January 29, 2008

Lack of useful information.

Illinois moved up its spring election to next Tuesday so that we can be more important in the primaries. Actually all it does is move is to “Super Tuesday” with a ton of other states. Besides being the primary, we have other elections going on at the same time. Of course those are all local ones. I’ve seen posters, signs, fliers and hand bills regarding the candidates and I’ve come to a conclusion.

They are trying to win on name recognition only.

There is nothing on any of their signs or handouts that tell you a damn thing about them or their position on anything. You really need to go out and do some searching on these individuals. Then to top it off, if you find their websites, some of them still don’t state a whole lot of anything. Yes, there are a ton of endorsements from other people in the community for them, but nothing that really tells you what these individuals’ stances are on the different platforms or issues that involve the local community.

In one election I didn’t like any of the officials that I’ve heard of due to past experience and tried to find if anyone else is running. I couldn’t find anything. I checked the website for the county clerk’s board of elections and they had nothing. I’m still waiting on a phone call back from them. The only thing we have is the overly biased local media. Which is pushing one candidate over another. It’s a good thing I don’t trust them either.

What really irks me is that I just now really noticed this, and it’s not just true on the local level. If I look at the presidential candidates unless you are looking at the “big two parties” you have a hard time finding anything out for third party or independent candidates wanting to run right now.

And people wonder why I’m so damn surly when it comes to politics.

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Thank you! I thought it was just me. I have been trying to get info on the different elections and people and...nothin'. I get nothin'.......

Posted by: Tammi at January 30, 2008 05:31 AM