June 30, 2008

Motorboatin', Bunkers and Zombies.

We were supposed to go on a vacation this week. We were headed to Wyoming to participate in the 1838 rendezvous there. Unfortunately multiple factors arose and we ended up not being able to attend. The close to $800.00 gas fun was just part of it. So instead of doing some big elaborate vacation this year, we decided to take a smaller more local staycation. You know, where you stay home and take day trips to places.

Friday started off easy. We took the boys to go see WALL-E. Itís not a bad movie. It was amusing, there is a bit of hippy, save the planet message to it, but itís easily ignored. The boys really loved it.

Saturday Ness was sick so I took the boys and we went to see our re-enacting friend, Smokepoles, go ďmotorboatiníĒ. Well okay, itís some kind of powerboat, I know he told me but I really canít remember. All I know is that they are little boats, but they move pretty fast on the water. I keep calling it ďmotorboatiníĒ because I called it that one time and his reaction was hilarious.

Smokepoles is the well-groomed mountain man in the tie-dye t-shirt.

We didnít get to see any racing. The weather was not cooperating. Wind speeds were too high for them to allow the boats on the water. They had a guy go out and take a couple of laps to see what itís like, but at one point the guy about flipped the boat. These things are basically wings the skim the surface of the water. If they go too fast apparently they flyÖ and they donít like it when that happens, something about crashing and death. We were going to stick around and talk just in case the weather broke and they got to race. But the rain came through and just drenched everything. I also learned that boats canít get wet. Iím not sure why, but as soon as the talk of rain started everyone tarped their boats so they wouldnít get wet.

On the way back to Rockford, I took the scenic rout and I was telling the boys some history of Rockford and Camp Grant. Camp Grant was built in 1917 and was used as a training facility during World War 1 and World War 2. As we drove through New Millford and I was telling them about the bunkers at Atwood Education Center. Boopie made the comment that he really wanted to see one. So I pulled into the park area, we crossed the footbridge over the Kishwaukee River and headed to the bunker.

Since this area was part of a target range and training facility there are signs all over the place warning of the dangers.

Atwood Sign

I had attended numerous outings in this park when I was younger. In fact I know that I personally have been in at least three bunkers on the property. As a kid I found shell casings there, in fact Iím pretty sure somewhere in the house I still have one. Another time while we were doing a canoe trip down the Kish one of the groups I was with found a rusted out old leg trap. I was also with a group that found a hand full of lead bullets while we were looking for insects during an activity. They arenít kidding when they say that you can find stuff out there. I know that sometime between 1996 and 2004 the Army Corp of Engineers went out and policed the area looking for unexploded ordinance. They cleaned up some 2,500 rounds if memory serves. They had a sign out there stating as much, but I canít find anything online.

We did find a bunker for the boys to look at. They really were nervous getting close to it. It had to coax them into standing next to it so I could get a picture.

Atwood Bunker

Saturday night Boopie had a friend spend the night because on Sunday we were going to have a Zombie Movie festival. We watched 4 Zombie Movies, Diary of the Dead, Redneck Zombies, Zombie Town and Undead or Alive. Other than Redneck Zombies, the boys really liked the movies.

So if you donít hear from me for a couple of days, donít get worried. We just got busy having fun.

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Sounds like fun was had by all so far. Good going dad!

Posted by: Rave at June 30, 2008 10:48 AM

wait, you had a zombiefest and you didn't invite Eric? That's inexcusable ;-P

Posted by: caltechgirl at June 30, 2008 11:14 AM

What?!!! No "Repenatrator."

Posted by: Petey at June 30, 2008 08:28 PM

Sounds like a great vacation so far!!

Posted by: Richmond at July 2, 2008 03:24 PM