November 18, 2008

State of annoyance

I'm so tired of hearing about Obama and how everything is so much better now. I hate to break this to everyone, but just because he was elected it doesn't mean that the new lower gas prices are a result of him. If that was the case, then the problems with Wall Street over the last couple of weeks is also his fault. I'm reserving complete judgment until he actually gets into office. What I do know is that some of his choices for his cabinet and key political positions as well as some of the people he is considering for positions, such as Hillary Clinton for the Secretary of State (Full body shudder), are some of the key people in the Clinton era. As a guy on local radio put it today, "Where is all the change if we are getting the same Clintonista's in the cabinet?"

McCain and Obama are working together. Really, he lost the election and if I never hear about him again I'd be happy. I didn't vote for him andI could care less that he is meeting one on one with Obama. We already know he sold us out, we don't need any more proof.

Why the hell do I keep seeing Palin's name and picture all over the place? I see her on CNN, News papers, Local News, State News, National News and online news sources. Again, she was the VP candidate that ran and lost and she's getting more press than Biden. In fact as far as I know Biden went on a walking tour of the Everglades. I've seen everything from wild accusations with no proof to pure speculation that she cost McCain the Election. Honestly, for me, she didn't play a part in my decision not to vote for McCain, that was all him.

I couldn't wait for the election to get over so I could stop hearing about these people. It seems like since the election they are all I hear about.

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