July 31, 2012

Changes and a move

Okay, we jumped in and made the change. I am not deleting this blog as there is a lot of good stuff on here and a lot of memories, but I will not be posting to it anymore. I've also changed my nickname due to some ventures I'm taking up. Mainly I'm embracing my alter ego and becoming Evil Drinking Buddy or E.D.B.. My wife, Ktreva is also shedding her past and has changed to Blondelicious. It's not that we are changing who we are, it's just that the old nicknames/handles represent our past, and it's time to move forward with our future. So come see our joint blog Private Beer Stash.

I know this is confusing, but so is life!

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July 27, 2012

What the....

Okay, many, many, many years ago. (June of 2009 to be exact) I left a cryptic message stating that I was going to go on Hiatus. I kept posting beer reviews for a while, then I had some medical issues that I blogged about but then things tapered off to almost nothing. Not a thing. I received e-mails and questions from people asking about me and I would respond very vaguely. Well, Iím not going to go over the last three years, itís best to leave that in the past and move on. Itís time for a fresh start. I think Iím going to start blogging again. Now, with that being said, it may not be here. Iíve let this blog fall apart so badly that I donít know that I want to spend the time to save it. Maybe, weíll have to see.

Iím amazed at the number of bloggers I used to read that are still aroundÖ even more at the number of bloggers that donít exist anymore. So if you see me popping in and out, donít be afraid! Iím not a zombie; Iím just getting my blog legs going again.

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