June 17, 2006

Yea, that's about right.

I remember being younger and watching movies. The lead characters always had these hot girlfriends or would win the heart of the beauty they desire after. As I got older I was never able to figure out why I couldn’t do the same…(that is until I met my wife and then I was happy and never had any desires to even LOOK at another women because she’s perfect in every way.) In fact when I was younger I had a hard time keeping a relationship with a female over 3 months.

Now I know why. Here is a list of The 7 Best 80’s Movie Girlfriends. What’s great is if you read about each one, the break down why they had a crush on her, the character’s negatives and “How she was detrimental to our sexual development.


Personally, I always had a thing for Sloane (Mia Sara) from Ferris Bueller’s Day off. She always made me happy in my special place.

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