September 15, 2009


Okay, the opening weekend of football has come and gone. Let's look at the highs and lows.

High: Football is back in season
Low: Ktreva is effectively a widow until after the Superbowl.

High: The Packers Beat the Bears
Low: Urlacher is out for the season. (yea, he's a Bear, but I don't like seeing non-primadonna players getting hurt for the season.)

High: There were a lot of really good close games.
Low: There were a lot of one sided blow outs.

High: Detroit seems like they want to keep their losing streak going.
Low: I've been tired hearing about He Who Shall Not Be Named (F@vre) for four years during every game. It seems to have gotten worse this year.

High: All the football foods are being made.
Low: I can't eat any of them.

High: Cheerleaders
Low: They still have clothes on.

High: Raiders looked like a professional team last night.
Low: They were robbed of a Touchdown due to bad officiating.

That being said. it was a great opening weekend. We have 16 more weeks of regular season to go! YAY!

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