November 09, 2006

It's not a euphemism

I am a bad, bad man. It has been a month since my last beer review. Since Iím pretty sure none of you want to hear my lame excuse, Iím going to spare you the horrible lie. After Tommyknocker Butthead beer I reviewed last time, I picked up a sample back of all their brews. Sure, maybe thatís cheating, but hey Iím the one drinking it! Tonight I had the Jack Whacker Wheat Ale by the Tommyknocker brewery and pub.

Jack Whacker 001.jpg

The bottle is your standard brown bottle with a front and back label. The front label has a miner getting kicked in the arse by a mule. On the back label there is a description of what a Jack Whacker is, ďThe Jack Whackerís role was to whip the last mule to keep the supply train moving along.Ē Gee, and this whole time I always thought it was the teenager that locks himself in the bathroom. Again we have a date system that tells me that this beer was bottled August 28, 2006. I have just until after Christmas to drink the beer in the recommended time frame.

Jack Whacker has a cloudy straw color to it. You can see sediment in it that after a while settles to the bottom of the beer. Fortunately even after sitting for a while, the sediment doesnít alter the flavor any. There is a thin filmy head, if you can call it that. There was no lacing and only a slight ring around the glass after a couple of minutes.

The smell is of wheat, citrus and lemon grass. Itís actually a pleasant scent that is different from what Iím used to. The taste is a combined mix of wheat, spices and lemon grass. It is a bit of sweetness to it, but not too sweet. There is a slightly tart aftertaste that fades quickly in the mouth.

This is light bodied ale with a medium carbonation and a crispness that excites the tongue. Itís easy to drink and is satisfying. Itís a perfect beer for this unseasonably warm (54 Degree) November night. It embodies the sensations associated with good Autumnal ale.

Surprisingly to me I actually liked this beer. Iíve found most wheat beers to be hit or miss. Iím giving this ale a rating of 5.5 out of ten.

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Ya know, we only have about 6 more weeks to have a 2006 Blog Crawl.

Just thought I'd mention it.

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