November 29, 2008


This is wrong, absolutely wrong! Do not... NOT click the attached link. Unless you really want to loose more innocence, or any innocence you have left, do not click this link!

Ewww, Ewww, Ewww!

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This hits close to home.

I saw this comic and had to share it with Ktreva. Her reaction is she wasn't sure if she should laugh or shake her head in shame because I could easily have been the kid knocking on the door.


Yea, now if you'll excuse me, I need to go seal the 1,200 rounds of ammo I bought yesterday in air tight bags...

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This is why you avoid shopping on Black Friday.

I try to avoid shopping on Black Friday for many different reasons, this however is the best reason of all.

Walmart Employee Trampled to Death

This really doesn't surprise me. People anymore have no respect for each other, they only care about themselves. Well it seems most people are that way. I feel for the employee's family. What a horrible, horrible way to lose a family members. Especially since they are going to have a brutal reminder every year after Thanksgiving.

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November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving... so far.

Okay, my in-laws come into town Wednesday night. For those of you that don't remember, my in-laws dislike me. I'm talking in the sitcom kind of dislike, not the everyday someone dislikes me kind of way. So I try to avoid anything that is going to set them off.

So Wednesday I spent the day with T1G and Graumagus. We started off at Hooters and then went to Fritz's that evening. It was good seeing T1G again, he even had the opportunity to try Glogg. Ktreva joined us for a while at Hooters prior to her mom and grandmother coming to town.

On Thanksgiving itself I took my Dad and Bruce down to Fritz's for Tom and Jerry's. When we arrived, T1G was sitting in the exact same spot that I left him the night before. Fritz's had raffles going on and we all bought tickets. I actually won something! A smoked sharp cheddar cheese spread. Dad and Bruce each won cookies and a pen. We were hopping for crackers so we could eat the cheese spread, but he we weren't complaining.

After Fritz's we headed to my dad's secretary's house where her husband makes his own Tom and Jerry's so he could try them. We weren't about to complain because hey, it's free booze. Now I had promised my mother and wife that we would be to my mom's house by noon. Everything was on schedule for that to happen until Dad realized he left his coat down at Fritz's. So we had to head back there to pick it up. Which ended up making us 15 minutes late!

Once at we arrived at my parent's house I encountered my in-laws for the first time. We spent most of the day there. Dad and I ended up spending most of our time in the basement watching two horrible football games. So boring.

This morning I had the privilege of taking them and the boys to Toys R Us for shopping. Yea, that was fun. I'm not ready to speak of the horrors that I experienced. Maybe after some counseling I can. Right now I have the boys and am at home just waiting for their call so we can get back together again.

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November 26, 2008

Bad news comes in threes

I just received some news that wasn't all that pleasant. I'm really rather upset over the whole thing. Ktreva's surgery wasn't a success at all and they have found other areas that are even more problematic. She may have to undergo some really aggressive treatments.

Fuck doctors.

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November 25, 2008

Family Photos

Sorry this is so late, but the family and I went for our annual family photos. We do this every year. It's always a bit of an ordeal as it's almost impossible to get the boys to both smile nicely at the same time. Usually one is smiling nice, the other is making some goofy face. In fact we are more likely to get a picture with both boys looking like they are trying to push out a log while being constipated.

Yea, I know, but it's the only way to describe the look on their faces. Anyway, we we were able to get some good ones with everyone smiling and eyes in the right direction.

That task is done for one more year.

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November 24, 2008

It's good!

Sorry, I know that I promised an update to how the Glogg was going, but I just didn't have a chance to do so. Not because I was preoccupied, I just wasn't physically able. After conducting the quality control on both batches, I lost control of my senses. I also lost a huge chunk of my memory. The stuff is potent, yet tastes really good.

So far most people that have had my Glogg have really liked it. In fact I have a little fan club that have been asking when I was going to start making it for months now. Of course I only do it right around Thanksgiving since it's a traditional winter Holiday drink.

Now for those of you that really want to try glogg, and just aren't sure where to get it, let me warn you of a couple of things. There are prebottled versions of glogg, but it doesn't taste the same. In fact I wouldn't recommend any of them. I tried many of them and, to be honest, prebottled or prepackaged glogg is like boxed food. Sure it's quicker and easier, but it just doesn't taste the same as a good home made meal.

Most of these mixes require Everclear to give it the "kick" it needs. Hence why Richmond is finding end caps filled with it at the local Wallmart. If this is all you can get your hands on is this style of glogg, then I guess it's better than nothing. However, I'm sure if you have any kind of Scandinavian population in your area, you should be able to find someone that makes glogg, real glogg.

And trust me, it's worth it.

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November 22, 2008

Glögg is in the air!

It's that time of year again, the time of year that I make Glogg. Now some of my readers have had glogg before, some of you have not. I've been working on it for a couple of hours now. I'm doing a double run at this point, and am planning on making another double run sometime in mid December.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go stir the glogg... and later do the field tasting.

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November 19, 2008

Berghoff Solstice Wit Beer

Tonight I will be reviewing Berghoff Solstice Wit Beer by the Berghoff Brewing company, AKA The Minhas Craft Brewery AKA Joseph Huber Brewing Company in Monroe, WI. This was a beer that was left at my house sometime over the last couple of months, and I really canít remember who left it for me, but I know they did. So if you are the one that donated the beer, Iím sorry.


The beer came in a 12 oz brown bottle. The label is a metallic silver and orange. The center of the label center has a sun on it; the name of the beer in orange lettering is played across it. The name of the beer is on a semi-circle under the name of the company. The label is in the shape of a barrel with an oval spread across it.

It has a slightly hazy pale gold color. Carbonation bubbles could easily be seen rising through the beer. Light passes through the body easily enough. When I poured it, no real head formed. A slight white head formed and almost instantly faded into a film on the top of the beer and then to nothing. There is no lacing on the side of the glass at all.

The scent has been very mid. You can make out a faint combination of malts and orange zest. There is none of the spiciness that is normally associated with Wit beers. The scent is much like the flavor. There is a thing wheat flavor with a touch of orange and a slight hop finish. As it warms to room temperature you get more of the coriander flavor that is common in wit beers.

Itís a light bodied beer that is a little heavy on the carbonation. The carbonation bites on the tongue. Itís still easy to drink, but the carbonation does keep it a sipping beer.

Overall this is a decent beer. I found it pleasant enough, but not something I would go out of the way to get. There was just something about it that really didnít impress me. I give it 4 out of 10.

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November 18, 2008

State of annoyance

I'm so tired of hearing about Obama and how everything is so much better now. I hate to break this to everyone, but just because he was elected it doesn't mean that the new lower gas prices are a result of him. If that was the case, then the problems with Wall Street over the last couple of weeks is also his fault. I'm reserving complete judgment until he actually gets into office. What I do know is that some of his choices for his cabinet and key political positions as well as some of the people he is considering for positions, such as Hillary Clinton for the Secretary of State (Full body shudder), are some of the key people in the Clinton era. As a guy on local radio put it today, "Where is all the change if we are getting the same Clintonista's in the cabinet?"

McCain and Obama are working together. Really, he lost the election and if I never hear about him again I'd be happy. I didn't vote for him andI could care less that he is meeting one on one with Obama. We already know he sold us out, we don't need any more proof.

Why the hell do I keep seeing Palin's name and picture all over the place? I see her on CNN, News papers, Local News, State News, National News and online news sources. Again, she was the VP candidate that ran and lost and she's getting more press than Biden. In fact as far as I know Biden went on a walking tour of the Everglades. I've seen everything from wild accusations with no proof to pure speculation that she cost McCain the Election. Honestly, for me, she didn't play a part in my decision not to vote for McCain, that was all him.

I couldn't wait for the election to get over so I could stop hearing about these people. It seems like since the election they are all I hear about.

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All is well.

Ktreva had her surgery today. Everything went well. We won't find out for another week whether or not they were completely successful.

Right now she is resting, but that's only because I had to yell at her to stop doing the laundry... stubborn, mule-headed, Irish woman.

If anything changes, I'll let you all know.

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November 17, 2008

Kinda High

Okay, I started cleaning the firearms around 8:00 tonight. I just finished, it's 11:14 PM here. I thoroughly cleaned my .45, .357, M44 and AK. As well as Ktreva's Walther PPK .380. I never knew how stress relieving cleaning firearms can be.

Ktreva on the other hand was a little creeped out by how I treated the firearms. Such comments as:

"Oh, you're a dirty girl. Look at you, that's okay I'm gonna scrub you all over."

"You like it when I coat you in oil don't you, it just makes everything move around better."

"I'm just gonna slide this right inhere. (slight grunt) Yea, that's what she likes."

"I love the way you feel in my hands. Your slender form. The curve of your body, how firm and sleek you are."

And those where some of the tame ones.

Then again, spending three hours with some very strong chemicals has made me feel a little... different. If you'll excuse me, I have the munchies.

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Converted another

On Saturday Graumagus and I took my dad down to the range to go shooting. It's been 50 years since he's fired a gun and I felt he was long overdue for some range time. Long overdue. Plus I really could use some range therapy. We spent three hours on the range putting about 1,500 rounds through various firearms. Dad tried everything at least once, but he really liked the Colt 1991 .45 that I have.

I mean he REALLY liked it.

I swear he honestly thought of taking it home with him. In fact during shooting and then even after he kept making comments that he could really get into shooting and wanted to know how much the Colt costs. Graumagus even asked him, "So how mad do you think Contagion's mom is going to be when you come home with one?" Dad didn't answer at all, he was just... quiet.

Anyone that knows my dad knows that him being quiet speaks volumes.

After shooting we headed to Fritz's for an afternoon of beer, burgers and booze. We ended up spending three hours there... doing a different kind of shooting. Well, at least shooters. Bruce met us down there. He liked Fritz's just fine, but then again he is my father. In fact after draining my third beer in less then 20 minutes of being there, he asked me where I learned to drink like that. I couldn't help but yell out, "I learned it from you Dad! I learned it from you!" Which of course was received with much laughter from the 4 other people in the bar, only two of them customers that weren't with us. Bruce had to leave in order to get back to Batmite.

We all had a good time. Then again what could be better than a morning of shooting and an afternoon of drinking!

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November 15, 2008

The end is near!

If the world actually comes to an end, how do you think the major news sources would report it? Over at Miss Celania she has an End of the World Headlines post up on what she thinks some of them will be. A couple of my favorites:


Sports Illustrated: GAME OVER



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Biohazard Cookies?

Not ones that are actual biohazards, just ones that are in the shape of biohazard symbols. Over at Juggling Frogs they have a way to make your own cookie cutters out of foil pans!

Now if you have the time, patience and the skills to attempt this, let me know how it works out. I maybe tempted to try to try it out myself.

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November 14, 2008

Quantom of Solace

Tonight Ktreva and I decided to take Clone to see Quantum of Solace. At the age of five he actually will sit through a movie. This is his first James Bond movie, in the theater. He liked the action scenes, but didn't really care for the slow parts.

Me, I liked it. I think that Daniel Craig makes an excellent Bond, in fact he's my second favorite Bond, behind Sean Connery. It's kind of different seeing Bond with blond hair. Other than that, he does a really good job. I like his take on Bond, the way he portrays him and his overall presence.

Now I have to say I'm a little upset by the Bond girls in this movie, we had Camille played by Olga Kurylenko and Strawberry Fields played by Gemma Arterton. Neither one of them brought either a real sexiness to the roll nor the femme fatal. They are both beautiful women, it's just that their acting wasn't up to par for the roll.

There was some great fight scenes, an awesome car chase, and really cool boat chase and a very interesting foot chase. Yes, there was a lot of chasing.

Also, only James Bond can make a Walther PPK look cool. In any other guys hands it just looks like a toy. Trust me, Ktreva has one.

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November 13, 2008


Weíve all heard the saying about how tossing a pebble into a pond causes ripples on the surface. Those ripples may have an affect on a lot of things, including stuff on the other side of the pond. You didnít intend for those consequences to happen, yet they did.

Oklahoma was the pebble in my pond. Except I think in my case Oklahoma was the boulder in the pond that is my life. Before I left for Oklahoma everything was okay in my life. Iím not saying it was perfect, but everything was pretty much normal.

When I returned from Oklahoma Iíve discovered that in my absence my family life broke down because Ktreva and the boys couldnít handle the hardship of my being gone. Iím not going into all the personal details, but there is such a strain in my relationship with Ktreva that we are having a hard time dealing with each other. Weíre able to keep up appearances in public, but there are some serious problems.

Boopie has slipped not only into old habits, but worse. A lot of that, in my opinion, is because of the sever lack of consistency in home life, especially while I was away. Even though Iíve been back for two months, itís hard to counteract that damage that was done. Ktreva convinced me not to kick him out of the house for now. I took him to his counselor last night. After speaking with him and explaining everything that is going on the counselor and I spoke for a good 20 minutes alone and he supported my theory on where most of Boopieís issues stem from and what caused them to be worse.

Iíve told close friends this next part, but Iím just coming clean with the whole thing. Iím having issues dealing with my experience in Oklahoma. It wasnít the state, Tulsa or the people that lived there. It was the people I had to work with and the details of the job. Iíve been having nightmares; yes nightmares that Iím still down there trying to get everything settled. Iíve actually woken out of a dead sleep in a cold sweat in a combination of fear and rage. Out of all the things Iíve seen and done in my previous career or just in my life in general, itís a stupid trip to Oklahoma thatís haunting me. I mean, Iíve pulled bodies out of rivers, Iíve assisted on autopsies of infants, Iíve listened to people burn to death over a phone, Iíve drawn down on peopleÖ but no, transferring work to another state has my subconscious in a panic.

I now find work almost completely unbearable. I view it as a prison. Each morning I wake up to head into a place that I know has no appreciation for anything Iíve done, the sacrifices Iíve made or the efforts I put forth. My management and peers have taken to disregarding my input on anything. They make changes and decisions that affect my people with out even consulting me, or if they do itís more of a ďweíre going to do thisÖĒ type of thing. When I head into meetings a sense of dread comes over me that can only be equated to the feeling you get before a colonoscopy. I try to stay at my desk or in my unit as much as possible. At least there I feel somewhat comfortable. Prior to Oklahoma, I had issues, but not like this.

Iím waiting to see what happens with a job opportunity for Ktreva before I make any moves, but I canít leave my job until I find another. With the way todayís economy and job market is, Iím not holding my breath on finding anything in the near future. At least nothing that pays me anywhere near what I make now.

I really wish I had never gone to Oklahoma. Except for getting to meet Rave and her Husband and getting to visit Bloodspite, nothing good came out of it.

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November 11, 2008

For the Vets.

I know it's late in the day, but I would like to take a moment to thank all the Veterans that have fought in the defense of our country. Thank you for the sacrifices you've made, both in war times and in peace. Thank you for standing up and doing what many others either would or could not do. Thank you for making our country safe. Words can not adequately convey my appreciation for everything that you have done.

For all of you I found a poster from World War II, when our country was at it's greatest.

WWII poster.jpg

And for the men and women currently serving over sees, I hope that all of you come home safely and I'm sorry for the quagmire that our politicians have gotten not only you, but our country into.

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November 10, 2008

Maybe this is a long time coming

I haven't blogged about Boopie in a while, and that's because I really didn't want to bring people down. Tonight I reached a breaking point.

Boopie had two D's and an F on his last report card. His attitude has gone downhill, he's been back talking Ktreva and I. His been slacking off, breaking rules and just seriously becoming a real jerk. Some days he is good, others he's like he's straight out of Juvie. Most the time he's a problem child.

Things came to a head when he punched Clone.

I kept my calm and cool collective when I first addressed it. I told him that there is no excuse in hitting someone that is that much smaller than him. I gave him the whole size differential speech and then left the room, but then Ktreva was talking to him regarding a lot of the bad decisions he made, when I heard him yelling at her and throw something. So I stormed into the room and gave him a demonstration on size differential by pulling him across the room by his ankles.

Then I let into him verbally. I explained that he makes all of his choices and the fact he has no TV, no video games and is grounded is because of his grades, behavior problems and the fact that he'd been lying to us. That I was tired of him, his attitude and his lies. I'm also tired of dealing with his bullshite. He chooses poorly and then blames everyone else for the consequences. He hates it at our house because we have rules and structure, at his loser father's he can do what ever he wants.

So I kicked him out. I told him to get the F#*k out of the house. I told him that I was tired of it, I was tired of him, and I was tired of the bullshite. He could call his father and come and get him because I wasn't putting up with it in my house anymore.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I've failed the boy miserably and at this point I don't see how I can correct the problem.

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November 08, 2008


Blogspawn Petey of Petey's powderhorn is contemplating getting a an AR-15. Except he wants it in the not so wimpish .223 round, but in the more respectable 7.62X39mm round. The same that is shot by the AK-47. I say he should just get an AK, they are easy to use, easy to clean, more durable and don't jam up anywhere near as much as the AR.

Plus the AR is the most common firearm bought by wannabes. Every time I go to the range you see at least a dozen ARs. My theory is that since the AR is the civilian model of the M-16 and M-4 Carbine. Most people want to believe they are armed like the military. Me, I just want a weapon that has a function outside of varmint hunting. (If you look at the .223 boxes at gun shops they are classified as a varmint round.) It's because of this popularity that they make 10,000 different accessories for the AR.

AR15 Barbie Doll for Guys.jpg

Yea, that about sums it up.

Yes, I know that is a M-4 in the picture, but it's not my design

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The neighborhood kids are in trouble now!

Why did they not have something like this when I was growing up? I remember wishing for something like this as a kid. My friends and I wanted a snowball gun for the various snowball wars we got into during the winters growing up.

And now they have one! The 80' Snowball Launcher.

snowball blaster.jpg

This toy blaster makes and launches softball-sized snowballs up to 80', allowing rapid, long-range assaults during neighborhood snowball confrontations. Simply place snow in the forming chamber and close the lid, and it packs three perfectly spherical snowballs. To blast your mark, place one snowball in the muzzle, aim the launcher, and pull back the slingshot mechanism. Because the blaster is powered by elastomers instead of batteries, it provides uninterrupted, fast-action play. Made of durable, cold-resistant plastic. Includes targets for shooting practice. Ages 8 and up. 17 1/2" L x 5 1/2" W x 12" H. (2 1/2 lbs.)

I may have to pick up four of these, one for each of the family!

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Zombie's don't run.

For years I've been complaining about running zombies, they just can't run. But now Simon Pegg, of Shaun of the Dead fame, has written an article regarding the problem with running zombies titled The Quick and The Dead (Not to be confused with the craptacular Sharon Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe movie).

...ZOMBIE DON'T RUN! I know it is absurd to debate the rules of a reality that does not exist, but this genuinely irks me. You cannot kill a vampire with an MDF stake; werewolves can't fly; zombies do not run. It's a misconception, a bastardisation that diminishes a classic movie monster. The best phantasmagoria uses reality to render the inconceivable conceivable. The speedy zombie seems implausible to me, even within the fantastic realm it inhabits. A biological agent, I'll buy. Some sort of super-virus? Sure, why not. But death? Death is a disability, not a superpower. It's hard to run with a cold, let alone the most debilitating malady of them all.

More significantly, the fast zombie is bereft of poetic subtlety. As monsters from the id, zombies win out over vampires and werewolves when it comes to the title of Most Potent Metaphorical Monster. Where their pointy-toothed cousins are all about sex and bestial savagery, the zombie trumps all by personifying our deepest fear: death. Zombies are our destiny writ large. Slow and steady in their approach, weak, clumsy, often absurd, the zombie relentlessly closes in, unstoppable, intractable.

I couldn't sum it up better myself.

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A wealth of useless knowledge. UPDATED

There is an 80's cartoon quiz, where they question your knowledge of, well, 80's cartoons. I took this just to see how much I remembered, after scoring a respectable 100% (Thanks to my sister for the femmi cartoons!), I wondered how many of my readers would score.

The sad part of it is that I recognized every single cartoon listed. I also was wondering why some of the other cartoons I watched weren't listed.

UPDATE: the link is fixed.

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It turns your bred to the dark side!

When I first saw this my inner geek in a million voices cried out in joy and were suddenly silenced as I realized my wife would never let me own one. What could this wondrous thing be that brought my inner geek out? Nothing other than a Darth Vader Toaster!

If there's something every Sith Lord knows how to do it's make a balanced breakfast. While the Jedi have to live off of Jawa juice and fried nerfsteak, the Dark Lord of the Sith prefers to have a reminder of his fiery Mustafar defeat at his breakfast table. Every morning he burns that moment into a slice of bread with the Darth Vader Toaster. This black, ominous kitchen appliance easily leaves the mark of Vader's helmet in every yummy piece of toast. Slather some Bantha butter on top, or make two pieces for an extra-Sithy BLT. Force power not required to operate toaster.

Darth Vader Toaster.jpg

Admit it, you want one too!

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November 05, 2008

Fireside Nut Brown

Tonightís beer review is sponsored by my blogless friend Wil. He brought this one up to the Colonial Ball for me to review. Some of you may remember Wil from previous infamous reviews of Yuengling. This time he provided me with Fireside Nut Brown by Leinenkugel Brewing Company in Chippewa Falls, WI.


The label on the bottle had a picture of a hearth with a fire blazing in it. The Leinenkugelís name is center, with the name of the beer in a golden banner under it. The label is rather busy and itís hard to describe in full all of the detail on it as there is a lot of writing. The neck label has the Leinenkugelís logo.

When poured into the glass it forms a quarter inch thick creamy tan head made of tiny bubbles. There is a nice dark brown color with an orange tint to it. Light passes through easily enough and there is no cloudiness to the beer itself. Yet it is dark enough that you canít see through it clearly.

The smell is a sweet combination of maple and caramel with a slight nuttiness to it. The flavor is a mild and unobtrusive combination of Hazelnuts, maple and sweet malts. There is almost no bitterness of hops at all. There really isnít much of an aftertaste, but there is a slightly sweet one. Itís not syrupy sweet (mmm tastes a little sappy), but gentle sweetness that is pleasant.

It is a light bodied beer with a medium carbonation level. It is very easy to drink and it slides past the mouth easy.

Over all this is a pretty good beer. Itís sweet enough to tickle the taste buds, but not so sweet as to be distracting. I found this to be a very pleasant beer to drink. Overall I give it 6 out of 10.

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November 04, 2008

For those of you that know your history.

The election results are in.


It's time.

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How accurate is the media?

How the heck can they call a state for a candidate when they have less than 75% of the precincts reporting? Hell, the call Illinois for the Obamanation at 0% reporting. Seriously, this is why people decide that voting doesn't matter.

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Sick, sick, Sick

The first polls are closing and I have a sick feeling in my stomach. You know the feeling I'm talking about, the one where something horribly bad is about to happen and you have no way to stop it. I really hope I'm wrong.... but I doubt it.

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Reckoning '08

The day of reckoning is here in America. Today is the day that we, the people, will decide which leaders is going to flush our futures down there drain. Thatís right, Iím telling you now it doesnít matter which party wins, we are equally in trouble.

Donít get me wrong, I love my country but seriously I think we are in a lot of trouble. I think we are on the brink a chasm that is going to swallow us and render a once mighty nation nothing more than the global whipping nation for every other country. I donít see a bright spot to this election at all, and that scares me. Hell, I didnít see a bright side to the election in 2004 and I was correct in my observations at that time. Now, now Iím just scared and I hope to survive the turmoil of the next decade.

The only upside is that in the local election there was this:

Question of Enacting Concealed Carry.

Shall the General Assembly enact legislation to permit the carrying of concealed firearms?

Iíve got a bad feeling weíre going to need this now more than ever.

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November 03, 2008

Halloween and a Ball.

Halloween was a smash. We had a great time, I have some pictures, I just haven't downloaded them yet, so I'm not sure how they turned out. Hey taking pictures in the dark is difficult!

There was only two things I had issues with on Halloween. I'm not complaining the weather was bad, because it was beautiful. Temps in the 60s, no wind, it was great... if you weren't wearing 4 layers of clothes and a heavy mask with grease paint makeup and latex glue! It was pretty hot. In fact I was sweating so bad that I thought I was going to drown in it. The nice thing is that all the kids could wear their costumes with out bulky coats on. The children where actually able to show off their costumes.

Speaking of costumes that was the other problem I had. There were a lot of older kids Trick or Treating. I'm talking middle school to high school aged kids. Now, I don't mind as long as they are in costumes, and the vast majority of them did. However, the costumes some of the girls were wearing they really ought not to be wearing... anywhere. They are just too young for the "I can't believe it's not fetish wear" costumes. One girl was wearing a pirate costume that she needed to shave in order to wear, and I'm not talking her legs. She was all of about 16... if that. I'm so glad I have boys.

I did get some good scares. Some of them screamed so loudly that a neighbor of mine from a block and a half away came down because, "She thought someone was getting killed". Yea, good times. One group of kids got so scared they all ran in different directions, and I never saw any of them again, so I don't know where or when they ever met up again.

Saturday, Wil and Red picked up Ktreva and I and we all went up to the ONW Colonial Ball in Janesville, WI. Ktreva looked extremely beautiful in a French polonaise dress she borrowed from Red. Her stunning beauty made my frontier heathen dress look even shabbier. Hell, the only thing special I put on was my kilt.

Colonial Ball.jpg

Yea, I just drag her down, but she sure does make me look a hell of a lot better.

The ball is the only time of the year that Ktreva actually gets me to dance with her. Mainly because neither of us dance, and I really don't like to make a fool out of myself. That doesn't stop me, I just don't like it.

We both had a great time. How could we not? We spent 24 hours with some of the best people that have walked the earth.

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