August 15, 2007

Oops, I forgot to tell you all something.

I just realized I forgot to share with all of you that I was going to be in Texas for the last four days. I left Sunday and literally just got back to the house. Sorry about that.

Here is what happened: Work sent me to Texas for a Supervisor Conference. (Not fun)

I didn't want to go and was told it was mandatory. (Then a bunch of other people didn't go, or once they got there they skipped out on the conference to go shopping.)

I learned that most of the females in my office are witches (-w +b) and they were probably that way in high school since they still act like they are. You know cliches, being judgmental, talking behind others backs, are only nice to you if they want something, etc.

I met a lot of people that I really liked and/or wanted to meet. It was great for networking, unfortunately most of my peers didn't take the opportunity for it as they where too busy being in their own little cliches.

Oh, American Airlines can mangle a suitcase like no one else, and they have crappy customer service in the baggage assistance area. Yea, I don't think I'm ever going to get that replacement suitcase.

Anyway I'm back.

Posted by Contagion in Tales from the Work Place at August 15, 2007 04:49 PM | TrackBack

And here I thought you drowned in your basement. I was about to start asking people if they had heard of any bodies turning up in the local sewer system. *grin*

Sorry the trip was such a pain.

Posted by: Teresa at August 15, 2007 05:03 PM

Yay! Welcome home!

Posted by: Richmond at August 15, 2007 05:40 PM

Yup, I too figured you were a floater in your basement, glad you are back! (Yes, some people never grow up, RE:cliches, I for one want to punch those types in the eye, but for some reason, I never do.) Anyway, YAY you are back!

Posted by: Sarah at August 15, 2007 07:40 PM