December 01, 2006

So I was wrong.

Well, Iíll be damned; the meteorologists actually got one right. Heck this morning on the TV one of the local guys even made the comment, ďWe finally made an accurate prediction on a winter storm.Ē I just got in from shoveling 13 inches of snow off of my driveway and sidewalk. We donít own a snow blower mainly because we donít have enough pavements to justify the purchase. Top that off with the rest of the day Iím hurting.

Yes, I went to work. I loaded up the family in Janine and headed out. We had no trouble navigating the roads what so everÖ then again a couple of times Ktreva had to point out I wasnít on the road anymore. Damn snow made all the landmarks disappear and I couldnít tell where the edge of the road was. Still, we couldnít tell we werenít on the road and we had no trouble what so ever. After dropping off the boys we headed to work, I even took the scenic tour so we could view the idiots that where in accidents. There were 7 cars ditches, 3 rear-endings, 2 intersection t-bones and 1 jack knifed Tractor-trailer. . The idiots who think that four wheel drive means they donít have to be careful were out in force When I stopped at the gas station to get something to drink, the people working thought I was insane for enjoying the weather.

Of course I get to work and a quarter of my staff has called off. ďItís too dangerous to drive.Ē Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever. 3 of the people that called off drive 4-wheel drive SUVs and one lives less then a mile from work. They just didnít want to come in and used the snow as an excuse. My employees that did show up even thought they were over-reacting. Especially since two of them told everyone the day before they where going to call off. It just annoys me that some people have a lack of work ethic. The ones that did show up today had a cakewalk day. I let them work on what ever they wanted and all the management got together and brought in pizza for them for lunch.

Now there is some downside to this weather. We have a new plowing company at work and they did a crappy job of cleaning off the parking lot. Not only did the not clean the entrances out, but they started late and plowed a lot of people into parking spaces. I spent most of the day helping employees at work get their cars out of snow banks, drifts and plow piles. I dug and pushed out 19 cars from 7:00AM to 2:30 PM. Some of my employees started worrying that I would hurt myself and wanted to know why no one else was helping. The told me that I should stop. As I told them, if I was stuck in the snow I would want someone to help me. Thus I see people that need help, Iím going to help them. Itís the golden rule; treat others as you would like to be treated.

Right now Iím sore from head to two. So if youíll excuse me, Iím going to go medicate with some Jack Danielís.

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It's good that you are around when others jsut don't wanna show. I hope the JD helped... My back is *still* fricking sore from shoveling...

Posted by: Richmond at December 3, 2006 04:19 PM