April 14, 2010

Beer 30 Light

Tonight we get our next full enabler! My Blogless buddy Wil has donated his twelfth beer, hence earning him an enabler glass! This means I have two enabler ceremonies I have to conduct…. or a double one! This is a beer he found last weekend while picking up provisions for our Fort De Chartres re-enactment. Of course when he saw this beer he just had to buy it for the name. So tonight, we are getting back to the roots of my beer reviews as we review Beer 30 Light brewed by the Melanie Brewing Co.


It comes in a purple 12 oz can with the name in cursive writing in an oval the zero in the 30 is a clock. Under the “light” it states “Premium Lager”. To be honest, the can lies! The first warning should have been is that the can is purple.

It pours a golden straw color. It is opaque, light passes through easily and you can make out objects on the other side without any difficulty. It poured a good finger inch thick head, but it faded rapidly to nothing, not even a film on the top or a ring around the edge. There is absolutely no lacing at all.

The first then you notice when you smell the beer is a mix of cheap malts of the corn and cereal variety. There is a touch of alcohol to the scent. To be honest the scent reminds me of my dorm room when I was in college… at the end of the year after all the spilled beer has had a time to go stale. The taste is much like the scent, Corn, cereal grains and a slight metallic taste. The metallic taste I’m pretty sure is a result of it coming in an aluminum can, at least I hope so. It reminds me of a beer that’s gone stale. The aftertaste also has a metallic taste to it.

This is a medium bodied beer. There is a slight carbonation.

This beer was purchased just for the name of it, kind of like a novelty? We always joke that we think its beer thirty. Of course it didn’t hurt we got a 30 pack for under $12.00. When we first tried this beer we had already had a couple of other beers first and didn’t think it tasted too bad. Now today as I sit here drinking it on its own without any thing altering the pallet and I have a completely different opinion of this beer. This beer reminds me of something I would have bought in college because it’s all I could afford. As a grown man, I don’t think I’d buy this beer again, no matter how cheap it was. I give it a 2.5 out of ten.

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