August 24, 2005

Game Over.

Video games are not a major part of my life. Where I do enjoy playing them, I don’t generally spend hours every day doing so. There may be times when I spend a couple of hours here or there playing a game, and occasionally when I find one I like I do dedicate a couple weeks of my life to the completion of said game. When I finally beat a game, I tend to get bored with it and quit playing it. Sometimes I will reload it and replay it, but not with the fervor that I had originally played the game.

Right now, I am in a quandary, I need to find a new game to play and yet I am unable to find one. Most of the games I prefer to play are strategy style games such as WarCraft, StarCraft, Age of Empires/Mythology, and Command and Conquer. Occasionally I find a Role Playing Game that I like, such as Baldur’s Gate, but those are few and far between, but I’m willing to give them a chance with a strong recommendation. Yet I can’t find a good game to play. None of them look interesting and the handful of ones that I might be willing to give a try all need to be played online.

I REFUSE to buy an online video game.

If I’m purchasing a game to play, I should be able to play it with out having to subscribe to the service. What is the point of buying a game that you can’t play with out purchasing time to play it? That seems like a waste. Plus what if you buy a game and it goes out of style or never takes off. Now you have the risk of a game that has no platform to be played on. Moreover, I don’t want to have to deal with other people, be it online dorks or the casual gamer.

If you are going to play online, you pretty much need to be in from the beginning and be able to spend hours everyday playing in order to make your character formidable enough to withstand attacks from other players or get the limited items. Some people tell me that the new games aren’t like that, so that might be one issue they have resolved.

There is the fun of trying to find a group of like-minded players to go around to gather experience and equipment or complete missions. And you all have to be on at the same time. Eh… that’s too much work. I want to play, when I feel like it. Following my own schedule and not having to rely on anyone else or have anyone waiting for me.

Personally, I would rather load a game on my home computer and not have to worry about renting time or dealing with other people. I want to play at my pace and have my own fun. Yet, I seem to be the only one that wants to be that way. Maybe it’s time for me to give up on finding any game that is worth my time to play. Does anyone feel the same way I do?

Posted by Contagion in Rants and Raves at August 24, 2005 04:36 PM | TrackBack

I don't game, but I'd feel the same way. I want to do my own thing.

Posted by: Bou at August 24, 2005 07:45 PM

DH is addicted to Diablo II, an oldie but a goody.

Warcraft et al are banned in my house. I spent too many hours in college hearing "For your honor" "For Your Honor" over and over and over again as everyone and their aunt played warcraft all damn day.

Posted by: caltechgirl at August 24, 2005 08:12 PM

I know a couple of games you might like...

The first requires a shower

The second requires 2 of the 8 things on your night stand....

I HAD to TYPE this....

couldn't help it...

had to
but after your last post....
sorry Ketreva.....

Posted by: ArmyWifeToddlerMom at August 24, 2005 09:03 PM

CalTechGirl... Actually I just reloaded WarCraft 3 up to play it again. I love that game. It's wrong that you banned it!

AWTM: Video Games... not Bedroom Games. I have no problem finding Bedroom Games.

Posted by: Contagion at August 25, 2005 07:14 AM

Oh, VIDEO games. There go my first suggestions...

Neverwinter nights is a pretty good one. The story line is not linear, so you can choose what to do at different times. It's completely stand alone, but if you get bored with it, you can go online and play anytime anywhere, too.

Then, of course, there's Civilization. That's different every time and I still play some 10-year old version of it. I don't know what the new version is.

Posted by: Ogre at August 25, 2005 12:30 PM

An older game that can still be found on the cheapy racks is Ceaser III, less combat and more of a Sim City style, but it eats up my ti,\me pretty often.

Posted by: chemicalnova at August 25, 2005 01:59 PM

A couple that you might want to look at just based on really high reviews:

Rome: Total War

Warhammer 40,000

Posted by: S at August 25, 2005 06:54 PM

There is a new one, strategy type game with a sense of scale and proportion, it's called Supreme Commander. I haven't played it, in fact I don't know if it is out yet, but it looks right up your alley.

Posted by: littlejoe at August 25, 2005 09:49 PM