the boxes....

Posted by: Richmond at August 6, 2007 08:52 PM

Comment party - damn I'm just lucky to be awake much less commenting. My brain is frizzled... but welcome back anyhow. *grin*

Posted by: Teresa at August 6, 2007 09:36 PM

Glad y'all're back safe.

BTW,thanks for the JD.. :-)

Posted by: Wes at August 6, 2007 10:05 PM

Glad you and your family are back safe and sound... Comment party? Ohhh yaa... I knew I forgot something. I'll blame it on old age.

Posted by: vw bug at August 7, 2007 04:14 AM