December 10, 2005

Bang-bang with the bling-bling.

Picture this scenario. You are getting ready to go out on the town for the night. Nothing will stop you from going, yet you know you’re going to run into someone that is going to start trouble. You’d like to bring something with for self-defense, but it’ll clash with your outfit. Oh what will you do?

Never fear folks, your buddy Contagion has the answer for you. Think brass knuckles! What’s that you say? “Sure they are shiny, but they just don’t look like jewelry.” How wrong you are, someone has been thinking about you and your needs! Rhinestone covered brass knuckles!

“These real brass knuckles have been covered in rhinestone make them chic, sexy, and dangerous.”

Better hurry up and get your pair for all the impending parties coming up!

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