November 17, 2008

Converted another

On Saturday Graumagus and I took my dad down to the range to go shooting. It's been 50 years since he's fired a gun and I felt he was long overdue for some range time. Long overdue. Plus I really could use some range therapy. We spent three hours on the range putting about 1,500 rounds through various firearms. Dad tried everything at least once, but he really liked the Colt 1991 .45 that I have.

I mean he REALLY liked it.

I swear he honestly thought of taking it home with him. In fact during shooting and then even after he kept making comments that he could really get into shooting and wanted to know how much the Colt costs. Graumagus even asked him, "So how mad do you think Contagion's mom is going to be when you come home with one?" Dad didn't answer at all, he was just... quiet.

Anyone that knows my dad knows that him being quiet speaks volumes.

After shooting we headed to Fritz's for an afternoon of beer, burgers and booze. We ended up spending three hours there... doing a different kind of shooting. Well, at least shooters. Bruce met us down there. He liked Fritz's just fine, but then again he is my father. In fact after draining my third beer in less then 20 minutes of being there, he asked me where I learned to drink like that. I couldn't help but yell out, "I learned it from you Dad! I learned it from you!" Which of course was received with much laughter from the 4 other people in the bar, only two of them customers that weren't with us. Bruce had to leave in order to get back to Batmite.

We all had a good time. Then again what could be better than a morning of shooting and an afternoon of drinking!

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