August 03, 2008

A perfect way to sum up this trip.

On my way back to the hotel from the restaurant tonight, I saw a bunch of squad cars with their emergency lights on along the side of the highway. When I got near there was yellow tape on the hillside by the cars. As I looked over I could see a uniformed man taking pictures of a body laying on the ground.

Yea, that about sums up this trip... a dead body on the side of the road.

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Hello to my good friend,
You are realy starting to worry me. Your situation is hard, but not unique. I recken that I'm not the only one who knows just how you feel. OTR driving is alot like what your facing; your gone from home for long periods of time,you miss family events, and the company of both famly and friends. Even a hardcore loner has trouble with these situations. But there are solutions, such as don't work all the time. Set hours for your self and take time for leisure. Something as simple as taking a walk, going fishing, to a movie or a large sporting goods shop and looking around. See if they have any shooting ranges around that you can go to. Some have guns you can rent. I know that you don't fish but what I'm trying to say is anything is better than sitting in your room. And sometimes if you step back from a project for a break,it will sometimes move along a little smoother.
Last but not least, you know that I'm but a phone call away, as is your wife,your kids, and many of your friends.
PS If you tell anyone that deep down Wil has a heart, I'll deny having ever wrote this or for that matter your entire existance. This message will self destruct upon its reading.

Posted by: wil at August 3, 2008 05:02 PM