January 07, 2006

Where's the beer?

Why? Why did this have to happen in Ontario? This is something that we need in Illinois. What is it? The Ontario Beer Hunter (Not to be confused with THE Beer Hunter). What is it? You put in the city or region that you want in Ontario Canada, and they show you where all the open stores where you can buy beer, wine and liquor. Only the stores or their liquor departments that are open at the time show up. They even have different flags to show you what kind of alcohol can be bought at each location.

Someone really needs to pick up the ball and do this in Illinois. Sometimes at 8:50 in the morning you just need to know where to go get a beer.

Posted by Contagion in General at January 7, 2006 08:54 AM | TrackBack

What a great idea.
Wouldn't be too hard to do here in TLTTF though. There's only 1 road with 8 places selling booze. Kinda sad actually...

Posted by: spurs at January 9, 2006 04:19 PM