April 10, 2009

Why Mexico?

I haven’t talked much about my sister in the last four years of blogging. In fact most of you may not even know I have a sister. When I was younger I nick named her “Girl Schmerlie dude”, which she hated with a passion, so for the sake of this blog she will hence forth be dubbed… GSD (because I’m too lazy to type that out every time I refer to her.) GSD is four and a half years younger than me and we are NOTHING alike. Let me give you a breakdown:

She was a Cheerleader; I could care less about playing sports.
She was popular; People thought I was going to be the guy that pulled a Columbine
She was thin and considered attractive (I wouldn’t know, she’s my sister); I was a big, ugly bastard. (We look nothing alike)
She struggled getting a C average in school; I wouldn’t try and made the honor roll.
She thought I was favored by our parents, I thought she was favored by our parents.
She loved shopping, fashion and talking on the phone; I still hate all of those things
She hates camping, hunting, shooting; I love all of those things.
She likes NASCAR, I like Football.
She is very active with her cult Church, I don’t like organized religion.
She doesn’t have the common sense god gave a lemming; some people say I have too much common sense.

You get the picture. We were always at odds, and never really got along. Yet she was my sister and I was very over protective of her. I’ve made ex-boyfriends of hers wet their pants and break dates. Rumor has it one of them still can’t look at a natural sponge with out getting a twitch. I was so over protective that even my father wouldn’t tell me things because he was afraid I’d do something stupid. Such as the time an ex-boyfriend hit her, I didn’t find out until months later because my Father was sure I would have ended up in jail. Actually he was more worried I wouldn’t end up in jail because my friends would have given me an air tight alibi.

She went to college down state and just never came back. She lives only about two hours away, but we see/talk to each other maybe 2-4 times a year tops. We just aren’t that close.

I received an e-mail from her that started with how lucky and fortunate she is to have found her place in her cult church. Right away I figured she was going to make another attempt to get me to join the local branch up here. After almost deleting it, I continued to read and found out that she is an advisor for her church’s youth group and that group is working to help underprivileged children. One of the activities they are doing this summer is going to Juarez, Mexico to build houses for the poor. It’s part of a mission’s trip that her church is sponsoring.

She was looking to see if I would help sponsor her. Which of course I am going to do, because she is my sister and it’s important to her. I’m actually kind of proud of her for doing this. When she was in High School she was very self-centered, it’s nice to see she changed. My only problem is that she is going to Juarez, Mexico. Couldn’t they have found someplace her in the US to do this? I mean there are plenty of poor and needy here. Plus, it would be a bit safer here. There has been a lot of violence in that region. If anything happens to her...

I guess on the bright side, maybe more houses there will keep some from crossing illegally into the U.S.

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My aunt went to Juarez a couple years ago on a mission trip with her church and found it to be a moving experience.

However, I would be very wary of traveling there now, as not just the region, but Juarez itself is bleeding with drug violence. With its position on the Southern side of the Rio Grande from El Paso, it is a major route for illegal drug trade.

You might recommend that they check with the State Department prior to going for travel advisories.

On a personal note from me, I have done 9 mission trips in different areas of the U.S. One to Kentucky, one to a Blackfoot Reservation in Montana, and 7 to the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Every time coming away with an amazing learning experience.

As to your point about doing this in the U.S., I tend to agree. I believe you have to take care of the home before you go out to save the world.

Posted by: Petey at April 10, 2009 01:26 PM