November 29, 2008


This is wrong, absolutely wrong! Do not... NOT click the attached link. Unless you really want to loose more innocence, or any innocence you have left, do not click this link!

Ewww, Ewww, Ewww!

Posted by Contagion in General assholery at November 29, 2008 12:28 PM | TrackBack

O. M. G. That is something that takes the innocence away unto the fourth generation or so of my descendants.

Posted by: Mrs. Who at November 29, 2008 01:34 PM

HOLY WAH!!!!! That is wrong on OHHH so many levals. But having said that, I can't remeber when I've laughed so hard. Thanks I needed that.

Posted by: wil at November 29, 2008 07:22 PM

To make it worse, don't go down and read the comments.

Posted by: Contagion at November 30, 2008 11:38 AM

"...semen remains neglected as a food."

Gee, I wonder how the f*ck *that* could be!!

Read the comments... There are some sick mofos out there.

Thanks for the laugh, though not for the little bit of vomit..

Posted by: Wes at December 1, 2008 09:31 AM

That is just so wrong... now who can I email it to???

Posted by: vw bug at December 1, 2008 02:16 PM