December 20, 2007

Forcing your beliefs on others.

So you work for this company that likes to pride itself in being "diverse" and respecting different religions and beliefs of it's employees. Yet when it comes to this time of the year they show their true colors. You see that they are all talk because they are only tolerant of differences if it coincides with what they want.

Let's say you don't celebrate Christmas for various reasons, including religious. You've made it clear to not only your co-workers, but supervisors, managers and anyone you work with that you don't. And as part of your beliefs you do not accept or give gifts this time of year. If you've made this clear every year, you'd think they would catch on. Nope, they do things like ask you to put on Christmas plays, join in on Christmas gift exchanges, and participate in Christmas activities. Now sure they try to mask it by saying, we'll just call it a "Holiday" party or celebration. And just accept the gift as a celebration of your holiday.

The narrow minded don't always realize not all religions have a holiday this time of year.

Every day for the two weeks before Christmas you have someone, who knows better, continually try to get you to join in on the Christmas activities, or give you gifts even with your protests. It's just falling on deaf ears. They continually do it Management and co-workers. Some people respect your beliefs and support you, but the vast majority doesn't.

If this person worked in your office, would you give them the same advice I did? Contact a lawyer and sue for hostile work environment?

The person I'm talking about is very tolerant of other religions and beliefs. They don't complain about all the activities and Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza themes floating around. They really don't care, yet other than myself and one other person, no one is respecting their decision.

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November 27, 2007

Chili question number 3

You may recall I've asked you questions about Chili in the past. I have some more for you.

Chili: With or with out beans?

What is the best meat for chili?

Let me know what you think, a very important decision hinges on all of your answers.

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A spoon full of Cinnamon

Earlier today one of my employees came to me and asked, "Can a human swallow a spoonful of cinnamon?" After staring at her blankly for about 30 seconds I responded with, "I don't know... and don't you have some work you should be doing?" Of course this planted a seed of wonder in my head as to why she would ask such a question. 30 minutes later I approach her and ask her "Why did you ask me if a human could swallow a spoonful of cinnamon?" At which point I was caught in the middle of a disagreement.

One of my people said they heard on the radio this morning that a human can not swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. They went so far as to try it on the radio show with multiple people and none of them where successful. My other employee stated it's baloney, there is no reason a human couldn't do it. Well I honestly don't know, and really don't want to try it. So I suggested each go home and give it a try and bring back the results tomorrow.

Until then, do any of you know if a human can swallow a spoonful of cinnamon?

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August 30, 2007


Okay, right now I'm thinking about getting my upper ear pierced twice. Actually it's pretty much a set deal, I just need to go in and get it done.

But I've been going back and forth on the idea of getting a tattoo. First off I know what I want, but I just can't find it in a "design" format. It's a Norse dragon's head inside a Celtic knot work circle. The problem is that I go from yes, I want it. To no, it's stupid.

So what do you all think. Would you get a tattoo? Why or why not? And if so, what kind?

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July 11, 2007

End of the Review?

Its been slightly over a year now since Ive started doing the beer reviews. Yet, Im leaning towards discontinuing them. Its not that I mind drinking beer every Wednesday, even if it is some god-awful crap and sharing my opinion with everyone. Its that Im not sure anyone is even reading these reviews on here.

The main reason I started doing these reviews was because of a bad beer incident that happened to myself in April 2006, Damn you Camo Silver Ice High Gravity Lager!!!! I thought maybe if I sampled beers, my good readers and others wouldnt end up drinking a beer that wasnt fit to run farm machinery on. Sure, I like trying the different beers, but if Im only doing this for myself, then Im not going to waste your time posting them on here.

So let me know, do you get anything from these reviews or are you just skipping over them to something else?

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June 20, 2007

I wonder.

If you are working from home, you are technically on the clock. That means you really should abide by company policy and rules. But I'm wondering...

Is it okay to have a beer or two with lunch?

I mean no one will know unless my manager happens to stop by the house.

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June 12, 2007

Speed, I am speed!

I have a quick poll for everyone tonight. On my way to my meeting today, I was cruising at an above the posted limit rate of speed. Some of the people in the car thought I was driving way too fast. Me, I was keeping up with the flow of traffic. (I was driving down 39 and 88 heading to Naperville). At some points when there was no traffic, I set my speed at what I felt comfortable driving. Now at some points I was passing others. At other times I had cars passing me like I was standing still and I wasnt. This brought up an interesting conversation on the ride home. How fast is too fast?

polls How fast is too fast for driving?
I don't speed.
0-5 MPH over
5-10 MPH over
10-20 MPH over
20+ over
I keep up with traffic.


For the record I was doing approximately 8-10 over.

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June 06, 2007

What day is it?

Just out of curiosity, how many of you remembered that 63 years ago today Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy in the D-Day invasion?

To all the men who fought and died at that battle, here's to you!

So far everyone I've asked didn't remember.

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May 15, 2007

We need your input.

I need your input on a disagreement Ktreva and I had last night. We both agreed that we would pose the question to everyone and then abide by the decision. As you all know I have a fascination with Zombies. I love zombie movies, Ive studied the biology (Maybe that should be Dieology) of them, and I even have contingency plans for when (yes when, its going to happen) the next zombie rising happens. There isnt a day that goes by that I dont think about, talk about or watch something on zombies.

Last night Ktreva and I were discussing a show on TV where there was some role playing in the bedroom. We talked about all the standards, Doctor, naughty nurse, cop and prostitute, thief and harem girl, etc. Then we started talking about unusual ones and that is when I came up with Sole survivor and Zombie Girl. Yea, Im sure with the opening paragraph you all saw that one coming. I made the suggestion she dress up, with the make up, as the sexy zombie from Land of the Dead.

I thought Ktreva was going to burst a gasket.

She likened it to necrophilia and the like and stated that in no way under the sun would she ever participate in anything like that. Our conversation went from light and joking to her seriously being mad at me. I tried to explain that it seriously was a joke; I was just trying to think up different situations. However, because Im enthralled with zombies she isnt convinced I am. Then I started thinking about it, is it so weird? Well, okay sleeping with the dead is weird, but this isnt the dead, its undead. And actually youre not really sleeping with the dead or undead, just someone dressed up as a zombie.

What we want to know is: Is a bedroom role playing game involving zombies wrong?

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January 10, 2007

Chili Again

Do you add any of the following, if so which?

Shredded cheese
Sour Cream
Other (Please specify)

Weve determined that Chili should be thick, however the level of thickness varies.

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January 09, 2007

Making Ammo?

In my post about buying more ammo, Peter of Shakey Petes Shootin Shack made the comment;

For what you spent today you could have bought a Lee turret press and a set of .38/.357 dies and a autodisc powder measure. Then you'd never have to buy .38s and .357 again. And it would only cost about thirty bucks to add a handgun cartridge to your line up.

Factory ammo is a waste of money.

I wont deny that factory ammo is a waste of money. Its expensive and the cheaper brands are dirtier and/or are unreliable. There are certain brands I wont buy because of the way it jams in my firearms and fouls them up horribly.

Ive thought about getting a reloading press and making my own ammo. The only problem I have is that I dont get to go modern shooting as much as I would like. Is it worth to buy a press to use it maybe 4-6 times a year? Even if it is the other problem is a lack of time to make it. For re-enacting I have a hard time getting all the round ball I need cast up.

So what Im asking my readers that shoot or have friends that do, is it really worth it for me to look into investing in a press? What are the pros and cons of making your own ammo? I really dont know, and am interested in finding out.

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Should it be thick or thin?

Please tell me which way you like best.

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February 28, 2006

Candy lovers please help.

There is a very pressing issue I need your assistance. There is actually a degree of importance and urgency to this.

Plain Chocolate

Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Chocolate and Caramel

Which is better?

I will explain later when my issue is resolved.

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February 03, 2006


I have a dilemma that I’m going to ask my contaminants to assist me in. I’ve contemplated on this for the last 24 hours, and I just can’t make up my mind. My head tells me one thing and this shriveled up lump in my chest tells me another. I’m hoping one of you will be able to help me make an informed decision.

Yesterday a minion of mine stopped me while I was walking through the department. She says to me, “Mr. Contagion, can I ask you a question?”

Contagion: (rolls eyes) “If you must.”

Minion: “I’ve heard you own some guns, is that true.”

Contagion: (Waiting for the anti-gun rant) “Yes, I own a couple.”

Minion: “Do you think you could do me a favor?”

Contagion: (Being apprehensive) “If you ask me to kill your husband I’m going to be very upset.”

Minion: “NO, no. Not that. We live out in the country on an old farm. We rent the land out to other farmers to actually farm. We kept some of the land so we could some animals. Unfortunately, one of them has become sick and is in a lot of pain. We can barely make ends meet right now since my husband was laid off, and the vet bill for the visit cleared out our savings.”

Contagion: (Hopeful) “Please tell me it’s a Llama.”

Minion: “ Llama? No, why? It’s a bull mastiff.”

Contagion: “Never mind, it’s a long story. Okay, so what do you want from me?”

Minion: “We can’t afford to pay to have him put down. Rocky, the dog, is one of our favorites and we are awfully attached to him. We don’t own a gun and even if we did, I don’t think we could bring ourselves to shooting him.”

Contagion: (Seeing where this is going) “Okay….”

Minion: “Since I know you don’t have any problems with killing animals. I was wondering if you would mind coming out and shooting Rocky for us?”

Contagion: “Yea, I need to think on that one. It’s not like I’m just picking off Bambi’s mother at 200 yards. This is actually somewhat humanitarian. It’s not something I normally do, just shooting an animal to put it out of its misery. It’s up close and personal.”

Minion: “I understand.”

I went back to my desk and pondered on this situation. After I got home and the excitement of the baby, I sat and pondered on it. As I tried to sleep last night, I continued to ponder on it. All morning, while bathing, getting dressed, making breakfast, driving to work, sitting through meetings and passing out work, I’ve been thinking of this. I’m just not sure what to do.

What do you think?

.357 magnum or .30-30 rifle?

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January 30, 2006

What was I doing?

Have you ever been so pre-occupied with something you can’t think about anything else? What about if that something isn’t very important or even urgent?

That’s me today. My brain is so wrapped around re-enacting I cannot think clearly. All day I’ve been thinking of up coming trade shows and the schedule of events for this year. I’m also pre-occupied with all the small details, nothing big. Stuff like for the first time in 7 years changing my facial hair for my character, getting a different style of hat, figuring out what the cheapest/smelliest whisky I can find is to pass off as rot gut I’m distilling. The thing is that my normal re-enacting season doesn’t even start until the last weekend in April, and my first pre-season Trade Show February 25 and 26. I’d say this is part of the rondyflu, but I don’t think it is. There is no urge to be re-enacting, I'm just planing on re-enacting.

I’m just curious if I’m the only one that gets this way or is this something common with other people. Well, probably a different subject, but you know what I mean.

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December 12, 2005


I had a brief discussion with a minion of mine today that led to an interesting question. Since we were unable to come to a consensus with everyone we asked, I decided to share it with you to see if you might share your opinion.

With all the medical and scientific knowledge that we have today, we know that certain things are unhealthy/bad for us. Such things as smoking, excessive drinking and over-eating we know will cause health complications that could lead to death.

Since we know that, if a person dies from an illness that was brought on or a direct result of smoking, drinking or over-eating, did that person commit a form of suicide? And if so would they be denied to the right to go to heaven?

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November 12, 2005


I’ve decided to dump some money back into the blogosphere. It’s been good to me and I thought I should return the favor. After some thinking, I decided that I was going to do this by purchasing some blogwear. What do I mean by blogwear? I’m talking about shirts that people use to either promote their blog, support an organization, or just try to make some money. The problem is that there are only a handful of blogs that actually have t-shirts for their blog… in which I am aware.

I know that Blackfive has his shirt.

Harvey has a store of his own. (Does anyone else find it amusing that the name of his shop, Bad Example Goodie Shop, makes the acronym BEGS?)

Dr. Phat Tony also has a little shop set up.

But those are the only ones that I A) know of, 2) Read 4) like.

What am I going to do with all these shirts? Well I can be blog fashionable at blogmeets. Maybe I can promote blogging while shopping in local stores. Mostly I’ll probably wear them to exercise in so I don’t funk up my good shirts. Hey, what do you care? After I paid for it, it’s mine and I could use it to dust my furniture! You get the money either way.

If any of you out there have a little “swag” shop set up, and I missed it on your side bar, let me know.

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July 26, 2005

To read or not to read.

I just can’t do it anymore, I can’t. After trying for 5 months now, I’m starting to go insane! My brain is starting to slide away from me and I feel that my work and family are starting to pay the price. In a last desperation attempt, I am turning to you for help. Some of you might be asking, “Why would I turn to you for help?” Well I’m glad you asked! The answer is simple; all of you are uniquely qualified to be able to provide a solution to my conundrum. There is one trait that all of share! It is upon that trait that I call upon for an answer to this enigma. By now, I’m sure you want me to explain myself.

You are all Bloggers. You read and/or have your own blogs. That is the single trait that we all share, the trait that brings us all together. Some of you may not have your own blog yet, it’s just a matter of time. You, in my book, are still a blogger. If you spend time at other people’s blogs reading, what they write and maybe even working up the nerve actually to leave a comment or two, then to me you are a blogger. You might not have taken the final step in your conversion to the fold, but the temptation is there. Go ahead and call me wrong, I won’t argue with you. Better yet, why not start a blog and post why I’m wrong? There is nothing wrong with being a blogger. No calumny intended.

Finally, that brings us to my problem. There are so many blogs I enjoy reading, I just cannot find the time to sit down and do it. Especially with the added responsibilities of my new position, I just do not have the time to read everyone daily. If I keep trying to do that, I will lose my job, my wife and my family. I’ve taken to skimming posts. Not only do I hate doing this, but also I feel I am robbing the individual that wrote it. While I get the general gist of the post, I am missing out on the quality and flavor of their words.

Right now, I feel I only have a couple of options. The first is to give up the daily reading of some blogs, and once a week read only the topics that seem like they might interest me. The other option is to eliminate blogs from my daily read and only read them when time presents itself. If I choose this route, how would I go about selecting which blogs to read or not read? Most of the blogs I read are either friends, people I find interesting or people with whom I feel I could be friends with if they lived closer. For me to quit reading any one of your blogs is not something I relish.

I enjoy my quality time getting to know you. Reading your posts is what helps to keep me from going insane. Making this decision, for me at least, would be like deciding which one of my children I would save if I could only save one from a burning building. That is why I must turn to you my gentle and kind readers, my online friends and family for assistance. One of you may have a solution that I have over looked. There is even a chance that one of you is in the same position I am in and has devised way to cope with this issue. You have yet to set me upon a path of execration and it is that knowledge with which I have faith in you.

How do you find the time to do it?

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