July 31, 2012

Changes and a move

Okay, we jumped in and made the change. I am not deleting this blog as there is a lot of good stuff on here and a lot of memories, but I will not be posting to it anymore. I've also changed my nickname due to some ventures I'm taking up. Mainly I'm embracing my alter ego and becoming Evil Drinking Buddy or E.D.B.. My wife, Ktreva is also shedding her past and has changed to Blondelicious. It's not that we are changing who we are, it's just that the old nicknames/handles represent our past, and it's time to move forward with our future. So come see our joint blog Private Beer Stash.

I know this is confusing, but so is life!

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May 14, 2010

Beer Tasting

The beer tasting is just over two weeks away. Ive already started gathering beers for it. So far I have 7 out of the ten. I just havent decided on the final three. This presents one of the two dilemmas that Im having right now.

The first is that I have four bar cases of beer sitting in my house and I cant drink a drop of it. Not one single drop. Now if this was say, Bud Light Chelada or Corona, not a problem. I wouldnt want to drink it. But these are beers that I want to try or have tasted in the past and know they are good. This kills me. Yet, I have people that are waiting to sample the enticing elixirs I have procured for them. Thus it would be wrong for me to imbibe of them in solitude without their companionship.

The next issue that Im having is that Im holding this on the Saturday of Memorial day. The weather is unpredictable at best. Ive gotten lucky the last two years and it hasnt rained on me. I just dont know that I want to gamble that its going to hold out and not rain a third year. Since I am an Eagle Scout, I attempted to take precautions and look for someplace that will let me host the beer tasting indoors. So far what Im being told is that due to liquor laws, I can book/rent a room at various places, but they have to supply the beer, at their standard markup.

That in and of itself causes a problem. Most of the places I could get a room, dont have the beer selection for me to choose from if I wanted them to supply the beer. Second, even if they did, the price per bottle, especially on a couple that I have, in a bar is going to be in excess of $6 a bottle.

If all else fails, Ill set up my re-enacting fly and the easy up that I have and well all be nice and cozy under there. Itll give me the excuse to buy the walls for the easy up Ive been looking for. The worst case scenario is that itll end up looking like some redneck pavilion.

If you want to attend and havent contacted me, please do so ASAP. Im starting to run out of spots.

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September 11, 2009

I still remember.

For all of those that died on 9/11 and in the following weeks and months as a result of those attacks. I still remember, even if too many have already started forgetting.

May all of you find peace.

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June 17, 2009


I have some stuff going on in my life right now that I need to deal with. I'm not saying I'm quitting blogging, but I am taking a break. I'm going to continue the Beer reviews, but I just can't handle doing one tonight right now.

I'm not going to blog about what's going on, because I really don't want to share it with anyone, not even my closest friends at this point.

So if you don't see or hear from me in a while, don't take it personally. I'm just trying to deal with what is going on.

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February 13, 2009

List in the suburban jungle.

I know I haven't been around. There are a couple of really good stories that go with the reason why. Unfortunately I just don't have the time nor energy to write them up right now.

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February 04, 2009

Beer Review post poned

Due to circumstances outside of my control, there will be no beer review tonight. I will be doing it tomorrow.

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January 01, 2009

Welcome 2009

2008 was a an interesting year for me. It started off really great, turned for the worse, and then at the last minute good news saved the year from being a total loss.

Now 2009 is here to great me. I'm thinking this is going to be a good year. I don't know, but I have a good feeling that things are about to start looking up for my family.

I hope that all of you have a good 2009.

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December 07, 2008

A reminder

Sunday morning 67 years ago today the Japanesse launched their attack on Pearl Harbor. At 7:48 AM Pearl Harbor time, or 11:48 CST, the time of this post, the the first wave of aircraft made their attack. Overall the attack sank four battleships. three cruisers, 3 destroyers and one minelayer where either sank or destroyed as well. There were 188 aircraft destroyed as well. During the attack, 2,402 servicemen were killed and an additional 1,282 servicemen wounded.

The USS Arizona

These attacks are what ultimately "awoke the sleeping giant" and brought the United States into World War 2.

The explosion of the US Shaw

Over the years there has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not the government knew of the Japanese plan to attack Pearl. Where some people think that is important and others not. Either way it is not important to me. For me it's more important to remember the brave souls that died and survived .

Never forget.

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September 11, 2008

Seven years.

It's hard to believe that it's been seven years since our world changed thanks to some crack pot terrorists. It's even harder to believe that there are people out there that have already forgotten about or are forgetting what happened. This morning while I waited in line for a cup of coffee I heard a couple of ladies (my age or older) that were talking about 9/11. They got into a discusion about what year it happaned, how many planes were involved and exactly what buildings were hit. I kid you not, one lady thought it took place over 10 years ago while Clinton was in office.

Because of this when I got into class I asked some questions about politics and 9/11. Mainly I wanted to see if they were up on current events or if they were oblivious too. Most of them were good, but a couple were really confused. We didn't spend a lot of time, and I didn't tell them why I was asking. It surprises me how apathetic some people can be to a situation like that. Including one that cause our current president to declare a war on terrorism.

Personally, I'll never forget. Four planes, The World Trade Center, The Pentagon and a fiend near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, 2,974 innocent civilians, police and firefighters lost their lives.

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June 23, 2008

Another legend gone.

"I'm completely in favor of the separation of Church and State. My idea is that these two institutions screw us up enough on their own, so both of them together is certain death." ~George Carlin

Comedian George Carlin Dies at Age 71.

George was one of my favorite comedians and actors. Even Clone loves George Carlin, however he knows him as the conductor/narrator on Thomas the Tank Engine. I always loved his routines and really could listen to him for hours. Anyone that has ever received an e-mail from me has seen my tag line:

"I'll bet there aren't too many people hooked on crack who can play the bagpipes."

That was stolen directly from one of Carlin's books.

George, thanks for the laughs and I hope you rest well. Hopefully you never converted to Frisbeetarianism, I'd hate you to spend the rest of eternity on the roof.

I found this.

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February 25, 2008

Time to move?

As much as I appreciate everything that being a part of .mu.nu has given to me, I'm thinking it's time for me to move away from the community. The comments are down... again. I really hate when I can't get comments. For those that e-mail me their comments, I appreciate that, but I know it's frustrating. Plus trackbacks have been gone for a line time... and I miss them.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I'd appreciate it. I don't want to lose my archives and honestly I don't know how to go about transferring them. That's the main reason I've never left. To be honest I'd love to move someplace and have all my old blogspot archives and here combined into one.

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February 23, 2008

Wes had a boy!

Wes of Bodhran Roll, Please! (The semi-irregularly updated blog) wife gave birth to their fourth child yesterday. Yes, I thats four. One more than three, and one less than five. No, really four. Yes, I'm sure. They live just down the street, I've seen all the kids and the pregnant wife. Yea, I think they're crazy too, but it makes them happy so my opinion doesn't matter.

Anyway, mom and baby are doing fine. Go over and give the proud and tired father some congratulations.

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February 12, 2008

No comment

Fluffy the attack hound as been on a rampage for a couple of days now. I've tried leaving comments on other blogs and I've received e-mails from people saying that they have tried to leave comments here.

First off, let me apologize to all of you that are missing out on my pearls of brilliance in your comments. I know how much they mean to you and in some cases are the only reasons you blog. Once things clear up I promise I will resume my commenting. Hopefully this does not put any undue strain on your life.

Secondly, for those of you that want to comment here. I really wish I could do something about it. Unfortunately this is out of my realm of control. I know Fluffy is just doing as trained, but it can be annoying. Until then, please feel free to save your comments on a word document. When things clear up you can come back and make them at that time. Im sure it wont be as satisfying, but at least it will help you get that release that you need.

Finally, for those of you that arent on .MU.NU and your comments work. Since I cant comment on everyones blog, Ive taken to not commenting on anyones until things clear up yea. Thats it. :)

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January 29, 2008

That's a big difference.

It's 44 degrees this morning as I'm getting ready to go to work. We have a winter storm warning in effect. This evening it's supposed to get down to -7.

Yea... a fifty degree difference in temperature over the afternoon. It's going from unseasonably warm to ungodly cold.

I love this time of year!

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December 31, 2007

Another year down.

The keg is tapped, Glogg is warming, and various bottles of liquor are chilling. The fridge is filled with food and the house smells like happiness waiting to happen. It can only mean one thing. Its New Years Eve! I would like to wish all of my readers and passer bys a Happy New Year. 2007 was a good year for some of you and a bad year for others. There was a mix of happiness and sorrow. Of friends and relatives that have departed in one-way or another.

For those of you that have lost a loved one,
For those of you that have struggled with life decisions,
For those of you that have had trouble with the outcomes,
For everyone that has grieved, cried or been depressed over the last year,
I wish upon you a better year.

For those of you that have found love,
For those of you that have been blessed by lifes fortunes,
For those of you that have been rewarded for your work,
For everyone that has rejoiced, laughed or brightened the lives of those around you,
I wish upon you a better year.

And of course it wouldnt be New Year with out a proper Scottish toast.

May the best you have ever seen
Be the worst you will ever see
May a mouse never leave your girnal
With a tear drop in his eye
May you always keep hale and hearty
Till you are old enough to die
May you always be just as happy
As we wish you always to be.

Happy New Years!

Please be responsible tonight, if you've drank too much, find a ride. I don't want anyone to start off the year on a downer.

And to spread a little cheer, I left some eye candy for you in the extended entry. The content may be considered NSFW.

For the guys I have a nice little blonde all bundled up to help warm your nights.
Sexy New Years Girl.jpg

For the ladies I found a guy that will take you to someplace warm and let you swing in his "hammock"
Sexy New Year.jpg

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December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

At this time I would like to wish everyone a safe, fun and Merry Christmas. May you have a wonderful day!

I thought a little Billy Idol singing Oh Christmas tree would be a good way to start the day off. I know my family loves to listen to Christmas music on Christmas day, and I really happen to like the way he does this song.

The boys have opened all of their presents and are pleasantly surprised. I was able to score a Wii earlier this month. It was a complete accident. Ktreva and I wanted to get the boys one for Christmas, but you couldn't find them. We were just going to give the boys a picture of one and tell them they were going to get it after Christmas. When my grandmother died I had some time off of work. I stopped by a local game store to see about picking up a Christmas Present for Ktreva. It didn't open until 10:00 AM, I figured I'd wait the 20 minutes. I didn't have anything else to do. Shortly after I arrived another gentlemen pulled in, jumped out of his car and headed to the store. I figured it must be Christmas hours and they opened early, so I joined him.

He was waiting outside the door so I asked, "What are you waiting for?" His response was, "They are getting a shipment of Wiis in today." I stood in line. A couple of seconds later more and more people started showing up. Next thing I knew there was a line of 20 plus people. The store opened and we waited for the UPS guy to arrive. Sure enough he did, but it didn't look promising. The clerk comes out and tells everyone they did get some Wiis in, but only 3. The lady that was in the fourth position was really annoyed. She has been trying to score one every day since Thanksgiving and here I am getting one and it was my first attempt. I almost felt bad enough to give it to her... but then I remember I'm arsehole. It was worth it to see the boys faces.

I figured this was Grandma's last gift to the boys, because if she hadn't died, I wouldn't have had the time off of work and wouldn't have stopped in at the time that I did.

But now on to your Christmas presents. They are in the extended entry. They are kind of NSFW, but not too bad. I hope you enjoy!

Naughty little Christmas lady waiting to warm up a guys yule log.
Sexy Female Santa.jpg

For the ladies I have Santa wanting to give you a package!

sexy santa 4.jpg

Don't hurt yourself playing with the new toys!

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November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving again. As many of my readers may recall the last two Thanksgivings have not been good for me. This year is shaping up to be a bit better. My in-laws were not able to make it this year, so that means I don't have a 4 day "Why Contagion sucks" fest. However, we are still going to my mother's were I've learned I have at least one aunt and cousin coming with as well. I would have backed out entirely except originally my in-laws were coming to town and I'm not cooking for that many people.

Yesterday we went to Clone's preschool for a Thanksgiving program/feast. It was a potluck style lunch with all the traditional Thanksgiving foods. After the meal the kids got up and did a little program for the parents. I learned a lot about my son's school that day. First it is ethnically challenged. There were no minorities at the school at all. Then this was the most un-politically correct Thanksgiving program I have ever seen. The kids dressed as pilgrims got to act with dignity, while the ones as Indians, "With their heathen ways", did the "indian dance", made the woo-woo-woo-woo sound and some came out with drums making the universal Indian drum sound, BUM-bum-bum-bum. And before you ask, hell yes I was laughing. Offended? no, not me and apparently none of the other parents either. It was really cute.

Clone Thanksgiving.jpg

They also sang Thanksgiving themed songs like, "I don't want to be a Turkey on Thanksgiving" and "Turkey on a rail". These were hilarious, not just the way the kids acted, but the lyrics as well. The above picture is of Clone flapping his arms like wings trying to get away from being eaten.

I'm going to leave you all now to have a wonderful and fun Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much and hopefully you all have a good day! Oh, and before you I forget I left you all something in the extended entry to help brighten your day.

For the Ladies, a Pilgrim choking his chicken.

Thanksgiving man.jpg

(Sorry, it was hard to find a sexy male costume!)

For the Guys, an Indian maiden ready to give it all for Thanksgiving.

Sexy Thanksgiving.jpg

(Sexy Thanksgiving girl pictures aren't hard to find)

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August 31, 2007

Spreading the love.

Wes of Bodhran Roll, Please! is in dire need of positive thinking, well wishes and all around support.

For my re-enacting friends that stop by, this is the same Wes that plays the Bodhran at the different events.

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July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

Families and friends getting together, fireworks, grilled meat and a whole lot of fun. Thats right its the Fourth of July. I want to wish you all a happy Fourth of July. Its a day for celebrating and remembering. So sometime today, take a moment of silence in remembrance of all the soldiers that fought and died in order to give us our independence.


And if youre lucky, today while out celebrating youll see some women dressed like this.

Sexy Fourth of July.jpg

Yea, she could put sky rockets in flight.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July.

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June 29, 2007

Should I throw a party?

It appears that sometime over the weekend Im going to break the 100,000 visitor mark. Chances are that its going to be some Internet searcher looking for sensitivity class.

Speaking of which, my next sensitivity class is July 24, 25, and 26 in Chicago. They finally got around to sending me to one from this incident. Anyone want to hook up for dinner one of those nights?

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June 14, 2007

We are go for Ogfest!

Its a good day for me.

First I find out that the Raptors Bus Trip is a go! That means Saturday night Ill be terrorizing Bloomington Illinois with my loud drunken self! (Does happy football dance)

Secondly, Im going to OgFest. I found someone to watch the boy and made my reservations with the Tammi lady. One room, double occupancy Just dont tell Ktreva, shes watching the boy!

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May 13, 2007

Ode to mom.

I just want to take a moment to wish a Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mothers out there. Hopefully your children/spouses did right by you. I have some plans today for Ktreva, the boys and I for today, but that is a surprise.

Im going to leave you with one of my favorite poems about mom.

An Ode to my Mother, By Peter Bilker (Mickey Jones) From K&B Construction as read on Tool Time (On the show Home Improvement)

"Who etched this tattoo, [Pete turns his shoulder with the tattoo towards the camera]
In her purple muumuu?
Mother, mother.

Who posted my bail,
Every time without fail?
Mother, mother.

And who rushed to the car,
With my severed thumb in a jar?
Er, father, father.

But who sewed it back on,
When the doctor was gone?
Mother, Mother."

Thats just beautiful, but lets not forget from the same episode:


M is for the million things she gave to me,

O means only that shes growing old,

T is for the tears you shed to save me,

H is for the heart of purest gold,

E is for their eyes with love lights shining.

R means right, and right youll always be,

When you put them all together they spell: Mother, a word that means the world to me.

Unfortunately I couldnt find the proper pictures of the tools to make the letters, sorry.

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April 17, 2007

Election Observations.

Today I voted and I want to make jot down some of my experiences at the poll this morning for all of your entertainment.

The local election board must be hurting for election judges. I practically had four judges begging me to volunteer to be an election judge. Why I dont know, since I didnt know any of them. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that they were all Republicans and Democrats and my voter registration has me listed as Independent. Thats right, I wont side with either of the tyrannous parties. And no I dont trust any party any further then I would trust my kids with a child molester.

I voted pretty early this morning, in fact I was only the twelfth voter in my precinct at that time. Where I live the election judges wear nametags that have their name and political party affiliation listed on it. Now, Im not trying to make any generalizations here, but I noticed something unusual. Out of the 6 judges I encountered three were dressed nicely, the guys wearing dress pants and shirts or sweaters the one lady wearing a nice, but casual, pants suit. They all looked well kempt and groomed. The other three were wearing clothes that I feel are fine for around the house, but not out in public. Definitely not as a representative of the election board and the city of Rockford. Hell one was wearing a muumuu. Yea, a muumuu. Muumuu lady looked like she rolled out of bed threw on some shoes and headed to the polls. Her hair was not brushed. The other two also looked like they didnt take any pride in their appearance. At this point I noticed that the three nicely dressed had Republican listed on their nametags, the three poorly dressed and Democrat listed on their nametags. Im not saying that is true everywhere, just at 6:20 AM at my polling place.

Finally the City of Rockford has been pushing to get a one percent sales tax increase. This is the second time they have tried to get it. Now at first this was just to repair the roads in the Rockford area, then it was to help improve the infrastructure. They claim this is going to lower our property taxes and distribute the burden to people visiting Rockford. Last year this tax was voted down. Im not so sure it will this year. Mainly because the people of Rockford seem to like being taxed to excess. I will admit that this method for funding Road repair is better then the way they use to do it, bonds. They would sell bonds and then pay them back with interest, its like using a credit card to make major purchases you cant afford. You end up paying a lot more due to interest.

Folks, to be honest I like my money. I want my money and I want to spend my money. I dont like either of these taxes. So I was asked how I would fund the road repairs and this is what I said, I own a home. I want new windows, a new front door and new carpet. Ive been saving and have the money to pay for those things. Then I find out my roof is needs repairing and it needs it badly. Since I manage my money, I wont finance or take a loan (unless there is no interest). That means I have to find someone that will do a good job and be relatively cheap to make the repairs. That also means I put off getting something or things done so I can pay for the others. I do NOT go to my employer and demand a 5% raise to help me pay for everything this year. My employer would laugh and say no. I need to budget for it.

That stands the place here. I think the city needs to control its spending, especially on the nonessential projects, and budget better. The Mayors (The dishonorable Larry Morrissey) office needs to realize that they are here to serve the citizens, not that the citizens are serfs for the Morrissey Empire.

What I can tell you is that if this Sales Tax passes, Im taking my business outside the city of Rockfords limits. Remember, this is just for the city of Rockford, Businesses in Cherry Valley, Machesney Park, Loves Park, New Milford, etc dont have to add this one percent to their tab, just the state/county 7.25%. Sure one percent is not that big of a difference, only 1 dollar more for each 100 spent. When you do the math on what all you spend in a year and figure out how much that extra 1 percent adds up, you realize that DAMN, it adds up after a while. This tax goes on all services (hair dressers, mechanics, tailors, etc) it also applies to restaurants. I think the only thing it doesnt apply to is groceries, medication and titled property.

The polls closed two hours ago. Well see what happens, but right now with 22% in its a yes on the Sales Tax. Which means my business is all outside of the city now. I really need to move.

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April 06, 2007

Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace Bled!

Today is Tartan Day, as part of Gathering of the Blogs we are to post a Scottish post. In the years past I did a four-part post on Jacobites, as well as some highland fashion. And recipes for Minced Callops, Colcannon and Barley with Mushrooms, really you should try each one. Today Im going to sit back with a nice bottle of Glenmorangie 12 year old port wood finish single malt scotch and receipt my favorite Robert Burns poem, Scots, wha hae wi Wallace Bled depicting the battle of Bannockburn fought on June 24th, 1314. In the battle the Scots, led by Robert the Bruce defeated the English in what could only be called a slaughter.

Cross of Saint Andrews.gif

Scots, wha hae wi Wallace Bled!
Scots, Wham Bruce has often led,
Welcome to your gory bed,
Or to victory!
Nows the day, and nows the hour;
See the front o battle lour;
See approach proud Edwards power,
Chains and Slavery!

Wha will be a traitor knave?
Wha can fill a cowards grave?
Wha so base as be a slave
Let him turn and flee.
Wha for Scotlands king and law,
Freedoms sword will strongly draw,
Freeman stand, or freeman fa
Let him follow me!

By oppressions woes and pains,
By your sons in servile chains,
We will drain our dearest veins,
But they shall be free.
Lay the proud usurpers low!
Tyrants fall in every foe!
Libertys in every blow!
Let us do or die!
~Robert Burns

This poem by Burns is supposed to be his interpretation of what is thought to be the Bruces words to the Scots prior to the battle. Since there is no record of what was actually said there is no way of knowing if this is even close. On the other hand it would be easy to see these words inspiring soldiers to fight to the death in what had to be the goriest type of warfare. Its also easy seeing these words applying today.

Other Blogs participating in the Gathering of the Blogs.

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April 01, 2007

Gathering of the Blogs 2007

Before I get, this years Gathering of the Blogs is kicking off here in just 6 short days. If you are interested in joining, see the Tartan Day post over at Absinthe & Cookies.

Of course Im going to participate.

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January 26, 2007

More taxes?

Well it looks like the city of Rockford and Mayor Larry Morrisey have their wish, to own a hockey team. The county board voted on the issue last night and approved to not only allow the city to own a team, but to help provide funding for the upgrade of the Metrocentre.

After months of about-faces, the Winnebago County Board voted Thursday to allow public ownership of the Rockford IceHogs and contribute $9 million to the renovation of the MetroCentre.

Folks, Im still not convinced this is a good idea. If it was a no brainer as the Mayor called it, then why do no other cities own a sports franchise? Something about this whole deal smells foul to me. Currently the Rockford IceHogs are a UHL team; they are in the black and have a pretty decent fan base. I think average attendance of around 3,600, I maybe wrong on that. Sure they are operating in the black right now, but heres some things to think about.

With a move from the UHL to the AHL, they are moving up in leagues. That means the players need to be paid more. Through this whole thing, they kept telling fans that the ticket prices arent going to increase. If the ticket price isnt going to increase, then how are they planning on paying the extra wages and still operate in the black? If the books are in the red, who is going to have to pay that difference? I dont know that answer to the first question, but Im pretty sure the answer to the second will be, The tax payers. IE increased taxes, or decreased public functions to pay the deficit. Maybe the Mayor, since this was his idea, will foot the bill out of his pocket?

This while situation has disaster written all over it in my book.

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December 31, 2006

Happy New Beers!

I would like to wish all of my readers a Happy New Years. Depending on how things go tonight, there may be some drunk blogging, and or crazy stories tomorrow. Especially since I have a keg, a bottle of good scotch, glogg and many other alcoholic drinks just waiting to be consumed. Hopefully everyone had a good year, and next year will be even better.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rain fall soft upon your fields,
And until we meet again,
May luck be on your side.

Oh, and for something a little more warming, I have some New Years gifts for you in the extended entry. Yes, they are marginally NSFW.

A Sexy little New Years Angel, Adriana Lima, for the guys.
Sexy New Year Angel.jpg

And since I have female readers, I'll give a New Years Hunk.
(according to Ktreva)
Sexy New Years Guy 1.jpg

Happy New Year!

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December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

The breakfast casserole is made and in the fridge for tomorrow. Our goose is almost finished thawing. The presents are all wrapped and under the tree. Now Im going to go spend the next couple of days with the family. Today we are going to watch some Christmas movies and play some games. Tonight we head over to my parents to finner and presents. Tomorrow we open up presents from Santa and the immediate family. Ill be cooking a special dinner most of the day and assembling toys, but its all fun.

At this time I would like to wish everyone a safe, fun and Merry Christmas. May you have a wonderful day!

Since I didnt want you to feel left out after last year, your gifts are in the extended entry. It's not NSFW, but uh... you might not want to open at work.

A Sexy Mrs. Clause for the guys to finish unwrapping:
Sexy Christmas Female.jpg

Santa Has a special delivery for the ladies:
Sexy Male Santa.jpg

Enjoy and use responsibly.

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December 15, 2006

Too big of a loss.

Youre sitting at work doing your job. Your supervisor comes up to you and says you have an important phone call you have to take right now in their office. Knowing it must be an emergency to pull you away from a customer, you rush to the phone. Upon answering you hear that your 5 month old baby is being rushed to the hospital because they arent breathing and you need to get there quick. Thats exactly what happened to one of the employees at work today.

This poor girl in her early twenties lost her baby this morning. She had taken it to the sitter while she went to work. The sitter had laid the baby down for a nap and when she went to check on him, he wasnt breathing. When the baby arrived at the hospital, he was declared dead.

Her baby was everything to her. She made her life around it. When she started working for my company she was pregnant with the child. Every day she would talk about her son and bring in pictures to show everyone. Just yesterday she brought in a calendar for 2007 she had made up filled with pictures of the boy. Like any mother she loved the boy with her whole heart, and he in return made her the happiest woman I had ever met. I dont know how or even if she is going to cope with this kind of loss.

She didnt work directly for me, but she did do some work for me in my old position. I feel bad for her loss and the death of the child. I fear that the death of her child will destroy her bright and positive disposition. Her positive outlook on life and her friendly warmth will be gone forever. My imagination isnt strong enough to even comprehend what it might be like to lose a child. Ive never been in that position and I hope that I never will.

Now if youll excuse me, I need to go give Clone a hug. The baby and Clone have the same first name. Im feeling awfully parental right now.

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December 08, 2006

Terrorism in Rockford!

Im sitting at my desk today when a peer of mine comes up and says to me, Did you hear that someone tried to blow up the mall? At first I thought they where kidding or had some misinformation. There is no way that anyone would want to blow up Cherryvale Mall. Well apparently Derrick Shareef (AKA Talib Abu Salam Ibn Shareef) wanted to. Thats right, someone was planning on doing a terrorist attack in order to commit acts of violent jihad against targets in the United States as well as commit other crimes in order to obtain funds to further his goals of violent jihad. Plus he had other ideas.

Now of course this guy didnt think things through too well. His weapons of choice where two handguns and four hand grenades he was going to put into trashcans located around the mall. Now I dont have any first hand functional working knowledge of a hand grenade, but unless Im completely wrong this is an anti-personal device. There isnt a lot of explosive power; it just sends shrapnel in every direction trying to kill anything living in its danger zone. Thus putting these grenades into the cement containers is not going to have the desired effect this guy is thinking of. If Im mistaken, please let me know.

Plus the guy thought he could get four grenades and two handguns for a set of stereo speakers. Those have got to be some extremely nice speakers. The last time I checked hard to find items such as grenades dont come cheap. If I found a guy that was willing to part with four of them AND two handguns for a set of speakers, I would be thinking Fed. Especially if they set up the trade for the parking lot of a Walmart. Then again when you are blinded by your hatred of the country you are in, I guess you arent thinking too clearly.

Finally, Why Cherryvale Mall? Sure, initially he was looking at government buildings in Rockford and Dekalb, but he ultimately decided on the mall. Within an hour and a half are two larger malls in a more populated area. I would think either Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg or Gurnee Mills mall in Gurnee would be better targets. Cherryvale Mall isnt that large of a mall. Even in the Christmas greed season when its busiest, I still think its less busy then those other two. If you were going to go Jihad on Northern Illinois, Id think youd want to get the most targets at the same time. IE would 9-11 have been anywhere near as tragic if the planes crashed into a K-mart?

But what really gets my dander up over this whole thing is that the AP press is saying it was a Chicago area mall. Hey numbnuts, grab a farking map and look. Cherry Valley is a good 90 miles from Chicago. Hell, its roughly 40 minutes of farmland before you get to the nearest city that could be considered a suburb of Chicago. Sure maybe not everyone knows where Cherry Valley or even Rockford is, but damn I didnt know that giving generalized areas of where something newsworthy happens is good reporting.

Either way they caught the guy before he did any harm. Would I call him a terrorist, okay in the loosest sense of the word, but he seems to be more of a raving lunatic.

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September 20, 2006

Be Back Later

The day is here. Right now I’m just finishing preparing things to head off. I don’t know if I’ll be back on tonight or not, it all depends on how I feel. If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, don’t worry. I’m too stubborn to not come back.

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August 27, 2006

Mappin' Time

I was just noticing that no one has signed my Frappr map in a while. I know I have a couple of new readers out there. If you haven’t signed it, please do so.

Let me know where you are coming from.

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August 26, 2006

Smokin' Update.

Just a little update for anyone who cares, I’ve been cooking these pork chops for 3 hours now at a very low smoky heat. They have about another hour to go before they are done all the way through.

Click to enlarge

Hungry yet?

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The grill is converted to charcoal. Pork chops are currently curing in the fridge with a good seasoning rub. The potato salad is made, and the beans will start simmering in a couple of hours. I’ve got barbeque sauce waiting and some good wood soaking in water to give the meat a great smoky flavor.

Some days it just pays to be in a grilling mood.

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July 30, 2006

It's late.

Awww crap! While I was out adventuring the countryside I missed Tammi’s 29th birthday. Well, since I was out of town, maybe she’ll forgive the late birthday wishes.

Happy Belated Birthday Tammie!

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July 04, 2006

Fourth of July

Today we celebrate what is observed as the birth of our nation. The day we declared independence from English rule. The second Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia, adopted what would be the final draft of the Declaration of Independence. The war for Independence would ravage on for 7 more years, as American colonists, with the aid of Natives and the French, would fight for their freedom.

Rev War Poster.jpg
Click to Enlarge

On September 3, 1783 the Treaty of Paris was signed ending hostilities. The US Congress then ratified it on January 14, 1784 officially ending the Revolutionary War and giving the Thirteen Colonies their independence.


Today Americans will spend the day watching fireworks, grilling meat, watching parades and attending many different festivities. But let us not forgot those brave soldiers, many of them not over the age of 15 by the end of the war, who fought and died to give us our independence. When celebrating today, celebrate not only our freedom but also the men whose blood, sweat and tears won it for us.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July.

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July 01, 2006

It's a bird, It's a plane... it's a useless blog post.

Since the new Superman Movie is coming out. I thought I would share this with everyone. 40 things you don’t know about Superman.

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May 09, 2006

Why do I bother?

I mowed the lawn yesterday. It rained all day today. The damn dandelions sprung up like morning wood on a teenager. Now it looks like I didn’t mow my lawn. I hate plants.

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March 22, 2006

Where am I?

I’m starting to feel bad. Many of my favorite bloggers are out there posting and I just don’t have the time to get to each site. Hell, I don’t even have time to get to half a dozen sites a day. I feel like I’ve abandoned my friends.

Allegedly I’ve been tagged with three memes I need to respond to, they are all on my calendar of things to never do. I know there are stories I’m supposed to read and comments I’m supposed to make, unfortunately I have the choice of spending 15 minutes making a couple of posts and reading a blog or two and then spending time with my family and getting house work done, or ignore my family and let the house fall apart.

I dig all of you with big shovels, but I just can’t ignore the family and house. Sorry.

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March 15, 2006

Good(?) Morning

It's 5:30 AM, I'm leaving for work shortly. There is a chance that I will not be home until well after 7:00 PM. Tomorrow I get to repeat the process again.

I love busy weeks.

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March 11, 2006

They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard

What happens when you get a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan with too much free time and a terminal case of boredom? You get They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard. It’s a somewhat amusing video based on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I know my wife will probably enjoy it because she has a thing for Orlando Bloom.

Taking thehobbitstoisengard.JPG

If you don’t want to wait for it to load, you can download it here if you want it with a better resolution.

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March 09, 2006

An addition to the School.

It appears that Phin's fry finally arrived. Congratulations! Say goodbye to sleep!

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March 05, 2006

Stray thought for a Sunday.

With a title of this blog being Miasmatic Review, it should not surprise me that I keep getting google hits for people searching for reviews of various products. Just yesterday I had hits for reviews of bras, firearms, toys, cars, tools, girls, and brass knuckles.

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March 04, 2006


The local news did a story about Sex Offenders about a week ago. During the story they mentioned a website, MapSexOffenders.com, where you can enter your address and it will map out any that are in your area.


The only problem I have with sites like this is that it doesn't give you a lot of details into the nature of the crime of the sex offender. I know a guy that is on the registered sex offender list due to a statutory rape charge, he was 18 and she was 15. They both were in High School and the sex was consensual. In fact they are married today. On his record it states victim under <18, that’s all.

Other then that, I think these lists and services are a useful tool for concerned parents. If you have kids, or are just curious to see if your neighbors are perverts, plug in your address and see who are the people in your neighborhood.

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February 13, 2006

Comments, denied!

Tonight I have stumbled across quite a conundrum. I’ve tried commenting on various MuNu sites and everything I type is of “questionable” content. Then I tried commenting on this blog, nope! Questionable content! At first I thought it was just me, maybe somehow I was banned from posting. Searching the various site I discovered no recent comments.

I went to Munuviana to see if there was anything out there on this issue. There was a post on the English Language being banned. Being curious I tried to comment in Spanish and German. Nope, they didn’t work either. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m sure it’ll be fixed. If it’s just me, and you miss my comments, I’m sorry! I tried!

Update: It appears to be working now. Thanksy Pixie Misa!

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Eye am still here.

All right, I didn’t write anything about my eye yesterday, mainly because I was being lazy, and didn’t feel like posting anything. That means you all get a two for one today!

The pain is still there, it is subsiding some. There is still the sensation that my eye is being gouged out, but at least it’s not as strong today. Well either that or I’m getting accustomed to the sensation. Today I am developing a minor headache on the right side of my head, yes, it’s that generalized. It starts from behind my eye all the way to the side of my head, just about my right ear.

At this point, we have ruled out shingles. There is no noticeable rash, pox of discoloration of the face. If it were shingles, it definitely would have manifested by now. Since we’ve ruled that out, it means it’s one of the more mundane medical afflictions.

I have a follow up appointment with the ophthalmologist on Wednesday. I appreciate all of the advice and concerns about my eye. I’m going to try to answer everyone’s questions.

I’ve already seen an ophthalmologist on the first day. My GP works in a large office and the have one on site that examined me, that is how we know there is nothing wrong with the eye itself, it’s the surrounding tissue. There are no scratches, foreign substances or chemicals in my eye. Well, other then what the doctors have put there. The actual eyeball itself is perfectly normal. There is a loss of sensation on my eyelids and face around the eye, which however may be due to the already existing pain.

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February 10, 2006

Jerkin' meat

Ye ol’ dehydrator has been loaded with meat products and is drying. It’s been approximately three hours since I started. I’ve wiped the excess grease off of the meat a couple of times now. The directions say to do so, since I’ve never made my own jerky before, I thought I better just do it unquestioningly.

I’ve checked the dryness of the meat a couple of times now. It’s still pretty pliable and “moist”. Like moister then Slim Jim beef jerky. Which is way too moist for my liking. Looking at it, I figure I have another hour or two left before it’s done. I’m afraid if it goes too long I’ll make roofing shingles.

Now, a friend of mine’s mother makes her own jerky. It’s some real good stuff. A couple of months ago she over dehydrated it and it was crispy. Yes, crispy. It was like biting into a thick meat potato chip. Now, the taste wasn’t bad, actually it tasted pretty dang good. It was just interesting to eat meat that crunched.

After this batch, I’ve got some pepperoni flavored curing right now. I’ll keep you updated as things progress through out the day.

UPDATE 17:52: Okay, the meat has been drying for almost 6 hours now. It is still way too moist. I will continue drying.

UPDATE 20:08: About 20 minutes ago I pulled off the trays, it is done. It took about 8 hours to get the texture that I like. I'm trying again tomorrow with a second batch. Some things I've learned from this first experiment. When checking the dryness I need to check every tray. Apparently the trays to the bottom dry faster then the ones on top. Drying meat is greasy, I actually did wipe down the excess grease but dang! I have enough rendered fat here to make historically accurate soap! As for the taste, not bad. I think it needs more garlic, either that or diced jalepanos.

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February 09, 2006

It's Jerky time!

Okay, I have all this free time for the next four days and I thought what the hell am I going to do with it. Then I remembered; my loving wife gave me a food dehydrator and the stuff to make Jerky. Right about now some of you are probably thinking, or screaming: “Contagion, you have some kind of funky eye infection. Do you really think you should be playing with food?”

My answer to you is; grow up and get a pair! No, you do have a valid point. Since I’ve never made jerky before I have no clue what I’m doing. I figured I would start small. A one-pound batch and take it from there. After “cooking” down, that will only make about 1/3 pound of dried meat snacks. That’s just enough for me. There will be no sharing of the first batch.

I started off washing my face thoroughly. Never have I cooked using my face, but I thought “Hey! The crunchy bits my eye is producing might add flavoring.” Actually, I did that because it needed to be done, then after that I washed my hands. Then I used hand sanitizer, and then I washed my hands again. Sure I might not be sharing it, but lets not be dirty about it.

After a scrubbing that would make Adrian Monk proud, I started mixing the seasoning and curing mix. Okay this is easy enough. Again, this is my first time making jerky so I’m going with the ultra cheap method of using ground beef. I know it’s not the same, but if I screw up, at least I’m only out a couple of bucks, even if it is the ultra-lean variety.

I spent 10 minutes in the kitchen kneading the meat, seasonings, and cure mix together. Of course right in the middle of it, who comes to my door? The damn Com-Ed (electric company) man wanting to read my meter, that’s who. Washing my hands, I show him to the meter. After he leaves I go back through the scrubbing ritual and start kneading the meat. After I finished, I went back to mixing the meat, seasoning and cure mix together. I’m kidding… I washed my hands again before I started mixing.

Now I have to let the mix sit and cure for 4 to 24 hours. I’m thinking I’m going to let it cure until tomorrow. Since it’s late in the day, and it’s going to take about 6 hours to dry, I don’t want to be up half the night waiting on it.

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February 03, 2006

It's the rules.

I have never had to do this before, but I guess it is time. I do not like deleting comments, unless they are spam. The only time I have altered a comment was when it was so full of vulgarities that it would have made a sailor blush. (I just changed some vowels so that work filters would not stop my site from being too vulgar).

However if you are going to leave an inflammatory or political comments on my blog, you WILL leave a valid e-mail address. You can put spaces in it or add something to it so that it will stop spam filters. IE Contagion_1@NOSPAMyahoo.com. That way I can respond to you both in my comments and by e-mail to let you know.

Why am I stating this now? I just had someone leave a very long, political comment on my Home Rule posts. However, this person made many accusations and asked questions. They did not however leave an e-mail address for which I can respond to them, nor others that may support or oppose our positions. Most of my readers that come for Home Rule information do not leave comments; they use E-mails.

I wish this commenter had left an e-mail address; I really wanted to ask him more questions

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February 02, 2006

Happy Thoughts.

This is not something I normally do, but I’m going to do it anyway. As many of you may know from my blog Daughter Virtue’s post, we have a pregnant friend that is with child. You may remember her as Chastity.

She was due on the 25th, and last night around 6:30 PM they induced her. I just received word that she still has not delivered the child, and there are complications. If you could find the time just to think some happy thoughts for her, I’d appreciate it. She’s a good kid and just needs a little help right now.

UPDATE: I just received word from Virtue, Mom and baby are doing fine. Child was taken by C-section, its a girl. 20 inches long, 6 lbs 14 oz. Name: I forgot.

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January 30, 2006

She actually wants in?

Susie of Practical Penumbra wants to join the Bad Example Clan. She’s looking for people to vouch for her character. Yet again, she has over looked me as a regular reader. That’s fine, there is a reason I’m known as the unwanted stump.

I’ll vouch for Susie. I like her blog, and she’s good reading. Her tails from the workplace make me feel better that I’m not the only one that has management issues. However, I think she’s a lot nicer to her minions employees than I am

UPDATE: Apparently she didn't over look me, I must have over looked the link. If she had linked to me under Bad I probably would have found it. :)

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January 25, 2006

Wolf Fest!

Laughing Wolf is putting on Wolf Fest (AKA Howl on the Prowl). Wolf Fest a blogmeet with a tour of the wolf park on February 18. (ie Wolf Fest... get it? Laughing WOLF, WOLF park... Wolf fest?!?! There you go!) All the details are in these three posts.

Ktreva and I where able to get a sitter for the boys, thus we are going to be there. I know I had said I wasn’t going to do any more blogmeets due to how uncomfortable I get around people. However, Ktreva really likes wolves. She thinks they are “pretty and cute”. Since she really wanted to go, and she had done all the nice stuff for me last weekend, I figured I would just push down my shyness one more time and go.

Therefore, if you want to see what I’ve heard is a really nice wolf park, you want to meet the woman that jumped on the grenade for the rest of you ladies, or if demented enough actually to want to meet me this is your chance. Because this is definitely, the last blogmeet I’m doing…

… until the next one.

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January 21, 2006

I'm a lucky man

Have I mentioned how great my wife is lately? No, well she is. You want to know why? After reading my post about Winchester closing down, do you know what she did? She took me out today and bought me a Winchester model 94 .30-30. How can you not love a woman that trusts you enough to buy you a firearm? She definitely is the greatest!

Since I was out and about and obviously someplace I could buy ammo, I figured I should. Especially since I’m going to go shooting tomorrow.


I got all of that for under $100.00. For those of you trying to count, and I know at least a couple of you are, that is: 250 .357 rounds, 150 .38 special rounds and 150 .22LR rounds. That makes a grand total of 550 rounds. That should last about 2.5 hours at the rate I shoot.

Jealous, aren’t you? (of both the wife and the ammo.)

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January 20, 2006

Another American Icon dead.

Talk about an end of an era. Winchester has gone Out with a Bang.

The worst part about the whole thing is that I can just see anti-gun fanatics dancing in the streets at the news of this. To me I feel sad. It makes me want to run out to the local gun shops and buy one right away, if I could afford it, just to make sure I could have one.

I love the Winchester model 94 .30-30 lever action. Graumagus of Frizzen Sparks (Deceased) had one that he let me fire. It was a great rifle, easy to shoot and damn accurate. For those of you that aren’t sure what that is, think the stereotypical cowboy rifle.

Thanks to Og of Neanderpundit for the news.

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January 11, 2006

There goes the bank account

Well, I finally joined the 90’s tonight. I opened an eBay account and actually bid on some items. eBay has been one of those things that I never could get a grasp on; even tonight I’m still having issues. Whenever I try to find something I like, I just don’t seem to be able to find what I am looking for. It’s not that I have a problem with search engines, it’s just that it throws back way too many items for me to sort through or it returns stuff that doesn’t even remotely match what I was looking for.

While looking for something completely off the wall, I wasn’t even looking to buy anything, I found a couple of items that where a steal at the price they are currently listed. Since, the bids where closing tonight, I thought I’d go for it.

So far I’ve won one of the items I was bidding on.

Hopefully I don’t get taken.

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January 09, 2006

Fritz Stop.

Before I start my post, I would like to take this time to that T1G of Drunken Wisdom for not only organizing, but also hosting Fritzfest ’06. He deserves special recognition for all of his efforts and hard work put into bringing this event together.

Fritzfest, what can I say, I’m still reeling from the fun and camaraderie of a 10 hour long party. We walked into the bar at about 11:30AM, other then T1G, my wife and I where the first bloggers to arrive. As I had promised, I wore a kilt and work boots. (Ladies, commence swooning now!) Instead of wearing a Packer jersey, I wore the Dr. Phat Tony shirt I won. I worked hard to win that; I wanted to show it off. (Ladies, you may stop swooning) After having a seat at the bar, I ordered some Jack Daniels. Hey, I figured just 45 minutes east of us it was already past noon! (Gotta love time zones)

I had met many of the people at least once before. Harvey and TNT where of course the normal blogging power couple that they are. Graumagus kept making excuses for not blogging (Tomorrow he’ll be declared dead). Blackfive was there entertaining all with stories. Tammi was the social butterfly. Talula who was trying to take my place as the shy one and of course there was T1G who was exhausted from all the work he had done. Teresa was her normal regal self; she even made me kiss her ring again upon entering the building to show my fealty.

Now for the Bloggers I had never met before.

Sarah of That’s Not Nice. Since she was from Minnesota I figured she would have the same accent as my relatives from up there, nope she was completely accentless. I don’t know what she doesn’t think is nice, but she seemed a very sweet lady that would charm the pants (or kilt) of anyone she spoke with.

Omnibus Driver and Buckaroo Bonsai of Leslie’s Omnibus. Talk about genuinely nice people. It was a pleasure to talk with them. Omnibus Driver is one of those types of people that when you meet them you are pleasantly surprised by how kind hearted they are. I could see myself spending hours talking to her.

Richmond of One For The Road. First off I must say she was a beautiful woman. I’ll admit I had only recently found her, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was worth it. She was witty, intelligent and liked to point out in wonderment that Ktreva actually married me. Every time I turned around, her and Ktreva seemed to be chatting. No good comes from that.

Laughing Wolf of The Laughing Wolf. This is one of the bloggers that I wanted to meet, and I just didn’t get a chance to talk to him enough. Unfortunately my shyness kept me from being able to start a conversation with him. Either that or he was scared of my kilt… okay me in a kilt. Actually I think it was just a matter of every time I changed groups of people, he coincidently did the same thing. He told us we should all go down to the Wolf Park some time and I’ll probably take him up on that. Especially since Ktreva likes wolves.

Og of Neanderpundit. This guy has stories that will make you laugh so hard that people look at you like your insane(er). He’s another blogger I just recently discovered, and damn I wish I had found his blog a long time ago. He was talking about having a blogmeet/camping/blow-stuff-up weekend. Grau and I decided we’re going to hold him to that.

Jakejacobsen and Thebaldchick of Freedom Folks. Again another blog I just recently discovered. Jake was a funny guy, lots of stories, good advice and just a generally great guy to talk to. Thebaldchic was quiet, when she spoke she always had something witty or poignant to add to the conversation. The next time I have a business trip into Chicago, I’m definitely looking these two up to go to dinner with.

There was an anonymous benefactor of drinks for the event. I would like to take this time to thank Eric of Straight White Guy for keeping me socially lubricated for the day. It was a shame he couldn't have made it there in person.

Since I knew Tammi was going to be at this event, I decided it was time to receive my ransom. She has been a very busy woman of late, and Ktreva said I was being too harsh with my demands. I decided to settle the ransom demands with her just fulfilling demand number 9. (That and Ktreva threatened to yank out more leg hair) She had to have a picture of her holding a sign that says, “I have an unhealthy addiction to candles”. Here’s part of my payment.

The other part was that she was supposed to have the same picture posted on her site sometime tonight. If she didn’t I was going to e-mail it to all the bloggers that were there and have them put it up on their blogs. I have given her a 24-hour extension, because I didn’t get the picture to her until late tonight. Since I left Fritz’s kind of late, and had to work late tonight, I didn’t get the picture to her in enough time to make her post.

See, I’m a nice guy.

Stop laughing.

I’d say I can’t wait until the next blogmeet, but I think this may be my last. I’m way too shy for these things. The pressure was getting to me.

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January 07, 2006

Where's the beer?

Why? Why did this have to happen in Ontario? This is something that we need in Illinois. What is it? The Ontario Beer Hunter (Not to be confused with THE Beer Hunter). What is it? You put in the city or region that you want in Ontario Canada, and they show you where all the open stores where you can buy beer, wine and liquor. Only the stores or their liquor departments that are open at the time show up. They even have different flags to show you what kind of alcohol can be bought at each location.

Someone really needs to pick up the ball and do this in Illinois. Sometimes at 8:50 in the morning you just need to know where to go get a beer.

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Wasting time.

It seems like the latest and greatest trendin blogging is to find some online game and link to it. Since I'm just another cog in the machine, I felt it wasn't my place to go against this trend. Thus, here for your amusement is a nice little time waster.

How can you not want to play a game called Robobug Blaster?

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December 31, 2005

Happy New Year to All!

From all of us here, we wish all of you a Happy New Year! We hope that this past year has been as good for you as it has been for us. To ring your New Year in properly, we leave you with an ancient Scottish New Year blessing.

Happy New Year
To One and All
Long Life Happiness
Peace and Prosperity to You
Lang may yer Lum Lou

(May there always be the warmth of a fire in the home and so employment and prosperity)


Contagion, Ktreva, Boopie and Clone.

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December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

I would like to take this time to wish everyone a safe, fun and wonderful Christmas.

Since I didn’t get any of you anything last year, I felt I should make it up to you. I put it in the extended entry since it might be questionable if you open it at work.

See extended entry for your presents.

For the Guys, a sexy little Mrs. Clause.

For the Gals, he wants to show you his candy cane.

Since it is the season of forgiveness, I even got the terrorist a gift. Some Missile, TOW.

Merry Christmas

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December 21, 2005

Fritz Fest '06! Lets go people!

Okay People, Fritz fest ’06 is just over two weeks away. Some of you still have not confirmed your going, I’m not going to single people out *Cough*Spurs*Cough*, but if you’re planning on going you need to go over there and make sure you are on the list. T1G has been working his poor fingers to the bone organizing this thing and you could at least tell him if you’re coming. It’s just common courtesy people!

If you’re not sure whether you want to come, Leslie, the Omnibus Driver, has a very compelling list of reasons on why you should. Like any of you need a reason besides being able to be in the awe-inspiring presence of yours truly. Throw in the fact that I am going to be wearing a kilt and work boots… this is a must-not-miss!

So c’mon, the more the merrier!

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December 15, 2005

The Great Northern Illinois Blogmeet.

T1G was nice enough to through up a mini blog just for the impending blogmeet. Well to be honest he lost everyone's e-mails and is too lazy to go try to find them by searching his comments.

He is trying to drum up as much participation as possible. If you are planning on going, please head over and vote for food. The food has to be ordered in advance and he wants to know what everyone wants. He also has prices listed for each item.

there is also a list of people that have committed to coming.

There are some names on there I don't see that should. I won't single out those individuals, but you know who you are.

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December 05, 2005

Party time people!

T1G is looking for hard commitments from those of us going to the blogmeet on January 8. For those of you that are mandated by me to show up, please make sure he knows you are coming and if you are bringing a guest… like a spouse, friend, lover, etc.

If you know of anyone else who may be interested, please let them know, and have them contact me using either my e-mail, or the comments for this post. Also, if for some reason you thought you weren't invited, the original invite was for anyone who was interested. Anyone. Hell, if I'd let Harvey show up, I'm obviously not being picky.

If you want to go, it’s open to everyone, just head over and leave a comment saying, “Yes, I will be there”. Don’t wait too long; we wouldn’t want you to miss all the fun. Plus you’ll miss a chance to see me wearing a kilt and work boots in the middle of winter!

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December 02, 2005

My afternoon.

Well I spent the afternoon, unlike I said earlier, depleting the world supply of Guinness with T1G. Apparently two guys off of work makes the perfect excuse to get together at the local Hooters restaurant to flirt with waitresses, eat hot wings (Which is the real reason we went there, contrary to popular belief) and drink lots and lots of Guinness. Why Guinness? Why not!?!?!?

As for Christmas shopping I meant to get done, eh that will be another day. Taco Johns will have to wait as well. It was a pleasant afternoon. Spent eating good food (Hooter’s wings with 911 sauce are the bomb, yo!), in good company and drinking good beer. Like I had anything better to do with my unplanned day off!

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Well it appears my e-mail isn't working properly. I'm receiving e-mails minutes to hours after they've been sent. IE I had one person send me an e-mail. Then sent a follow up to that same e-mail. I received the follow up before I received the orriginal e-mail it figures.

I wonder if this has anything to do with all the porn I'm down loading.

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December 01, 2005

An Exercise tip.

I found the secret to exercise success folks! I used to work out 30 minutes a night on my exercise bike and it was shear hell. It felt as if I would die of boredom. I bought the bike because I thought that if I were able to watch TV, the time would just fly by. That theory was pure and utter BS. The first ten minutes wasn’t bad, the last 20 minutes was horrible. I couldn’t wait for the timer on the bike to go off and tell me I could stop. I never went over 30 minutes.

In September, some of you may recall I bought an Xbox. At the same time, I changed my exercise routine. Figuring 30 minutes just wasn’t enough I decided to up it to an hour a night. The catch this time was that I was going to play Madden while exercising.

This was the greatest exercise idea of all time!

That hour just flies by. I’ve even continued to peddle after the timer goes off because I’m in the middle of the game and don’t want to pause it. Sure controlling the guys is a little more difficult. After some practice, you are able to compensate for it. The other issue that concerned me was if I stopped peddling. This actually isn’t that big of an issue. I found that I peddle faster when I have a guy running with the ball. Also I noticed that if the game is not going my way I peddle harder to get my frustrations out. When I’m having a good game, the extra endorphins just make it that much more enjoyable.

I’ve been doing this for about two and a half months now. On the couple of occasions that I watch TV instead of played Madden, that was one of the longest hours of my life. Everyday I play my exercise around when I can get an hour to play Madden. I even look forward to getting on the bike because I like the feeling I have when I get off the bike after a good win. Endorphins and adrenalin are a wonderful combination.

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November 28, 2005

Your attendance is formally required.

T1G is putting together a little get together just after the Holidays for bloggers to get together at one of my new favorite bars, Fritz’s Wooden Nickel in Stillman Valley, Illinois. Since this is close to the Holidays and I know all of you want to get me a present or three. Yes you do. Don’t lie to yourself. Just shut up and do as I say! Ahem, sorry… arguing with the voices I’ve assigned all of you in my head can be aggravating at times.

Anyway, back on topic. I decided I’m making a list of whom I want to be there that I have not had a chance to meet yet. I fully expect each of these individuals to drop what ever they are doing and drive, fly, take a bus up here for this event. I’ll even offer my superb chauffeuring service for those that won’t have a vehicle. Lets get this list started, and in absolutely no particular order, here we go.

Bouddica of Bouddica’s voice. Even though she is a neglectful blog mother, I still am dying to meet her in person.

Machelle of Quality Weenie. Even though she gives me more crap then I feel I deserve.

Sally and Alex of Whimsy Capricious and Alex in Wonderland. Maybe they’ll finally bring me my haggis. Even though Sally says she's giving up blogging. I think she's just being a tease.

VW of One Happy Dog Speaks. One of my Blog Niesters (Niece/Sister) I’d like to see if my mental image of her is close to accurate.

Sissy of And What Next. My other blog Niester. I actually had a chance to meet her last June, but I decided to do a re-enactment instead. Silly me.

CalTechGirl of Not Exactly Rocket Science. Read her all the time. I’m curious if she has the same personality as so does in the blogosphere. Plus she drove within 2 minutes of my house on her way out west and didn’t have the nerve to even stop and say hello.

Blake of Laughing Wolf. Really I just want to hit him up for pelts. JOKING, That’s a joke. However… :)

Ogre of Ogre’s Politics and Views. I owe him some beer anyways and this would be a good opportunity for him to collect. Plus since I’m still currently his thrall, I should actually meet him.

Oddybobo of Bobo Blogger. After all of the meme’s she’s put me through, I just want to dot her eye! Actually again I want to see if she fits my mental image of her. (No Harvey that is not nekked smothered in Chocolate pudding)

Eric of Straight White Guy. I’ve heard so many stories about, er involving, er regarding him I would like to actually meet this living legend.

Johnny-OH of Closet Extremist. He just seems to be a kindred spirit.

ArmyWifeToddlerMom of Army Wife Toddler Mom. She just seems like a nice well-reserved lady. (I expect the payment by the end of the week)

Michelle of Letters from NYC. Yet another person that I have would like to put a face to.

Sarah of That’s Not Very Nice. I just want to see if she actually talks like my relatives from up der in Minnesota. Because when I read her blog that is the accent I give to her.

Omnibus Driver of Leslie’s Omnibus. She actually lives in the Northern Illinois region and shouldn’t have an excuse not to go!

Spurs of Pull My Finger. He’s in a couple of my football games I’m running and seems to be a nice enough guy. He can even bring Napster with… if he wants… it’s up to him… but strip clubs are more fun with out the wife.

Official notice has been served. If you fail to comply with this official notice I will be forced to... do something. I don't know, leave drunk/harsh comments on your blog or something. So start making plans... NOW! :)

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November 11, 2005

For all the Veteran's.

To all the men and women in the armed forces;

To all of those that have served in the past.

Through peace and war, foreign and domestic, you have always been there when your country has called.

To all of you I say Thank You.

Thank you for protecting my family, my friends and myself.

Thank you for defending my lifestyle and freedoms.

Thank you for all that you have done.

Happy Veteran’s Day.

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November 08, 2005

I'm not really a redneck.

In the comments about the Blogger playing cards. Shadoglare decided that it would be cool to make blogger cards based on Magic: The Gathering. Apparently I don’t work him hard enough as he actually had time to go home and make some mock ups of Grau and myself… Yes, that is a bottle of Jack Daniels in my hand and a cowboy hat on my head.

…It’s a long story… a very long story… And no I’m not sharing it!

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November 07, 2005

Jokers Wild!

Aaron is putting together a deck of Blogger Trading Cards. He’s looking for nominations for various bloggers to be in the deck. I’m not going to repost all his rules and regulations, if you want to know what they are go check out his post.

The question is do I nominate someone or multiples and who and why? That is a tough question, because anyone I regularly visit I feel deserves a nomination for various reasons. (Content, personality, assistance, etc) Nevertheless, I’m not going to nominate everyone. However, I am going to nominate three people. Why three? Why not… do I have to explain everything I do? You’re not my wife! (Unless Ktreva is reading, this and I’ll explain to you later) Just chalk it up to the fact that I like the number 3.

Here I go.

First, I nominate Graumagus of Frizzen Sparks for Spades. His Retrosexual code alone warrants him a nomination. His wit, that has been turned into chain letters and even hit various media outlets, would be enough to earn such a nomination. Throw in the fact that when he’s not trying to kill himself through sleep deprivation, and actually posts, he’s a pretty funny guy. That locks in my vote.

Secondly, I nominate Ogre of Ogre’s Politics and Views for Diamonds. I’m not sure if he even would want his own playing card but I’m nominating him anyway. Whenever I ask him for assistance or e-mail him a question, he promptly responds and assists me. Sometimes I wonder why the hell he stays in North Carolina with all of his posts. Anyone that can put up with the Carolina political problems and all of my questions deserves a nomination. Plus as his Thrall I believe I’m obligated to.

Thirdly, I nominate CalTechGirl of Not Exactly Rocket Science for Hearts. And not because she was begging for a nomination. Every time I’ve asked for technical help with code or with my blog, she has stepped up and tried to assist. My side bar very easily could have said I was a Thrall of hers if Ogre hadn’t beaten her to the punch. She’s even given advice on personal issues I’ve posted in the past. That and if I didn’t nominate one female I’m sure someone would label me a sexist. (That’s a joke CTG… Don’t hurt me!)

There you go my three nominees. As I said above, if I could I would nominate everyone on my side bar. A lot of you deserve it for various reasons, so please no hate mails/comments about how much I suck because I didn’t nominate you. However, if you really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really want to know why I choose those three over you, go ahead and e-mail me. I’ll be more then happy to lie to you! :)

Myself, personally… I don’t think I could qualify as the instruction card!

UPDATE: I added the suites for each person per this post over at aarons.

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November 02, 2005

Halloween costumes: Good or bad

Harvey has this post regarding sexy costumes up over at Bad Example. From the post, I have the impression that Harvey and his friend are in the opinion that Halloween either is developing a “slutty adult theme” or has had one. I have to disagree. It’s not about slutty adult themes.. or even sexy adult themes, it’s about fantasy (not necessarily sexual).

Halloween really did not start getting the popularity it has now in America until the 50’s. Now the kids that really first started enjoying it are grandparents; adults like myself, are second-generation Halloween celebrants. When we were growing up it was told to us, “You can pretend to be anything you want on Halloween”. When we were kids, we could be Fireman, Indians, policemen, monsters, soldiers, knights, Ghostbusters, etc. What ever our imagination wanted and no one cared because it was make believe. It was pretend. My extremely religious parents were not bothered that I dressed up as demons and the devil for one day a year, because it was make believe. I was not really a demon or the devil.

As we got older, those of us that really embraced Halloween (It’s my favorite holiday) kept up the spirit of make believe. Some of us use it as an excuse to dress up as something we aren’t, but want to pretend we are. I’m not really a demon lord of they Abyss (Contrary to what my minions might say), but I dress up as one every year for Halloween. It fulfills a part of my psyche that wants to be a scary and powerful supernatural being that strikes fear into the hearts of humans.

In real life, I would never actually impale someone, disembowel them, dismember them or sever their heads. On Halloween night, my yard looks exactly like that is what I have been doing. I enjoy pretending to be the bad guy and scaring older kids and adults. Unlike when I scare them unintentionally through my daily actions, this is more satisfying.

Talking with many females and with my own wife, I’ve concluded that females that dress up in the sexy outfits do it for a similar reason. They like being attractive, having men look at them, maybe even be a little bit trashy. HOWEVER, that is not who they are. One night a week they can dress up very provocatively and pretend to be more sexually aggressive then they really are, and not worry about someone thinking they are a slut. They can let out their inner “Naughty Girl” and no one thinks twice about it because it is Halloween. Very few will hold it against them once Halloween is over.

I’ll admit my theory may be wrong, but with the 50+ females, I’ve talked to about it; I’ve received very similar answers.

Now on a separate, yet related note; While handing out candy on Halloween there were girls in middle school (they had the local middle school coats with them) wearing the sexy nurse, French maid, waitress, cop outfits. What parent in their right mind would let their age 14 or lower daughter leave the house dressed like that? Sure, it’s make believe (see above) but this is just wrong, even if the costumes didn’t look good on them because they didn’t have the figure for it. There are some creepy people in the world.

I also had High School girls (again local HS jackets/bags) wearing the same style outfits come by. Being older, I didn’t have a problem with it, at their age (16+) they are responsible for their own actions. However, these girls also didn’t look good in the costumes because they didn’t have the figures for them. The cut of the costume is meant for women, not girls. You have to have hips and at least some breasts for these costumes even to begin looking sexy. Most of these girls had very similar figures to my 12-year-old son. (IE, No curves) They thought they looked hot, maybe it’s because I like women and not girls, but I thought they looked funny… in the clown sort of way.

There was also one woman that came to my house wearing a “sexy” witch costume. I applaud large women that have a healthy self-esteem and can wear sexy outfits and not be ashamed. HOWEVER, if the outfit is so small that you look like an overstuffed bratwurst exploding at the ends, find something new. This lady was between 5’2 and 5’4, probably about 350 pounds. I’m not kidding; I may even be being “nice” on the weight estimate. You could see where the costume had burst in multiple spots and she had safety pinned it back together. The safety pins looked like they were on the verge of exploding off the costume. I was actually in fear for the safety of the children with this woman when those pins finally gave way.

Some of you may think I’m being cruel or insensitive. I’m fat man myself. The number of times I did not buy clothing or costuming because it was too small or too tight has been lost to the ages. I’m not embarrassed about my body. It’s not that. Clothing that tight just looks bad. If I’m wearing a button down shirt and it, looks like the buttons are about to come flying off at lethal speeds, that just looks tacky. It’s the same principle here. If the costume ripped putting it on and you have to strain safety pins to hold it together… you should NOT wear that costume.

In closing, remember: Adults in costumes are acting out some inner desire/fantasy to be something they are not or can’t be every day. If you buy a costume and it fits poorly (too loose or too tight), you probably don’t look good in it.

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October 28, 2005

Friday Posts

Is it even worth posting anything on a Friday? I'm not sure anybody actually reads blogs on Friday's besides me. Other then myself and a couple of others, it seems that most bloggers don't post on Fridays...

What do you think, post or no post on Fridays?

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October 24, 2005

I'm a bad blog neighbor.

It appears my little “vacation” from the blogosphere has taken its toll. It has been 11 days since I last actively blogged, both reading and writing. Now I have a guilty feeling as if I’ve abandoned friends and family. This honestly is not the case. I was just really busy.

    Excuse 1:
I had my favorite re-enactment of the season on the 15th and 16th. Some of you may recall that I got engaged at this event AND had part of my honeymoon there. It’s also the last event of the season for us. That means we won’t see any of our re-enactment friends for almost 6 months. I’m close with a lot of these people, but like in the blogosphere, we don’t live near one another. Some of them travel in excess of 12 hours to get to some of the events we do.

    Excuse 2:

My place o’ employment sent me to Texas for 4 days. It was not a pleasant trip, and I so wished I could have gotten online at night to blog about it and to read your blogs to get my mind off everything. Unfortunately, I don’t own a laptop to take with me. Even if I did, the sucky hotel stuck me in a room that didn’t have internet access.

    Excuse 3:
With all my traveling around, I had to spend some quality time with my wife. Sure, we did the re-enactment together, but during the day, I was either talking to the public or fighting in the battle. We didn’t spend any real time together, and contrary to my surly and uncouth appearance, I know that if I want to stay happy I do need to spend some time entertaining my wife in matters outside the bedroom. Although usually the first leads to the latter, which is yet more motivation for me.

The problem with spending all the time away is that I am so behind in all the blogs that I’m not even going to try to catch up. There are hurricanes, politics, jokes, emotions, complaints, rants and even the occasional profession of pure emotion out there. For me to be able to go back 11 days and read them all would require me to take a lot of vacation time, and I can’t do that. This means I am sure some of you have written brilliant pieces that I will be worse for not reading.

So if any of you have written a post that you are really proud of or if you read someone else’s post that you feel that it would be a crime against the blogosphere for me to not read, please the url in the comments for me.

My normal smart arse and generally unwanted comments will resume in all of my regular reads starting tomorrow. That reminds me, I’m getting ready redo my frequent visits list, if I visit your site often and you don’t see your site on my list, also leave a comment. I tend to forget where I’ve been and what I’ve done.

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October 03, 2005

Shooting and electronics.

Sunday was a good day. After getting a restful 6 hours of sleep, I woke up to my wife advising me that the DVD player is giving her a “Mecha Error”. That is what the display said, “Mecha Error”. At first, I thought that maybe something happened in the Middle East and the center of the Islamic religion was having issues. Then my sleep groggy brain realized that it said “Mecha” not “Mecca” and that there is no way my DVD player would know if something did happen there. After looking at it for a while, turning it on and off and trying some percussive maintenance (i.e. pounding on the case with your fist), I decided I needed to unplug it and open it up.

Yep, it was broke, as soon as I picked it up the tray that holds the 5-disc changer just slide right open. It should not do that. I opened it up to see if it was something, I could fix… nope motor fried. Time to go buy a new DVD player. Off we run to electronic stores looking for a new DVD player. When we arrived we noticed that I could get a home theater system w/DVD for just a little more then I was willing to spend on a good DVD player, so we did some more shopping and ended up spending over twice as much as I had originally intended. I kept deciding if I was going to get a home theater system, it needed more gadgets and functions.

When we got home, Graumagus was there. We planned to go shooting, he arrived a little earlier then I thought he would, but that’s okay. He helped me carry the home theater system in the house. Then it was off to go throw lead down the range. Fortunately, the range wasn’t too far from my house. Just as we arrived, I realized I had not grabbed my powder horn and I didn’t think I had enough powder in my shooting box for the day. Grau was about to make fun of my stupidity when it dawned on him that he left his powder horn in his van back at my house. After making the trip home and back, we were able to get in an hour and a half of shooting. Since we were practicing, we only shot at 25 yards. My weapon was my .75 caliber Brown Bess smooth bore musket, for those of you that have never fired a gun, let alone a flintlock, and especially a smooth bore… 25 yards may seem a short distance, but that’s a hard shot when you haven’t had a lot of practice.

It wasn’t the tightest cluster I could have gotten, but I had five and a half of the rounds in the black. All but two of my shots would have been a kill, one was low and right and the other didn’t even hit the backdrop. I flinched really badly when I fired that round. All I know is that large caliber round balls make a lot of noise flying through a forest. Speaking of large caliber round balls, I still love getting to the range and hearing someone exclaim, “God your balls are huge!” It just puts a smile on my face.

Since my musket doesn’t have sites, I have to aim along the barrel. The barrel is wider at the breech then at the muzzle; I have to improvise how I aim. This includes attempting to use my bayonet lug as a front site. This makes me constantly miss to the right. By the end of the day, I had compensated enough to be able to hit the center by aiming to the left of it by a good 6 inches. As we were leaving Grau made the observation that the reason I pull to the right is because, “(I) carry my heavy arse shooting box with (my) right arm making it shorter then (my) left.” My shooting box weighs about 20 pounds; each bullet is 1.26 ounces of lead.

I was home in time to watch the Viking/Falcon’s game. Grau helped me dispose of some extra Beer I had on hand. After the game Grau took off and I started assembling the home theater system. I discovered that doing this while I had been drinking probably was not the best idea I’ve had. Electricity, alcohol and me don’t make a good combination. No, I didn’t get hurt and the system works just fine. It just took longer then it should have. In addition, there was trouble hooking up our digital cable.

I’m just going to say now that Insight Communications sucks! The digital cable box they gave me doesn’t have the digital output to run to the home theater system. When I called them today to find out what was going on they advise me that in order to get “true digital” service I need a different box that costs $15.00 more a month. $15.00 more just so I can have my Digital Surround Sound? That is bullshite! Add that to the fact, they have raised our rates over $11.00 a month since May, and they wonder why people are leaving them in droves.

So this means I have faux digital? It’s like digital in that it costs more, but it isn’t really digital because you can’t have any of the features of digital. If I didn’t watch a lot of channels you can’t get with out a service, I’d drop cable all together. I’ve looked into dishes, but I’m not convinced that they are any better.

Needless to say, I’m not going to have surround sound coming from my cable, only from my DVD’s. I can’t justify paying an additional $15.00 a month just so I can have better sound.

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September 30, 2005



We just got back from seeing Serenity. I’m glad Ktreva and I were able to see it. This was a great movie. I absolutely loved it. If you like Sci-Fi, Westerns and especially if you like both, you will love this movie. We both left the theater absolutely loving this movie. If you get a chance to go see it, I’d recommend it, especially if you are a Firefly fan. If you never saw an episode of Firefly you’ll still be able to understand what is going on. Ktreva didn’t watch as much of the series as I did and she still was able to follow what was going on and enjoy the movie.

It was a mix between action and comedy that just worked. A lot of one-liners that had the entire audience laughing and action scenes that kept your attention. The story line was great, the special effects where damn good and the acting was some of the best by the entire cast that I’ve seen in a movie. There were some scenes I wish they had elaborated on. Sure some of the plot was a little predictable, but I haven’t seen a movie in the last 10 years that isn’t.

We liked this movie so much we could have gone and seen it for a second time tonight if we had the time to do so.

For those of you that haven’t seen the movie I’m putting the spoilers in the extended entry. SO DON’T READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW ANYMORE UNTIL YOU’VE SEEN THE MOVIE!!!

I’m a little disappointed in the fact that one of my favorite main characters was killed off. However the way they killed him was interesting. Two of the mains from the original show get killed, I can understand killing off Shepard. I just wish they had explained more about his strange past before they did. There were so many unanswered questions I still have about him. Wash dying just kind of sucked. I loved this character, he always had some great one-liners and Alan Tudyk is just a great actor. Why they decided to kill off his character is lost on me.

The air battle between the Reevers and the Alliance was too short for me; I would have loved to have seen more of that. Especially since it was the first time you saw any emotion out of the Operative. It was over with too quickly for me. Then again I am a sucker for a good space battle.

I think a little more explanation into the situation on Miranda would be helpful. They do give some, but a little more would have been nice. I understand that most of the population just lost the will to live while the remainder became Reevers due to the drug(?) they put in the air. Maybe I missed it, but they could have gone into a little more detail as to exactly how.

I would have loved to seen more of the melee between River and the Reevers. Not that it would have helped the story any, but I just loved the way the choreographed it her fighting.

I could go into so much more, but my descriptions just won’t do the movie justice. It’s just something you will have to go see for yourself.

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September 29, 2005

A pox I tell you!

I don’t have a lot to say today. Well I do, but I’m not burdening everyone with it. My little idiosyncratic bullshit is not something that anyone would find interesting. Let’s just say I’m having the type of day that most people are wont to avoid.

Have you ever had a day so bad that you swear that every mentally myopic megalomaniac in your life is intentionally trying to piss you off? Well I have many individuals that meet that criterion at work. Throw in friends and family that seem to intentionally trying to piss you off and there you go… my day.

It doesn’t help that Murphy’s Law is using me as a whipping boy either. Every time I am hit with, “good” news there is a tremendous he-bitch man-slap of “bad” that goes with it. Let me give you an example; I’ve been having problems with the data on one of the reports that is provided to me, it’s incorrect. I understand that, the team that releases it understands that, my peers/manager know it, but don’t understand it. Today, after 4 months of incessantly telling my peers/manager that it is wrong and trying to get them to assist me in getting it corrected; it is being fixed. HOWEVER! (AHA! I knew it was coming!) I have to go back and manually correct all the data for the last 4 months. Apparently, it has to be I that does it because I’m the only one that understands the damn report. The sad part is that this report only has an inappreciable relationship to my position.

Tonight I think I’m going to go home and have a long talk with John Daniels. No, I don’t mean Jack, when you’ve known him as long as I have you call him John.

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September 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Harvey!

Harvey of Bad Example is turning 39 on the 14th. His only request for his birthday was pictures of partial to fully naked boobies, titties, juberlies, jugs, gazangas, ta-tas, fun bags, dirty pillows, golden bozos female breasts.

Normally, I don't post pictures like that…. on this site. However, since Harvey was one of the three people to influence me to start a blog, I thought I would comply with his wishes. Plus I have met him in person and he is generally a good guy. Oh, and now that he is 39, TNT is going to trade him in for a younger model. That means he’s going to need something to keep him busy at night.

Here’s to you Harvey! Happy Birthday!

The picture is in the extended entry. To quote the birthday boy himself, “moderately safe for work, but difficult to explain."

UPDATE: Harvey has his official birthday post up.

My wife modeling the much talked about Cheese Bra!


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September 08, 2005

Birthday Wishes and Good luck!

Bou of Boudiccas Voice, my blog mama-sis, is celebrating her 20th birthday Version 21 today. Everyone should go over and wish her a happy birthday... and inquire what Jesus was like as a child. (hiding)


CalTechGirl of Not Exactly Rocket Science is requesting good luck wishes for an impending job interview today. As promised, I'm giving her both barrels of good luck... until kick off tonight, because I can't concentrate on anything except the game when football is on.

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September 01, 2005

Confrontation in a parking lot.

A very strange incident happened to me on Tuesday. That was the day Clone was sick and I had to stay home to take care of him. We ended up going to the grocery store to pick up some items to help him… Tylenol, Gatorade (He hates Pedialyte), milk, etc. The whole trip to the store went just fine, it wasn’t until we left that I had an issue.

I was putting Clone into his car seat in the truck. My cartful of items that I just purchased was right next to me. Just as I started belting Clone in, this old guy walks up and starts to take my cart. I grabbed it and the following conversation occurred.

Me, “Excuse me, that’s my cart. I’m not finished with it yet.”

Old guy, “This is my cart, you took it!”

Me, “ No, that is my cart. I just bought those items in the store.”

Old guy, “You took my cart! This is my stuff.”

Me, “If you look in the cart you will see it is definitely not your stuff, I’m not thinking that at your age you will be needing Children’s Tylenol.”

Old Guy, (not even looking in the cart) “I didn’t buy any Children’s Tylenol!”

As I could feel my temper starting to get the best of me, I was getting ready to whip out my wallet and show him the receipt for the items. Just then a young guy comes walking up. When I say younger, I mean younger then the old guy. Then again, from the looks of the old guy, he probably played with Jesus as a child, so just about anyone was younger then him. The new guy the came over was about my age. At first, I thought this guy was going to start giving me crap for, “stealing from an old man”. Then he says to the old guy, “Grandpa, this is not your cart. This cart belongs to this gentleman.”

He then turns to me and says, “I’m so sorry. My grandfather has senior dementia and gets confused easily. I was just putting our groceries in the car when he wandered off. He’s didn’t mean any harm. He just thought this was his cart.” The old guy apologized and looked confused.

Everything made sense at that point. I told the younger guy it was no problems and told the old guy there were no hard feelings. To help ease his ego I added an, “Don’t worry about it; it’s an easy mistake to make. I’m sure it happens all the time to everyone.”

My grandmother on my father’s side had Alzheimer’s and Senior Dementia. It wasn’t difficult for me to understand the guy’s predicament. Whom I really feel bad for is the grandson. It’s only going to get worse. I saw my grandmother for the last time when I was about 14. She didn’t die until I was 22. She lived about 8 hours away where most of the rest of my Father’s family lived. We would go up there at least twice a year to visit my relatives, but I refused to go with to see grandma. It’s not that I didn’t love her, it was because of what happened the last time I saw her.

She was in the nursing home and we walked into her room. As soon as she saw me, she started yelling and screaming about how I had left her there and why would I do that to her. It didn’t take long for everyone in the room (My parents, two aunts and uncles and my younger sister) to realize she thought I was my father. She started calling me by his name, even though he was standing right next to me. She said something like, “If you really cared about me, you wouldn’t have let your brother put me in here.”

It was a horrible visage of a woman that I always remembered as being kind and caring. After we left, I made my parents promise never to make me go visit her again. That was not how I wanted to remember my grandmother. Unfortunately that is the last, but not strongest, memory that I have of her.

I just hope something like that doesn’t happen to this grandson.

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August 05, 2005

See you in a week!

That’s it folks, I’m out of here! I’ll see you all in a week! I’m sure most of you won't even notice I’m away while others will wander aimlessly around looking for stuff to destroy. I’d recommend looking in the nightstands. ;)

I contemplated turning over the keys to the blog for a guest poster. The more I thought about it, the less I liked that idea. Most of the people I would have asked to do a guest post or two I either wouldn’t trust with the keys or wouldn’t want to touch this dark hole in the basement of the internet. (Hey, it’s ugly but it’s mine!) And that really is the main reason I didn’t ask someone to guest blog, this is my blog. I don’t want to share. There is some satisfaction in knowing that I did this by myself.

Just in case someone decides to throw a party here in my absence, I left some party favors out.

Big Boom Fun!
Click to enlarge

I hope you have a blast!

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August 03, 2005

Life and prison.

This has been an absolutely strange day. Not, bad, just strange in a “that never happens” kind of way. There are so many stories I would love to share with you, unfortunately due to various reasons I cannot. The biggest reason being that two of the better stories would violate federal law. Some people might find prison blogging amusing; I however am not one of them. The next biggest reason is that some of the people involved know about this blog and check it out occasionally, or I’m afraid they will find out about it and read what I had written. No good would come from that either way.

This Friday I am leaving for my vacation. My wife and I are taking the kids to visit her relatives in Wichita, Kansas. While we are passing through Iowa, I have the opportunity to meet a guy from one of my football message boards. He’s a Green Bay fan that lives in Iowa. Since we were swinging that way, I thought it would be nice to put a face to his name/handle.

Last week I worked up the nerve to put in for another promotion at work. Apparently, I’m doing well enough in my current position in the mentoring area. My manager put pressure on me to apply for a supervisory position that opened up. That does mean direct reports. While I’m not sure I’m quite ready for it, I figure what does it hurt to apply. What is the worst thing that will happen? They say no. Then I’m in the same position I was in if I didn’t apply, I don’t have the promotion. I’d rather try and not get it then to not try and never know.

Football season is right around the coroner. Preseason starts here shortly, and the camps began last week. I’m ready for football; I need it. Maybe this year I can get more participation in my pool and salary cap league (It’s like fantasy football only easier) then I did last year. Both are run through Yahoo, so you have to have a Yahoo account. Last year I ended up winning the pool, so I’m not complaining. It’s just more fun if you have more people playing. If you are interested, leave me a comment and I’ll send you and invite. If you don’t have a Yahoo account, you can create one free.

Damn, I wish I could tell you a couple of my stories. They are all that is going through my head right now. That makes it hard to post.

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