September 04, 2007

How the weekend was spent.

What a fun weekend... for me. I spent most of the time over the weekend watching movies and working leather. This surprisingly enough was so much fun Iím actually looking for some more leatherworking projects to get started on. I calculated the amount of time spent working leather and I figure I spent at least 35 hours at it.

When I wasn't working leather I helped Bruce move a couch from another friendís house to his. Where he proceeded to drop the steel framed beast on me. I'm okay, just a slight twang in the arm. I also spent some time with Wes drinking some Jack Daniels on his front porch. Allegedly we got quite loud yelling at people as the passed by oh and started pissing in his front yard. I don't know how much truth is to that last part, but I do know that Ktreva came from three houses down to get me under the guise that she was worried I didnít have my keys to get back in the house. When in all actuality it was because we were being loud and I think I embarrassed her.

Over all it was a good weekend. We had a lot of fun and I got a lot of work done.

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You sure missed a great time at the Pierre Bulbona Rendezvous at Wyanet, though. Wil and Red and others are trying to tell me I got so bad Saturday night that I fell down. I don't believe them.

Something to look forward to next year.

And we need pictures of the leatherwork.

Posted by: Petey at September 4, 2007 12:30 PM

Mmmm...Jack Daniels....I need that for my next tailgate party

Posted by: BloodSpite at September 5, 2007 04:07 AM

Yeah, where's the pictures?

I like leatherwork, but I'm more into working with wood myself.

Posted by: Ogre at September 5, 2007 12:11 PM

Good times, gooood times.... :-D


Posted by: Wes at September 5, 2007 10:02 PM