March 21, 2006

Day 2

Okay, I still don’t have access to half of the programs I need. That is making life real difficult now. The kicker is that when they gave me access to the half I needed, they revoked me from some others that I had need to use. It’s going to be a long week if this keeps up.

One of my inherited problems is coming to a head in the next day or two. Now I have the fun of dealing with that issue, which inevitably will bring up issues with the other inherited problems I have. Right now I’m in a lose-lose situation. I cannot make resolve both in a pleasant manner; I knew this going in. Knowing that does not make it any easier on me. It’s going to be a long week if this keeps up.

Two of my more resistant employees where laughing and actually joking with me today. This was a situation I thought I would have to work on for months to get to this point. There was some serious headway made today with both of them in our employee-supervisor relationship. That makes me feel good. It’s going to be a good week if this keeps up.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m loving the new job. There are a lot of challenges and obstacles to overcome, but I’m confident that I’ll be able to do it. The other supervisors have been great in assisting me when I have questions and I’ve been able to work out some problems with them.

I have not enjoyed work this much in years.

Posted by Contagion in Tales from the Work Place at March 21, 2006 06:21 PM | TrackBack

That is wonderful news!

Posted by: vw bug at March 21, 2006 08:41 PM

That is very cool! I'm so glad you're enjoying the new job.

Posted by: Teresa at March 21, 2006 10:26 PM

"I have not enjoyed work this much in years."

Outstanding. Absolutely outstanding.

The rest will fall into place.

Posted by: Tammi at March 22, 2006 05:36 AM

I like hearing you're enjoying your job. We spend too much time at our jobs not to enjoy them. It sucks to hate part of your life. Been there, done that. Blech.

Posted by: Bou at March 22, 2006 08:18 AM

"Right now I’m in a lose-lose situation"

"I have not enjoyed work this much in years"

Yup, that's Contagion!

Posted by: Ogre at March 22, 2006 08:57 AM

That's great. I am glad that things are coming along and you are enjoying yourself... :)

Posted by: Richmond at March 22, 2006 01:00 PM