June 10, 2009

Floating the Amaqounsippi

No Beer review tonight. This weekend Iím taking Ktreva on a canoe trip, the exploration of the Amaquonsippi. Itís a period correct trip (with the exception of the canoes, life jackets, water jugs and toilet paper in a plastic bag). We are doing the last leg of the trip this year. I did the second leg last year, Ktreva didnít go. Since we are getting ready for that, I just donít have the time to do a proper beer review. Iíll try to put up an extra one next week to make up for it.

Iím pretty damn excited about this trip. It looks like the river is going to cooperate, so we wonít have to drag our canoes down the river. I get to spend the weekend with my wife and friends doing what we love, what more could I ask? Iíve gone over our gear a couple of times now to make sure that we have no non-period, or non-period looking materials. Where this trip isnít juried, Iím still trying to take the high road and make sure my stuff is right or as close as I can get with what limited resources are available to me with the time constraints.

Iím sure some of my friends will give me some grief over some of preparations. I keep a journal of the re-enactments that I do in a period looking book. For my own reference I made a slightly detailed hand drawn map inside the bookÖ that I based on the USGS topographic survey. Yes, you can scream loser at me now, but if I had the patience Iíd be a cartographer! This is an exploration and I like to document things. This brought me some hazing last year when I was using my portable GPS to document wear we were stopping, camping, etc. I just wanted to document the trip.

Now I know some people could care less about this type of stuff, but some of these are the same individuals that thrive on reading other peoples journals and seeing their maps. One of the highly debated topics amongst archeologists and historians is exactly where certain camps were specifically located, hence why they have spent years trying to find the Lewis and Clark sites. We love getting information from the journals, itís a primary source. Yet I try to document something and I get the ďWeíre on the river, thatís where we areĒ statement. Its okay, to each their own and if they donít like it, then I donít have to share it with them! (Also they didnít want to see the modern GPS, but weíll just glaze over that fact).

This year Iím trying something different. Iím using some knowledge that I obtained since last years trip. I wonít be as accurate as a GPS, but Iím sure I can get the general area. Of course the worst heathens on this trip (which are some of my closest and dearest friends) will still give me grief over it. Just like theyíll get over the fact that I give them grief that this trip is more akin to a drunken float down a river than it is to a canoe trip! (very little paddling) hehe

Iíll let you all know how it went when we get back.

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God willing and the creek don't rise, we'll have a helluva time.

O crap-the creek did rise-2' overnight.

Posted by: Petey at June 11, 2009 09:44 AM

Most of us don't get out enough to find the good camping spots. They are mostly ones that have been used since the times of "those who came before" as the American Indians called them. Well, except for those that are under the cities or under the man made lakes. After all, the requirements for a camping spot are unchanged through the centuries. Flat enough to sleep, some fuel for cooking, water for drinking.

A party traveling the same route as Lewis and Clark, with the same number of scouts would mostly camp in the same spots.

Posted by: Peter at June 12, 2009 09:19 PM