May 20, 2008

Contagion under siege, day 2.

Okay, last night went smoothly, relatively. Other than one meltdown where the boys were fighting, not much else happened. Clone decided he couldn’t figure out how to put on his Pajamas. He’s only been doing it himself for at least 2 years. Boopie was actually well behaved.

This morning is a completely different story. We start with Clone not wanting to get out of bed. Then it turned into we couldn’t find his shoes. He had them yesterday, but today we can’t find them. When I asked him where he took them off at, he pointed to a spot on the floor and said right there. Yea, like he knows the exact spot where he took of his shoes. After 30 minutes of tearing through the house trying to find his shoes, I wake Boopie up to see if he just happens to know where they are. Sure enough he does… They are under Boopie’s bed. Don’t ask me why, but that is where they were.

Clone was particularly whiney. He complained about what side of the vehicle he was getting into on to what route I took to Grandma’s. When we arrived he then became clingy because “he was sad.” He wanted to get out on the other side of the vehicle. Thank jeebus I was dropping him off.

Work… uh went.

I pick up Clone to find out today while playing with the other kids he made a sign and glued it to the side of the house. It was a sign to tell the other kids where they could find him once he left, it had a map and everything. Needless to say my mother was not amused when I started laughing and said, “Who in the world would leave a five year old unattended with a glue stick?”

I get home and jump onto the computer to see if any of my shipments arrived were they where supposed to. Spurs did receive his Dragon’s Milk. (Score one Contagion!) As soon as I start up the browser I can see something is wrong. So I check a program I installed on the computer to monitor it’s activity. Sure enough Boopie was on the computer this morning after I left the house. I don’t know where he went because he deleted the history. When confronted he lied about it, the boy just isn’t going to learn.

Now it’s time for me to go start cleaning the kitchen. I’m sure many great stories will continue.

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Sounds like you may want to consider installing a keylogger - normally I'd be against that deep of spying but if he's leaving obvious signs that he's surfing to places he shouldn't be it'd show you where.
Either that, or set up security in IE so that you need a password to go to any web sites that aren't on the approved list.

Posted by: Shadoglare at May 21, 2008 07:16 AM