June 13, 2005

Prison Wine!

The latest entry of Steve Don't Eat that! is up over at The Sneeze. This time he made and drank his own home made "prison wine".

This guy has a flair for making the art of ingesting some of the nastiest stuff on the face of the earth hilarious. If you haven't seen these before, go back through the archives. Just don't be drinking anything.

Posted by Contagion in Things that make me go, "GUH?!?!" at June 13, 2005 03:52 PM

Oh I can't read stuff like that... I might vomit. Blech!

Posted by: Bou at June 13, 2005 09:15 PM

Bou Steve is too funny, you won't vomit, but you might make your coffee come out of your nose unexpectedly!

Posted by: Oddybobo at June 14, 2005 02:46 PM

OK, I did it. That was frickin' great.

Posted by: Bou at June 14, 2005 08:19 PM

Yeah, I've had the Sneeze on my Occasional Reads list for a while.

There's something deeply wrong in that man's head, which you just have to admire :-)

Posted by: Harvey at June 15, 2005 07:34 AM