December 18, 2007

Tonight's lessons.

So I took the boys out shopping tonight so they could buy Christmas gifts for Ktreva and their grandmothers. It was really interesting. I learned a couple of very interesting lessons.

The first is that when we went into a store (can't mention the name as it will give away a gift meant for KTreva) it had a very strong feminine scent to it. Ie perfume, scented soaps, etc. Apparently the boys loved the scent as much as I did. Listening to a four and fourteen year old gag in harmony to their father was amusing to me. Also when a man with two boys walking into a store for women filled with nothing but women, you stick out like... well three guys at a feminist convention. We got a lot of strange looks. Especially when someone made the comment, "It stinks in here, doesn't it." I did apologize.

The second lesson is that I need to have a talk with whomever has been teaching Clone jingle bells. They need to make sure he has a better understanding of the lyrics or at least enunciates better while singing it. All night he kept singing Jingle Bells. At first I blew it off until I noticed someone snicker. I thought they were just laughing because it was kind of cute. Then I heard what Clone was singing. The actual lyric is "In a one-horse open sleigh" Clone was singing " In a whore's slurping pay."

Yeah, and he wouldn't stop. Even after I tried to help him enunciate it better.

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LOL. are you sure is wasn't you teaching him those ones?

Posted by: virtue at December 19, 2007 04:39 PM