November 19, 2008

Berghoff Solstice Wit Beer

Tonight I will be reviewing Berghoff Solstice Wit Beer by the Berghoff Brewing company, AKA The Minhas Craft Brewery AKA Joseph Huber Brewing Company in Monroe, WI. This was a beer that was left at my house sometime over the last couple of months, and I really canít remember who left it for me, but I know they did. So if you are the one that donated the beer, Iím sorry.


The beer came in a 12 oz brown bottle. The label is a metallic silver and orange. The center of the label center has a sun on it; the name of the beer in orange lettering is played across it. The name of the beer is on a semi-circle under the name of the company. The label is in the shape of a barrel with an oval spread across it.

It has a slightly hazy pale gold color. Carbonation bubbles could easily be seen rising through the beer. Light passes through the body easily enough. When I poured it, no real head formed. A slight white head formed and almost instantly faded into a film on the top of the beer and then to nothing. There is no lacing on the side of the glass at all.

The scent has been very mid. You can make out a faint combination of malts and orange zest. There is none of the spiciness that is normally associated with Wit beers. The scent is much like the flavor. There is a thing wheat flavor with a touch of orange and a slight hop finish. As it warms to room temperature you get more of the coriander flavor that is common in wit beers.

Itís a light bodied beer that is a little heavy on the carbonation. The carbonation bites on the tongue. Itís still easy to drink, but the carbonation does keep it a sipping beer.

Overall this is a decent beer. I found it pleasant enough, but not something I would go out of the way to get. There was just something about it that really didnít impress me. I give it 4 out of 10.

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