September 01, 2008

I return home(?)

After spending the day drinking beer with Bloodspite yesterday, I finally headed off home this morning. Fortunately for me I was still tired so I could take a nap on the way home. Just kidding, I did not fall asleep driving the car.

In my travels of Oklahoma and Texas I did discover a couple of things. First off. Whomever keeps telling me that Oklahoma is flat and treeless is a damn liar! It's pretty hilly and there are a ton of trees. Now it's not mountainous, and even though they label it a mountain, Arbuckle Mountain is not a mountain. It's too damn small.

Secondly, I think I found all the Indian reservations that were kicked out of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. I passed through the Kickapoo, Sac and Fox nations. It seems like every 20 miles I would pass a sign telling me what nation I was passing into. At one point I was starting to wonder if there were any Indians outside of Oklahoma. I mean, I know there are not, but I was surprised at the number of nations here. No wonder my Indian jokes flop!

Finally, HWY 75/69 from Dallas to Tulsa is a horrible road. Not because state of the road, but because it's not a limited access highway. There were stop lights, road side stands, oh and casinos what seems to be at least every 20 miles. Lets not forget the speed zones where the speeds dropped down to 35 mph. It made for an annoying trip.

Either way, I made it back to Tulsa. Back to my room, where the cleaning staff can't follow directions. I left a do not disturb sign on the door and they came in anyway. They threw away a couple of receipts and a piece of paper that had important information on it. They had been sitting on my desk. I complained to the front desk, they apologized but had no way to get the missing stuff back. I left explicit instructions that in the future when I want my room cleaned I will take the sign off of the door. I don't care if they see me leave with a suitcase, they don't need to clean my room.

Now I'm just kicking back and relaxing. Thinking of Ktreva and wishing she was here... cause I really could go for her doing that thing that she does really well, but she hardly ever does it, but she's really good at it.

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West of Oklahoma City, nearer the panhandle, *is* pretty desolate.. I don't recommend going out that way. The part you're in isn't near that bad, geographically.

Posted by: Wes at September 1, 2008 08:21 PM

If someone told you OK was flat and treeless, it wasn't me - one of the things I actually liked about the Tulsa area was how green and hilly it is.
Maybe it was the same person who told you Kansas didn't have any trees... hm...

Posted by: Shadoglare at September 1, 2008 09:41 PM

Hey I told you that down near lake eufala was pretty nice. And when you are coming up 75/69 you go past the Winding Stair Mts. Thats the location that the writer of the novel True Grit used. John Wayne used the Rockies in the movie. Get off the beatin path around Macalester and its preety rough country.
Also we took good care of your darling bride and clone this weekend. So know worrys there.

Posted by: wil at September 2, 2008 08:07 AM

I even tried to paint the boy red...........
Missed you there my brother.......

Posted by: Jim E. at September 2, 2008 07:18 PM

damm I forgot to bring the mini breechclot & leggings for him

Posted by: red at September 3, 2008 06:00 AM