April 12, 2006

Paying to be taken advantage of.

Allegedly there is a union that is trying to set up shop in our office. The kicker is that they aren’t targeting just any employee. No, they are trying to recruit the white-collar employees in our office. That’s right, they want management.

Now I know I have some readers that are pro-union. I, however, am not. In my life I have been raped belonged to three different unions. The only thing any of them actually did for me was take a chunk of my paycheck, sell me out, have my work load increased, use my position as a bargaining chip in negations, take a chunk of my paycheck, and prevent me from getting a promotion.

There was a time in this country that unions were needed, under today’s labor laws I just don’t see a need. I’ve gotten further, made more money, and have better benefits with companies that don’t have unions then I ever did when I was in one. Why would I want to bring in an organization that is going to take money away from me, and (based on my experience) probably screw me in the long run?

I also love the strong-arm tactics unions use. If you work in a union office and don’t want to belong to the union, you don’t have to. Yet, you still have to pay dues and they pretty much make sure you get squat for jobs. Oh, and picketing, I love the picketing. Every time I see union employees picketing a business, it just makes me want to buy from that company. Especially when the idiots they get to do it start vandalizing the property or vehicles. Yea, terror tactics to scare people into either joining or using their services really convinces me they are a good organization. Now, not all unions do this, but I’ve seen/experienced enough to know it happens. And if I could have identified which one of those union pricks put a nail in my tire, I’d have pressed charges.

I really hope this is just a rumor, and there is no truth to it. If it is true, I pray that the people in my office have enough common sense to turn them on their heels. If they don’t, I’ll probably end up looking for a new job. There’s no way I want to work in another union office.

Posted by Contagion in Rants and Raves at April 12, 2006 05:18 PM | TrackBack

Indeed, you don't need any help with your thuggery tactics. :)

Posted by: Ogre at April 13, 2006 05:49 AM

The white colar jobs in the auto industry are a big time target for unions right now as it is their jobs and benefits that are getting attacked by the auto companies. White colar jobs are getting screwed big time, w/o vaseline, in their benefits.

I know people who have gone 5 years w/o a raise because they are taking that away from white colar people as a cost save.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at April 13, 2006 07:20 AM

Amen brother. All they do is keep the promotable from being promoted and the incompetant employed. Not to mention unions using paying member's dues for dubious political and recreational reasons, and damn you if you try to call them on it. (I know, I have).

Posted by: Wes at April 13, 2006 03:43 PM

Engineers in aero=space are targets for union too. They tried to unionize us out at CompanyX. It was voted down without question.

(I wish people would quit messing around with MT black list if they don't know wtf they're doing. There's an equal sign in that word because Blacklist doesn't like it.)

Posted by: Bou at April 13, 2006 08:50 PM