February 10, 2008

More election surprises.

There were a couple of primaries over the weekend, some of them had interesting turnouts, or so I thought. The fact that Huckabee won Kansas, Louisiana (although not by enough to get any delegates), and Washington was too close to count so they have to continue to do so today before they call it. Right now McCain is in the lead.

Since I brought that up, does anyone else get bothered when they call an election with less than 95% of the votes in? Shouldnít they at least pretend that our votes matter and count them all before they name a winner? I saw one last week where it was at 54% reporting, it was a narrow margin (Less than 4% difference) and they were calling a winner already. If Iím not mistaken those other 46% could have voted for the underdog and it actually turned out they won.

Obama stormed the Dems winning Nebraska, Washington and Louisiana primaries. Heís still behind Clinton in the overall, but itís only a 30-point difference. At least this race is still close. Obama and Clinton really have their work cut out for them if the want the nomination, unlike the Reps primary. Heck, Huckabee doesnít even have as many delegates as Romney does and Romney is out of the race. McCain has three times the amount of delegates as Huckabee does. As for Ron Paul, I know some of my readers are staunch supporters of his, but seriously, he only has 14 delegates so far. Do you really think heís going to be able to pull this off?

Actually after doing the math, itís not possible for Paul to win. You need to have 1,191 delegates to win; there are only 2,380 total delegates. 1,265 of those delegates have been designated already. That leaves 1,115 remaining nominations. So if Paul received 100% of the remaining nominations it leaves him at 1129, well short of what is needed. If that does happen, no one would have enough, and Iím not sure exactly what happens. I just donít see that as happening. Itís really looking like it is going to be McCain for the Republicans. Honestly I think a little part of me dies every time I type that.

Iím still at a loss as to what Iím going to do for the presidential race. No one has sold me on why one of the probable candidates would be best for the job.

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