March 27, 2006

Contagion in Crisis Day 8

For the love of Pete, they really need to get my access sorted out! This has been the eight straight business days that I have not had the proper access to do my job. With two of the other supervisors out this week, that leaves only one other who can get all the stuff done that needs to be! Every time I talk to someone in IT or the Help Desk I get the same story, “It should be fixed tomorrow.” Today I finally got a little testy with them. When they said “tomorrow” again I couldn’t help but to say, “Do you guys have a different definition of tomorrow then the rest of the world? I’ve heard you say “tomorrow" for the last week and it’s still not fixed. Because if by tomorrow you mean next month, you need to make sure the people you are talking to speak the same IT lingo that you do.”

They did not appreciate my observation. I’m fairly sure that when I get to work tomorrow, nothing is working right because I don’t have access and I call them back I’ll get the same song and dance, “We don’t know why that didn’t work, we’ll fix it right away and it should be up for you tomorrow.” So help me if they tell me tomorrow one more time I’m going to snap.

Other then that everything seems to be going really well. I was going to wait 6 months before making any changes. Unfortunately I found some changes that needed to be made, mainly to assist my people in their jobs or to make their lives easier. Before I implemented the changes I talked with the ones affected to see if they felt it would help them. I had a resounding yes from them. Apparently it was something they had wanted but their previous two supervisors never did.

Unfortunately I did hear a bit of workplace gossip regarding me today. I overheard one of my people telling someone else “He’s not a bad guy at all. Actually he’s pretty nice and seems to actually care.” Dammit, stuff like that is going to ruin my reputation!

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Sigh... just wear your kilt in... that should stop all talk about you being nice. ;-)

Posted by: vw bug at March 27, 2006 07:19 PM

Have 'em call me. I can straighten it out for ya.


Posted by: Tammi at March 27, 2006 07:36 PM

Go in dressed for re-enactment. That should straighten things out.

Posted by: Ogre at March 28, 2006 06:01 AM

You sound like you need a hug!

Posted by: Oddybobo at March 28, 2006 08:19 AM

Here's my advice -- quit dicking around with the IT techs and go to their boss. Go to the COO if you have to. Figure out how much this screw-up is costing the company on a daily basis, and make sure to make that part of your argument.

Look -- they're not just inconveniencing you, they're holding up an entire department... and ultimately the entire company.

I know you're shy and all, but... no more Mr. Nice Guy, okay?

Posted by: Omnibus Driver at March 28, 2006 09:18 AM

When I was a IT Administrator I made sure to read the "Bible" for IT Admins
The BOFH!!!!

Sounds like your IT guy may hve learned at the same school I did :)

Posted by: BloodSpite at March 28, 2006 10:23 AM

Found a necktie that'll fix that problem:

Posted by: Harvey at March 29, 2006 02:56 PM