September 29, 2006

Eh, who cares.

I can see where it was let out of the bag that today is my birthday. Contrary to Grau’s assertions, I don’t hate my birthday. I just don’t celebrate it. I haven’t for many years now, in fact since I was in college. It has nothing to do with my getting older. I have no problem with getting older, sure my body may not hold up to all the physical abuse that it use to, but mentally I’m still sixteen. As for my getting grey hair, owell… Grey hair and wrinkles on a man is distinguishing. That’s why so many people think Sean Connery is hot. I like the grey hair; I think it actually makes me look more respectable and authoritative.

Why don’t I celebrate my birthday? Because it seems so shallow and a waste of time and money. I’m no different today then I was yesterday and I will be tomorrow… unless this thing in my stomach bursts forth. There is nothing about today that makes me any more special then any other day of the year.

I know people that are obsessive about their birthdays and get upset if it does go as they planned or they don’t get what they want. There is a lady I work with that was all upset at her last birthday because her husband threw her a party and invited some close personal friends. She wanted a huge party with a lot of guests. Her husband “ruined her birthday”. Not me, if Ktreva doesn’t do anything I’m fine. I’d prefer she not spend the money on a gift. That money could be better spent on stuff for the boys or her.

I know a lot of people won’t understand where I’m coming from, but that doesn’t bother me. Wishing me a happy birthday is not going to upset me. However, my lack of acknowledgement or appreciation for well wishes might upset others. It’s not that I’m going out of my way to be an arsehole, it’s just that if you aren’t going to respect my decision to not celebrate my birthday, I’m not going to return that lack of respect.

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Didn't realize you were a saint too....

Posted by: Tink at September 29, 2006 05:19 PM

You sound like TGOO...he doesn't like money being spent on him. He's a practical man and says he has what he needs. Bou, TN, and Mo will testify to that.

After all these years i find birthdays as a celebration of life. It's great to have another opportunity to take the trip around that glorios sun of ours :-)

Enjoy your ride!!!

Posted by: h~ at September 29, 2006 06:01 PM

Just proves my point... you are fun to pick on!!!

Posted by: vw bug at September 29, 2006 06:10 PM

*throwing into trash gift certificate to local hooters*

sorry you do not celebrate

Posted by: Armywifetoddlermom at September 29, 2006 06:31 PM

It's not lack of respect for you my friend - it's us celebrating you. Period. Well, and pickin' on you a little, cause that's awful fun too......

Posted by: Tammi at September 29, 2006 06:49 PM


Deal. WE like you. Even if you don't care.

Posted by: caltechgirl at September 29, 2006 07:37 PM

So you didn't like the cheesehead hat... oh well, I'll have to look for something cute next year. *grin*

Posted by: Teresa at September 29, 2006 09:32 PM

I acknowledge your lack of ackowledgement... as long as you are willing to go to Hooters on a moments notice (when I'm home), I don't give a fuck about your preferences.


Posted by: That 1 Guy at September 29, 2006 11:48 PM

What is this "respecting your wishes" thing you speak of? Hehehe

You know, Hooters for the Bears game tomorrow night doesn't sound half bad....

Posted by: Graumagus at September 30, 2006 10:26 AM

I wasn't ignoring you, just neglecting you:

Posted by: Harvey at October 1, 2006 08:25 AM

Heh, guess I'll have to drink that scotch meself.

Posted by: oddybobo at October 1, 2006 09:01 PM

What's all this about going to Hooters and stuff? No one ever tells me anything...

Posted by: Ogre at October 3, 2006 09:45 AM

I switched jobs, spent all my time in training and I missed the celebration. Anyhoo, belated congrat's on surviving another year.

OMFG! I just disrespected you. Don't take it personally, though. I disrespect everybody. However, I will try to somewhat honor your request to not celebrate your birthday: I'll drink a 2 year old barleywine and will NOT toast you.

No need to thank me. I'm just doing my part.

Posted by: physics geek at October 3, 2006 11:18 AM