June 01, 2008

A New Mortar Maiden.

I have a new Mortar Maiden up, Liosag MacNamara. The sad things is that the young lady that posed with the mortar did it three years ago. After I've used a series of photos from one girl, I move them to my "used" folder. Somehow I accidentally moved hers into that section. While cleaning out the files today, I found them. So, better late then never.

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I commented a while back about your diamond fly. I have built myself quite the gathering of stuff since then. I am ready! Will you be at Prairie du Chien for the vous this weekend? If so i will be under a light tan diamond with a few goods out front. I am set to be a Coureur des Bois. I will have a few kissing otters around camp. My Dad was "Black Otter" in his days. He owned a muzzle loader shop called Black Otter Trading Co. Hope to see you or some of your clan down yonder.

Little Otter

Posted by: Little Otter at June 8, 2008 11:39 PM