October 12, 2006

Boobie beer

Well as we all know two weeks ago I had a birthday. One of my blog fathers, Graumagus of Frizzensparks (Whom is getting put into a low rent old folks home for old bloggers where they will use him for geriatric gay pr0n when he gets older) gave me a six-pack of beer for my birthday (bastard!). He said, “I saw this and instantly thought of you” when he handed it to me. It’s Tommyknocker Butthead Doppelbock by the Tommyknocker brewery & pub. After trying to ignore it, I finally decided to try it. He also told me he wanted me to review it. I thought long and hard about just drinking it and not writing a review, but I couldn’t do that.

Butthead 001.jpg

It comes in a standard brown bottle with a front label that has two Tommyknockers riding rams; the rams are butting heads. On the back label it has the following, “Tommyknockers were mischievous elves who slipped into mining camps with the Cornish miners in the 1800’s.” (I always though Tommyknockers were boobs) a brief description of the beer and then “Why Butt Head? Try one. You’ll enjoy “big brew” flavor with the intensity of a `head butting’ bighorn ram “ On the back label there is also a date system telling me that this beer was bottled July 28, 2006. It recommends that you drink the beer with in 4 months of it being bottled.

The color is of a dark tea and is slightly cloudy. It pours a sand colored head that dissolves quickly leaving a ring around the edge. There is some lacing, but it also disappears rather quickly.

To the nose it has a very week scent of malts and molasses. I could barely smell it and it took a couple of tries to get a good whiff in order to describe it. It tastes of caramel malts with a hint of plums and a very slight taste of alcohol. The aftertaste is very mild and not at all distracting.

This medium body lager is smooth and easy to drink. There is just the right amount of carbonation. At 7.9% alcohol by volume this beer is surprisingly easy to drink.

I’ve seen this beer in the stores a couple of times, but you can only but it in a six-pack or in a large sample pack of other beers this company makes. I was going to buy a sample pack later on, but Grau’s gift sped up the review. At first sight I thought this was just a novelty beer, but it’s actually pretty good. I’d have to give this a 6.5 out of 10.

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They also make Cola as well.
The Grocery store here sells Tommy Knocker Rootbeer and some other strange flavor I've never heard of.

Posted by: BloodSpite at October 17, 2006 09:15 AM

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