September 08, 2005

Birthday Wishes and Good luck!

Bou of Boudiccas Voice, my blog mama-sis, is celebrating her 20th birthday Version 21 today. Everyone should go over and wish her a happy birthday... and inquire what Jesus was like as a child. (hiding)


CalTechGirl of Not Exactly Rocket Science is requesting good luck wishes for an impending job interview today. As promised, I'm giving her both barrels of good luck... until kick off tonight, because I can't concentrate on anything except the game when football is on.

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Jesus? Well... considering I was living on THE OTHER side of the world... being a Celt and all, I wouldn't know! But I liked his shoes... I love my Birks. ;-)

Thanks for the wishes. We're all going to dinner tonight. Yeehaa! I don't have to cook!

Posted by: Bou at September 8, 2005 12:08 PM