May 02, 2008

When it rains...

Okay, last weekend we got rained on pretty hard. This weekend, well it looks like the skies are going to open up and drain on us! In fact they are calling for some very severe storms today. Fortunately for me Iím not out there yet, unfortunately for friends like Will and Petey they are already there. Iím going to be keeping my eye on the weather and hope that everything goes well for them. Unfortunately I couldnít get the time off of work to head out last night, or Iíd be out there with them. Damn real-life responsibilities!

So letís start the running cap this year on events that I get rain. Not counting the two winter camps and counting this weekend, that makes three events. Fort Des Chartres I donít recall any rain in the time we had canvas set up, so Iím calling that a dry camp. Gathering at Macktown, Thursday and Friday we had rain. This weekend is Bloody Lake, they are calling for rain. (This is as we watch the angry red finger of god on radar sweeping across Illinois poised to wipe canvas off the face of the earth). That makes me 1-2. Yea, thatís about par for the course. Itís not yet a valid sample size as usually itís 1 out of every four events I do is dry.

The funny thing is that I was talking to my mother on Monday about last weekend and she reminded me that my grandfather always said that whenever my father and I went camping, he knew the weather was going to bad. When I got hold enough to go camping without my father, Grandpa determined that the chance of bad weather on a weekend doubled. Grandpa was an avid camper too, although he did modern camping, or what I like to call portable civilization. You know, in trailers. One of these days Iím going to have to tell some of those stories.

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You going this weekend? Hope to see ya there.
Im leaving in the morning, be there around 9am.

Posted by: Jim at May 2, 2008 01:51 PM