May 16, 2008

It's worse, much worse

Yesterday I told you about my personal hell, You know the dream where what started off as the perfect re-enacting job turned into a nightmare. After that dream I was sure that there is nothing, NOTHING that could be worse than that.


Today on lunch Ktreva made me take her shoe shopping. She needed new shoes for her new outfit she bought for a wedding we are going to tomorrow. She needed orange shoes. Yes, I said orange. We walked into the store and right off the bat I see a pair of orange shoes that *I* think would look good with her new outfit. She tells me they won't and goes about shopping. She finds a pair of shoes she likes and tries them on. Too small, so I end up Tetris with shoe boxes to help her find the right size.

After what seemed like 2348 boxes not only do I find the right size, but also the right color. Meanwhile the other women in the store are staring at me like I'm some kind of foot fetish prevert! One kept eyeballing me like she thought I was either going to sniff them or put them on Mr. Happy. It was rather disturbing.

Ktreva decides she likes them and she is going to buy them. Alright we're done!


Nope, it's buy one get one half off. DAMMIT!

The other shoe she decides she likes is not only orange... but is the original shoe I pointed out! Again with the shoe box tetris. Why? Because apparently shoe sizes on women's shoes is just a number they stamp on there as decoration. Actually this has to be some kind of cruel joke to keep guys like me busy why women shop. I mean I had to unstack and restack shoe boxes a couple of dozen times. Especially since most of the shoes where stacked on a shelf over my head.

So guys, learn a lesson for me. No matter how quickly she says it's going to be, never let a woman talk you into taking her shoe shopping with her. NEVER!

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You know you loved it...

Posted by: That 1 Guy at May 16, 2008 08:29 PM

I'm sorry Sunshine, *I* didn't move to California. :)

Posted by: Contagion at May 16, 2008 08:33 PM

Shoe shopping sucks unless you're shopping for the 5"+ f-me heels :P

Posted by: Shadoglare at May 16, 2008 08:48 PM

I take a book. Then I sit on a bech in the mall and read. Sometimes I sit on a bench outside Victoria's Secret and pretend to read. My only job is guarding the purse.

Posted by: Peter at May 16, 2008 11:28 PM

I can't believe you didn't play mind games with the gawkers. Like I bought a new sequin blue dress do you think these shoes will look good with it??

Posted by: red at May 17, 2008 08:36 AM

Reminds me of the time I went shopping with my then wife, now ex,....

She came out of the changing room wearing an exquisite red dress....

Wife.. well? what do you think?

Me... It looks fantastic, matches your eyes....

Wife disappears into changing room.. comes out wearing a black dress...

Wife.. well??

Me.. great, it matches your roots....

I slept in garage for a week.....

But she never asked me to go shopping with her again...

Posted by: bx19 at May 18, 2008 08:08 AM

You poor bastards!

Ha Ha

Posted by: Bruce at May 18, 2008 10:57 AM