December 25, 2005

Still gunning for that t-shirt.

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Okay, I really want to win this T-shirt from Dr. Phat Tony. Pandy over at What Panda is really giving me a run for my money, thus I’m going to have to do something really drastic. This is going to be time consuming, annoying and just a general pain in the arse, but I don’t know what else to do at this point. From some of the e-mails I’ve received I know that some of you are getting tired of seeing these posts, but I’m doing what I feel I have to do in order to win. This contest only runs until Christmas day now. However, I thought it ran all the way to New Years. But since I don’t make the rules, I only have to follow them, I’m trying everything in my power to win. Yes, this post is probably really annoying, and if you want to skip it. I wouldn’t blame you, but it’s what I need to do. Loyal readers, please forgive me as I am in desperation mode and I’m just trying to win something. Some of you may understand, some of you may not. But by the time I’m done I’m hoping that this post should push me over the edge and show just exactly what level of desperation I am at. Thus, causing others that are trying to play to give up. If I need I will make a post like this daily until the contest is over and I am declared a winner. . Sure it is a lot of work, but to me it's all worth the effort. If you really want something you need to work for it. Nothing is free, contrary to what some people would like to believe. Right now I am just willing to bet that Dr. Phat Tony is real happy he does not have auto trackbacks set up through haloscan. Other ways his e-mail would be over loaded with all the pings from this post. Yes, that is a link to every post he's made to date, no you really don't want to know how long it took me to do this.

Thank you for your consideration. This post will stay on top until the contest is over, see new below.

Posted by Contagion in General assholery at December 25, 2005 08:16 PM | TrackBack

While pathetic, it's admirable. You're frickin' not right.

Not that it's a bad thing...

Posted by: That 1 Guy at December 20, 2005 10:57 PM

Bwahahahaha that's fricken hilarious.

Posted by: Dr. Phat Tony at December 21, 2005 06:40 AM

UnFrick'n believable.

Posted by: vw bug at December 21, 2005 11:39 AM

Geeze dude...

Posted by: Wes at December 21, 2005 04:58 PM

Holy crap. How long did it take you to create this post?

Posted by: Bou at December 21, 2005 10:05 PM

*leaves therapist's number*

call him

Posted by: Harvey at December 22, 2005 06:34 AM

Damn, Contagion - that's like a year's worth of linking there! You are really desparate, aren't you?

Behave yourself, or we'll have to send Ktreva some tranquilizer darts to use on you...

Posted by: Barb at December 22, 2005 11:37 PM

Okay, okay, okay! I'm making like the French and waving my white flag! I went over to Phatty's comments and conceded. My ass be kicked.

Unless there is some other loon out there who wants to try to take you on, fear no competition.

Posted by: Pandy at December 23, 2005 07:31 AM

Pandy, I accept your surrender and agree to all your terms. You where an honorable opponent.

Posted by: Contagion at December 23, 2005 08:10 AM