November 04, 2005

Corner Back dilemma

I don’t live in Wisconsin, so I’m getting this information for a third party. But apparently, on WISN AM1130 out of Milwaukee they have a show called the “Packer Grapevine”. On the show, there is a correspondent, Mark “Grapevine” Daniels, who is a reporter from Green Bay. He gives the inside scoop on the team. Allegedly, (Because I have no first hand knowledge) He has said that Ahmad Carroll, the Packer CB who can’t seem to learn to keep his hands off the Wide Receivers, is the most hated player on the team.

According to this source, Carroll has an inflated ego with a matching attitude. He doesn’t see anything wrong with his play and continually blames his mistakes on others. IE The refs made a bad call, the Receiver pushed off; He lost the ball in the sun, etc. Allegedly, he takes no personal responsibility for when something goes wrong with his play; it’s never his fault.

This has made him very unpopular on the team by not just the other players, but the coaches and staff.

This makes me wonder then why we cut Joey Thomas (another CB drafted the same year as Carroll). If there was a problem with his play, why not try to trade him a few weeks ago before the trading deadline expired? Maybe we could have gotten something for him. He was a number 3 draft pick, hell even if we received a sixth round it would have been better then the nothing we got for releasing him.

If what is being said on the radio were true about Carroll, why would we not want to keep Thomas and start developing him more? He obviously doesn’t commit the penalties Carroll does, even if he isn’t quite as good… at this time.

Time will tell as he was picked up by New Orleans on waivers.

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